20 Photos Of Jennifer Aniston's Most Attractive Movie And TV Roles

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood's most known actresses. Not only has the actress starred in some of the most hilarious, romantic and suspenseful films, but she also reigns as a massive figure in television sitcoms.

Aniston has gone on to play countless roles but is most known for her notorious stint on the hit sitcom series 'FRIENDS' where she played character Rachel Green. Not only did she start a revolution with a new hairdo, but the actress has gone on to have many looks that have stolen many hearts.

With a career spanning 30 years, Aniston has had an extremely successful career, a career in which she has served some of the most iconic looks, so without further ado, here are 20 photos of Jennifer Aniston's most attractive roles.

20 Friends

One of Jennifer's most iconic roles was playing character Rachel Green on the hit sitcom Friends. Aniston was always noticed for her beauty on the show, but it was made certain when the star switched up her hairdo in the late '90s that caused panic within the world of beauty. Everyone wanted to look like Aniston, so much that the haircut was officially referred to as "the Rachel."

19 Leprechaun

Leave it to Aniston to look so good in a scary movie! If there is anyone who could pull off a great look in the 90s, it is Jennifer Aniston. This blue and white polka dot dress was a fan favorite amongst viewers and instantly became a fashion trend.

18 She's The One

The tale of two cab drivers and their love interests in 'She's The One' is yet another Aniston classic that fans adored her in. The star was far more casual in this film, sporting white tees, and jeans, however, no one could pull it off quite like Aniston did.

17 The Good Girl

Aniston played a cashier at a discount store in "The Good Girl", however, there was a lot more 'good' that was happening on screen. Despite her work uniform and nametag, Aniston's highlighted updo and "no-makeup makeup look" really showcased the natural beauty that she really is.

16 Bruce Almighty

When it comes to Aniston movies that really showcased her beauty, "Bruce Almighty" instantly comes to mind. Not only did Aniston play Grace Conelly, but she was gifted with a few scenes that would have every man (and woman) drooling. Thankfully we owe it all to her husband's godly powers in the movie.

15 Along Came Polly

Remember those 2000s scarves everyone wore when it wasn't even cold out? Well, guess who made that trend a thing? Aniston did! Jennifer sported this gorgeous looks prior to her appearance in 'Along Came Polly', however, we can't help but not bring up her role in this movie considering just how big a trendsetter she truly was.

14 Rumour Has It

If there was a smile that could kill, it's Jennifer Aniston's pearly whites that stole the show in the hit movie 'Rumour Has It'. Not only did she serve us with some L'Oreal hair realness, but she has several outfits throughout the movie that was beyond elegant and beautiful, it'd be hard not to give her credit where credit is due.

13 Friends With Money

Despite this title being true for the entire cast of 'Friends' today, Aniston's role in 'Friends With Money' is far from her current net worth. Aniston played character Olivia who was envious of all of her wealthy friends, however, it appears being as beautiful as she was in this film, it's her friends that should ultimately be envious of her.

12 The Break-Up

In this hilarious film 'The Break-Up', Aniston stars with cast member Vince Vaughn. The two end their relationship but both refuse to leave their shared condo. Despite the hilarity that ensues throughout the film, we can't help but wonder why Vaughn's character would ever want to leave someone as gorgeous as Aniston's character in this movie, or any movie for that matter.

11 Marley & Me

Jennifer Aniston in overalls, bangs and a Labrador retriever. Do we really need to say anymore? This tear-jerking film really showcased a more sensitive and casual side to Aniston, but we certainly fell in love with her character and performance in this movie, making it a notable mention.

10 He's Just Not That Into You

If he's just not that into you, we can assure you that we are. Aniston's role in 'He's Just Not That Into You' showcased a very sweet side to Aniston and her skills as an actress. Being Ben Affleck's love interest, it's safe to say we were all very jealous of Affleck and his role within the film.

9 The Switch

Imagine getting switched into another man's life and having Jennifer Aniston be your wife? Well, that was the premise of the film 'The Switch' starring Aniston and co-stars Jason Bateman and Patrick Wilson. Jennifer radiated in this movie, making it a top contender on the list.

8 We're The Millers

'We're The Millers' was easily one of Aniston's funniest movies! Her co-star Jason Sudeikis is on a mission with a large cash incentive, bringing Aniston's character on board for a small percentage. If you've seen the movie you know exactly what scene makes this movie a rightful entry on this list.

7 Office Christmas Party

When CEO Carol Vanstone leaves for the holiday, her office throws a Christmas party, which she clearly forbid from the get to. Although Aniston was more of a serious and strict character in this movie, which she doesn't do too often, the power and assertiveness she held in her boss role were certainly attractive!

6 Dumplin'

Aniston's recent release on Netflix showcased the actress in an older role, playing a former pageant winner mom who is now the head organizer of her local town beauty pageant. With her southern accent, gorgeous gowns, tiara, and sash, there is no doubt that her role in 'Dumplin' would land her on this list.

5 Murder Mystery

Jennifer Aniston did a stellar job in the film 'Murder Mystery' with cast member Adam Sandler. Not only did she look stunning in the South of France and Monaco, but there is a sports car chase scene that any fan of the movie would remember, and guess who was behind the wheel during this intense and alluring scene? Aniston was.

4 Just Go With It

When Aniston's character as a receptionist in 'Just Go With It' has to pretend to be married to her boss, she gets a makeover to look the part. Let's just saw the slow-mo scene where she enters looking like her new and improved self, is one where Aniston has never looked better.

3 Love Happens

The title of the movie says it all. 'Love Happens' is exactly what occurs when viewers witness Aniston's beauty and grace on the big screen. Despite her focus on her floral business within the film, Aniston wastes no time finding the man of her dreams, and rightfully so!

2 The Bounty Hunter

This film is yet another one of Aniston's great pieces of work. Cast-member Gerard Butler, who is a bounty hunter, finds himself and his ex-wife, who happens to be played by Aniston, on a run for their lives. Aniston has many on-screen moments that easily make her one of Hollywood's most beautiful women.

1 The Morning Show

Last, but not least is Aniston's most recent project, 'The Morning Show'. Not only does the cast also include that gorgeous Reese Witherspoon, but Aniston who plays a television host is looking better than ever. Not only has the actress officially turned 50, but she is working 50 better than anyone we could think of.

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