20 Photos Of Jessica Simpson In 2019

Jessica Simpson has been in the spotlight for a long time. Her beauty and talent made her a star, and now she is a super successful businesswoman. She is a mom of three and a happy wife. What could be better? This gal’s got it all.

Over the years, Simpson’s look has evolved. Just like trends transform, so has Simpson’s sense of style. She is always ready to try new looks, giving the tabloid readers something to talk about. Just like every celeb, Simpson has both fans and foes, but she’s not slowing down and won’t fade away.

Here are 20 pics of Simpson in 2019. She was pregnant with baby number 3 for a time, but that only means we got to see her baby bump as it got bigger.

Scroll through and see how Simpson looks now. She’s a gorgeous gal, so be sure not to skip a single one.

20 Earlier This Year

Via: radaronline.com

Most would agree that this isn’t the best pic of Simpson ever taken. She was caught at an awkward moment, with a facial expression that is less than ideal.

Surely she didn’t look like this the whole time, but someone snapped her pic at just the right (or wrong) moment. The next time, Simpson will remember to smile.

19 Date Night With Her Dude

Via: people.com

Simpson surely looks colorful as she walks arm in arm with her main man. They must be headed out for dinner, perhaps for a romantic date night without the kids.

Her hubby looks handsome in his blue button-down, and Simpson is quite the sight in her intricate outfit, all the way down to her high heeled shoes.

18 Questionable Style

Via: popsugar.com

Obviously, Simpson isn’t shy about flaunting her flair for fashion. She is ready to get dressed in getups that aren’t for everyone, but that’s what makes her unique.

Those glasses alone are eye catching and paired with her bust-baring animal print shirt, this look is not for the faint of heart.

17 Bedazzled And Beach Body

Via: metro.co.uk

Whether Simpson is dressed for a special event or is wearing her swimsuit, she looks great. She’s ready to pop in her string bikini, but who said pregnant women can’t go for a dip and wear even the skimpiest of looks?

She’s not shy to show off her baby bump, so who are we to tell her otherwise? Simpson is glowing (and growing), and she’s making the most of her summer body.

16 Did Somebody Call A Plumber?

Via: newidea.com.au

It appears that Simpson has broken the toilet. Or maybe she’s installing a new seat. Either way, most people don’t pose with toilet bowl parts, so something strange must have happened.

Simpson is a fun-loving gal, so she’s surely poking fun at herself. And by the way, her bathroom is breathtaking.

15 Reclining And Relaxing

Via: people.com

Simpson is giving us the thumbs up, passing along the message that things are A-OK. That’s probably because she’s taking a load off in what looks like a super comfy recliner.

She’s cradling her belly, so perhaps her pregnancy is tiring her out. A little time to unwind is something she won’t take for granted.

14 Party Of Five

Via: people.com

Now that Simpson has given birth to her third child, she has a lovely family of five. She has one son and two daughters, all happy and beautiful. Will she one day expand her family further or are three kids enough?

Time will tell, so we’ll wait and see. Surely she adores her family, and one more member would only make things merrier.

13 Sweater Weather

Via: cheatsheet.com

It must be chilly outside if Simpson is bundled up in a sweater. She’s waving to fans as she walks along the street, and it appears that she has a bun in the oven.

Simpson loves to try out different shades, and this pair frames her face fantastically. She looks happy and healthy, giving off a rosy glow.

12 Some Serious Shades

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

It’s hard to tell, but it appears to be dark outside in this pic. However, Simpson is still wearing her sunglasses. Perhaps she has them on for the sake of fashion, but it must be hard to see.

Otherwise, she looks great, from her wavy blonde hair to her all-black ensemble.

11 Out For The Afternoon

Via: starmagazine.com

Simpson and her main squeeze are out for a sunny afternoon. They look stylish and cool, both dressed in modern clothing full of color. Simpson is trying out some rounded shades, and her long hair suits her style.

Her man is keeping it casual, letting his wife steal the spotlight.

10 Peace And Pregnancy

Via: accessonline.com

Simpson is obviously pregnant in this pic, seemingly soon ready to pop. She’s offering up the universal peace sign, so perhaps that’s her signal to the paparazzi to keep things cordial.

She seems to be getting into or out of the car, but she seems a tad squeezed in the spot. Maybe next time she’ll catch an Uber.

9 Makeup Mirror

Via: mother.ly

Apparently, Simpson needs some makeup to look as stunning as she does. While she’s a natural beauty, she benefits from the magic of makeup. Here she is applying some blush to her cheekbone, highlighting her fabulous features.

She is getting her look just right so she can go out and about without a flaw on her face.

8 Coming In For A Close-Up

Via: popculture.com

With a face like Simpson’s, there’s no reason to shy away from a close-up. She is stunning even when she’s just inches from the camera. As she often does, Simpson is wearing a pair of cool sunglasses, so we can’t see her beautiful eyes.

Even so, we can tell that she’s a real stunner – always was, and surely always will be.

7 Beyond Bronzed

Via: etonline.com

While she looks nice, it seems like Simpson went a tad overboard with the bronzer. She doesn’t need to wear so much makeup. Her natural beauty is radiant enough that she can use it sparingly and still look stunning.

But it appears that Simpson likes to go heavy on the makeup, making sure not a blemish or fine line shows through.

6 Glossy And Golden

Via: extratv.com

Simpson must have paid extra attention to her pout before this pic was taken. Her lips look especially plump, perhaps due to a new lip gloss that really shines. If she smooches her man, she can kiss that glossy look goodbye.

She’s also going heavy with the eyeliner, which looks cool for a night on the town.

5 Cat Eye Style

Via: starmagazine.com

Meow! Simpson is sporting some cat-themed shades, giving her the cat-eye look that has been fashionable for decades. She can pull it off, especially when paired with the rest of her outfit.

The black and white combo suits Simpson well, as it’s a classic look that always comes off as chic.

4 Luxe Lashes

Via: organicauthority.com

Simpson’s eyelashes look exceptional, but we all know that they can’t possibly be natural. They look super long and soft, accentuating her beautiful brown eyes.

Lots of ladies go for false lashes, but they often look overdone and outdated. Simpson, on the other hand, nails the look with a lovely pair.

3 Baby Shower Bliss

Via: scarymommy.com

This baby shower is simply beautiful. Simpson is one lucky gal to be fortunate enough to experience such elegance. She looks like an angel, and the table is set to perfection.

It seems like the day was a glorious one, a wonderful way to welcome a baby into the world and celebrate the miracle of motherhood.

2 Just Born

Via: jessicasimpson.com

Family and friends are all gathered in the delivery room to welcome Simpson’s third baby into the world. She looks happy (and a tad tired), and everyone who is there must be a special someone in her life.

Her other two kids are by her side along with her hubby. She surely can’t wait to bring her baby home and get back to her regular routine.

1 A Family Affair

Via: twitter.com

Here we see Simpson along with her mother and younger sister. The three ladies look lovely, all puckering up and blowing kisses. For a family in the spotlight, this one seems to be able to manage the fame and still be as “normal” as possible.

Celebrity has ruined plenty of relationships, so let’s hope things stay this way for Simpson and her loved ones.

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