16 Kids Drawings That Exposed Their Parents' Secrets

Kids are brutally honest, but also sneaky, and clueless (well, sometimes). That is the fun in being a child, you get away with just about anything. If an adult were to draw such images, they would probably become controversial. However, since children are innocent little creatures, we often just let things slide.

As kids, we all had to draw images in school, and although we may have drawn horribly, it became a way to express ourselves. Well, these kids took it just a slight step further. Children do not care about societal norms or even know what they are, so when they draw, they just draw whatever they want. Let us just say, these drawings did not make it onto any refrigerators.

Here are children’s doodles that exposed way more than their parents may have liked. Scroll down and enjoy what the rugrats drew!

16 No Marriage For Him

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This kid has life all figured out: no marriage.

Do you think that he has a great view of marriage because of his parents? Evidently not. We are going to assume this child is a boy since the drawing looks like one. He does not want to be married and nagged; he just wants to chill out on his bed all day.

15 Blunt Much?

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This child was nice and all, until he got a little too brutally honest – so much for the Merry Christmas, kid.

This child’s teacher must’ve asked him/her to draw a card for the Holidays, but he/she could not refrain from pointing out his/her father’s Santa-like belly. We guess the father didn’t get any Christmas cookies.

14 Knows What Dad Does

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How sweet – this child knows his/her mom is full of love and dad, full of gas. He/she may not hit the sack with the parents at night, but he/she knows what goes down.

The wife must certainly complain about the stench. Does his/her father have beans as a diet for him to regularly do so? Whatever the case may be, it is hilarious how amusing children find farts.

13 We Feel You, Mama,

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After a long day at work, most people will opt for a glass of whatever has alcohol in it for supper.

Of all caring things parents do for their children, this child decided to showcase his/her mom’s love for wine. Not only did he/she explicitly write it out in words, but also took the time to draw his/her distressful mother at the table with a glass of fine wine.

12 This Kid Is Quite Smart

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We’re not too sure what this kid was implying about his/her mother and her nighttime habits, but we kind of got the idea.

We laughed out loud over the honesty and can understand why this masterpiece would go viral. Seriously, we cannot deny the gritty humor of it; it is like a before and after portrait, but a mischievous one.

11 Leave It To A Child To Innocently Expose Unfaithfulness

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If ever a woman or man wants to find out if their partner is being unfaithful, they might as well start scrambling through their child’s drawings. And on top of it, children will draw an exact depiction of the other person involved, which in this case, is a blonde with a voluptuous chest.

This child obviously did not know that he/she was exposing his/her dad’s cheating because it’s all about the ice cream.

10 Thanks, But No Thanks, Mom

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Remember “Ma, the meatloaf!” from the film Wedding Crashers? Well, this child made sure his/her mom knows that meatloaf is not desired. Children do not give credit where it is due, do they? The poor mother had to find out the hard way.

We hope the mother who inspired this humorous masterpiece managed to giggle.

9 When A Parents Pays More Attention To Social Media

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Nowadays, parents are just as hooked to social media as the younger generation is. This child took the time to make an honest mockery of his/her mom and her Facebook addiction.

And to make his/her dislike in his/her mother’s hobby stand out, even more, it was clearly noted under that the father is “allergic” and stays far away from Facebook.

8 The Way This Child Drew His/Her Mom

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As if the clouds of fumes were not enough to show off some embarrassing behavior, this child had to straight-up write out “fart.”

Of all ways to draw a mother, this child’s first drawing was a flat out gassy one. This child evidently did not reflect and probably had a ball while scribbling away!

7 Where’s The Grief?

In real life, a father and his child or children do not bust dance moves on top of a mother’s grave. Unless the situation was different, and the husband and kid did not like the mama; either way, it is not excusable.

Does this child miss his/her mom? Clearly not. This child must have really loather his/her mother.

6 This Kid Was Not Ashamed

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If ever this child decides to acquire a pet snake at home, if we were his/her mom, we would run away and FAST! There is way too much evil going on in this photo; we’re quite afraid to know what goes on in this child’s brain.

If this youngster wants the evil snake to devour his/her evil mom, he must not be his/her mom’s biggest fan.

5 Some Moms Really Love Their Wine

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Why don’t kids fancy their mom drinking wine? Being a mother is a hard job, along with working full-time, but young children do not understand the struggle.

A photo like this does prove that children know way more about their folks than their parents would like to admit to.

4 What This Child Thinks Of A Relationship

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These parents love each other so much that their child knows his/her mother would not hesitate to run her husband over – can you feel the love?

There are some relationships that are love-hate ones, but this child obviously thinks the absolute worse about his/her parents. And even though we do not want to laugh, the mother’s happy expression is the punchline.

3 This Kid Thought Way Too Ahead

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In this instance, we have a kid who clearly thinks his/her father is the devil – what an angel this kid is. This drawing is self-explanatory, even though we doubt the targeted father wants to be known as a devil.

What really made us fall off our chairs though was that he/she explicitly dedicated the animated hell to the father.

2 Kids Just Say It How It Is

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If ever you truly need an honest opinion about anything in life, just ask a child! Be careful what you utter to them though, because they have a knack for remembering everything, like this child.

It started off all sweet with a birthday wish but ended with a descriptive fact. Notice the choice of rainbow colors, too?

1 Calling His Dad Out

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Where did this poor dad go wrong? And is him being fat really the problem? Or is it his bratty, blunt and comedic child?

This child surely knew how to use compelling words to impact the reader; as soon as we saw the word chubby, we knew it was a good one. This poor father had absolutely no say or way to defend himself against the dog and mosquitos.

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