15 Photos Of Kaley Cuoco Before Big Bang Theory

Cuoco would become one of the most popular sitcom stars during her rise to fame on Big Bang. However, she would actually get her start in film way back in 1992. It would become clear during her career that television and sitcoms were her bread and butter. Some might say that still holds true today.

In this article, we’ll take a look back at Cuoco’s career prior to landing the spot as Penny on Big Bang. We feature some of her top photos whether it be on Charmed or 8 Simple Rules. We’ll also delve into some of the rarer modeling photos from back in the day.

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15 Charmed Photoshoot

via Pinterest

Kaley had success on another show as well, however, she wasn’t a mainstay during her time with Charmed. Despite her inconsistent role, the producers of the show were quite high Cuoco. So much so that she was actually offered her own spinoff.

The only reason she didn’t take the chance was because of the Big Bang opportunity that presented itself instead. She made the right choice...

14 School Girl Outfit

via YouTube

Jaws dropped several times on ABC show thanks to Cuoco and some of her better outfits. The older sister played the role of the popular girl in school. Playing up the character, she had some edgy outfits during the show like this classic school girl look.

She would duplicate a similar look on Big Bang years later.

13 Charmed Outfit

via YouTube

Cuoco had some revealing attire throughout her journey on Charmed as well. One common denominator is how fit she always looked no matter what it was that the show’s creators made her wear.

A little known fact, she was actually quite the athlete growing up playing tennis all the way till the age of 16.

12 Photoshoots

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She just had that “it” factor especially when it came to her appearance. Kaley would rise to fame during 8 Simple Rules and Charmed, though she made a dent in the entertainment world prior to that with appearances on the Disney Channel along with a CBS sitcom, Ladies Man.

Of course, she would have greater success with the same network years later.

11 Career Breakthrough

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Fans might think Big Bang was Kaley’s sitcom breakthrough. However, that would take place years prior when she would make her debut on the ABC primetime sitcom, 8 Simple Rules.

Under the role of Bridget, she grew to stardom in the spot. Fans caught on with her sense of humor and of course, the teen demographic was crushing over her good looks.

10 White T-Shirt & Blazer

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Right around this time, Cuoco was starting to become a big name, this prior to her spot on Big Bang when her rise to fame would reach new levels. She was making lots of appearances, especially on teen award shows.

She was spotted in this photo looking great, like usual. Whoever Brad is, he’s one lucky dude...

9 Channeling Her Powers

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She would step into a role on Charmed during the eighth season. As mentioned earlier, her cameo on the show was a big success, enough for the show’s Executive Producer Brad Kern to pitch a possible spin-off with Cuoco as the lead.

Clearly, she did a great job in her role as Billie Jenkins, a strong witch as we see in the steamy photo above.

8 More Revealing 8 Simple Rules Outfit

via YouTube

Similar to a teen trying to make a good first impression, Kaley attempted to wear this outfit on her first day. Of course, she was told to change.

It was only the beginning of her success on the show. During the years that followed, Kaley was nominated for several awards at the Teen Choice Awards.

7 Pretty In Pink

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Prior to her television success, Kaley took part in several rare photoshoots. That’s usually the norm for an actress or actor trying to make it in the business.

When it comes to her success, we always think of her on television and in sitcoms. Though it should be noted that she contributed in nine films prior to her spot on Big Bang.

6 Fierce Looking Billie Jenkins

via DVD Bash

She’s once again looking fierce in a photoshoot for Charmed. Bringing Cuoco onto the show was actually a really big deal as they attempted to switch directions.

Believe it or not, a reboot of the show was considered back in 2013. Naturally, Cuoco was one of the first names to be rumored for the show.

5 More Rare Photoshoots

via Pinterest

This was part of another photoshoot from back in the day. At that time, Cuoco was pursuing fame on television. She actually got her start really early on TV back in 1994 on the show, My So-Called Life.

Kaley has grown since then, her next project is on the Harley Quinn animated show as she’s set to play a voice role as Harley Quinn herself.

4 Black Lace

via Pinterest

Given some of these photoshoot pictures, some out there might be wishing that the character of Billie Jenkins was still alive and well.

Perhaps she should have given the role homage during her time on Big Bang, certainly, Leonard would not have minded, especially if it meant more outfits like the one above.

3 Final Days On Charmed

via Pinterest

At this point, she started to look a lot more like the character we grew to love her for, Penny on the Big Bang Theory.

We can only imagine how differently things could have worked out had Cuoco chosen the Charmed spin-off instead of Big Bang... Who knows, maybe Big Bang would’ve flopped without her.

2 8 Simple Rules Swag

via YouTube

Some will argue that the show came to an abrupt end way too early. Ultimately, the sitcom was pulled due to low ratings after a mere three seasons.

That was enough to make Cuoco a big-time star – she took full advantage of the ABC exposure and the 76 episodes that came with it.

1 Black Hair – Don’t Care

via Pinterest

This photo shows a different side of Cuoco, one that her fans really aren’t accustomed to. Throughout her rise to fame, we’ve come to know the sitcom star for her signature light head of hair.

In this rare photo, she’s rocking the darker, black hair look. We really can’t say we mind it all that much.

Sources – YouTube, Twitter & Daily Mail

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