20 Photos Of Kylie Jenner That Kris Doesn't Want Anyone To See

As the mother of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kris Jenner has to accept a ton of unacceptable behavior from each of her five daughters, especially from her youngest, Kylie.

When Keeping Up with the Kardashians first premiered, Kylie was just 10-years-old and already being exposed to several adult situations. Kris quickly learned that she would not be able to protect the baby of the family from the cruel reality of fame.

From the first time we met Kylie to the strong mom/billionaire she is today, Kylie has been through a ton of ups and downs, and unfortunately, all her trials and tribulations have been heavily documented in photos that will last a lifetime.

It’s might be too late for Kris to protect Kylie from her past mistakes, but that doesn’t mean she won’t keep trying to prevent the world from seeing some of Kylie’s less fortunate moments, like these …

20 Kylie Grubbing On Junk Food


The Kardashian-Jenner girls pride themselves on the way their bodies look. Kris has actually always been at the frontline in the battle against unwanted weight and lumps. According to Rob Kardashian, while growing up, Kris forced his sisters to take Garcinia pills for weight loss.

Any photo of Kylie indulging in junk food goes against her plans for the Kardashian empire.

19 Kylie Getting Cozy With Former BFF Jordyn Woods


Once upon a time, Kylie had a best friend named Jordyn Woods. Kylie and Jordyn did literally everything together like all the time. Kylie’s sister, Khloe was very much involved with a guy named Tristan Thompson.

Then Tristan and Jordyn allegedly hooked up and all of what once was could never be the same again. Pictures of Kylie and Jordyn add salt to the wounds.

18 And Anything To Do With Her Makeup Collaboration With Jordyn


When Kylie and Jordyn were besties, Kylie even let Jordyn in on her billion-dollar makeup business. Kylie x Jordyn Cosmetics launched just months before the scandal of Jordyn and Tristan broke out.

After the incident, Kylie slashed the price on anything to do with Jordyn. It’s unclear if there was a direct correlation, but images of the product must bring up bad memories for Kris.

17 Kylie Without Her Signature Caked On Makeup


Kylie’s empire is vastly built on her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. Momma Kris is all about making money from her daughters’ success. An image of Kylie without makeup isn’t exactly promoting the makeup life.

Kylie is still stunning without her makeup caked on, but when she is fresh-faced, she isn’t advertising the money making part of her life.

16 An Underaged Kylie Loving On A Much Older Tyga


Kylie was only 17-years-old when she started the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, who happened to be seven years older than her at the time.

Kris wouldn’t want people to see images of Kylie and Tyga getting close, because that is basically a direct reflection of her parenting at the time.

15 Kylie Without Her Lip Injections


Kylie and her lip injections is a huge topic in Kylie’s life, and it is likely also one of her least favorite topics. It’s no secret that Kylie’s image changed drastically from the time she was 18 to where she is now.

When people take in old images of Kylie, it takes away from who she is now, and her momager wouldn’t want that.

14 Any Photos Of Kylie In The Club Scene Partying


Since Kylie was just 10 when KUWTK launched, she’s been allowed to engage in a lot of adult activities, while not yet an adult. One of these activities would be hanging out in the club scene.

Kris wants her girls to display a very put together image to the world. When they let loose and have fun, looking put together gets a little more difficult.

13 Kylie’s Confusing Dazed Beauty Cover Photos


In April 2019, Kylie did a photoshoot for the magazine, Dazed Beauty, but you can’t really tell it’s her. The idea behind the photo is that an AI algorithm did Kylie’s makeup. It’s a pretty groovy image, but Kris might not agree.

Since Kris is usually all about the brand, a picture of Kylie that doesn’t look like Kylie isn’t very profitable.

12 Those Awkward Photos When Everyone Started Noticing Kylie’s Lip Injections


Before Kylie was open about her lip injections, she actually tried denying she had any work done to her face. Pictures don’t lie, though and she soon learned that lesson.

Kylie’s early lip injections were all bad and near botched level. Unfortunately, her lip changed did spark a viral and dangerous trend called the “Kylie Jenner Challenge.”

11 Kylie Looking Like A Human Banana In This Unflattering Ensemble


Kylie is usually spot on with her fashion choices, but sometimes things get abstract. This neon yellow, baggy tracksuit was definitely one of her more confusing choices.

Even Kylie’s fans were lost with her choice, with some even commenting that she looked like a big banana. Kris wouldn’t want any bad images of Kylie out in the internet.

10 Kylie With Super Short Hair


When you think of Kylie Jenner, you don’t think of short hair, but for this advertisement, Kylie sported a very short, jet black, pixie cut. If you didn’t know this was Kylie, you probably wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

Since Kris wants her girls to be easily recognizable, she probably thinks it’s best that Kylie sticks with her long locks.

9 And Kylie With Super Straight Bangs In 2017


Not everyone can pull off cropped straight bangs. Kylie is one of those who can’t. It’s totally cool that Kylie can morph herself into looking like a completely different person whenever she wants, but she definitely aged herself with this look.

Kylie is a superstar. Her mom knows that, but her mom wants her to look her absolute best in the public eye, too.

8 Kylie And Kendall Passing Out After Wild Night Out


When Kendall and Kylie were underaged, they definitely got into a bit of trouble on occasion. Sometimes, their antics were captured on camera. This was one of those times, and this is definitely something Kris doesn’t want people to see any more than they already have.

The teenaged Jenner girls went out drinking and felt the pain on the way home afterward.

7 Kylie Wearing This Oversized Jacket Was Embarrassing


Kylie should probably try to stick to the middle ground when it comes to her choice of clothing. She looks off when her clothes are oversized, like with this jacket, and she gives off a bad influence vibe when she strips down.

This jacket though is definitely from a different dimension altogether. When paired with those rectangle glasses, Kylie looks like she’s from another planet.

6 Kylie Taking A Provocative Shower


Even though Kris makes money when her daughters present themselves provocatively, she’s still their mom and doesn’t want the whole world seeing what “their momma gave them.”

Kylie is soaking wet, in a white swimsuit, in a shower. There isn’t really anything positive about this image, in a mom’s perspective.

5 Kylie Hanging Out With Sofia Richie Before She Dated Scott


Sofia Richie started appearing in Scott Disick’s life around the middle of 2017. This picture of Kylie and Sofia was taken a couple of months before Sofia became involved with the father of Kourtney’s children.

If people wanted to speculate, it could be said that maybe Kylie introduced Sofia into her inner family circle and Scott’s heart.

4 Kylie and Momma Kris In The Late ‘90s


This is a super sweet and adorable pic of a baby Kylie and momma Kris. There shouldn’t be any reason Kris wouldn’t want people to see this picture…

Except that Kris hardly looks anything like this anymore after years of plastic surgery and “hard work” on her face. She may still have the same hairdo, but her face is definitely not as full these days.

3 Kylie With A Massive Distraction


As with most of the Kardashians, the talk of plastic surgery usually comes up. Unfortunately, Kylie and her chest have been looked at under a microscope several times.

This image doesn’t help Kylie’s argument that she hasn’t had any substantial work done on herself. Her assets look completely plastic, but we’re sure it’s just a bad shirt.

2 Kylie Looking Blue In Black And White


All moms want their babies to look happy, be happy and feel happy. Kylie doesn’t look too happy in this stunning photo. She’s without a doubt gorgeous, but there’s a sadness to her.

People seeing this image might start to question what’s really going on in the billionaire’s life behind closed doors, and Kris might not want that to happen.

1 Kylie Dressed Up As ‘Dirrty’ Christina Aguilera


For Halloween in 2016, Kylie recreated Christina Aguilera’s signature look from her “Dirrty” music video. She was spot on with the costume and even Christina herself approved.

Kylie, however, looks grungy and well, dirty. This is obviously just a costume, but this isn’t where Kylie is in life anymore, and Kris likely doesn’t want people to forget the growth Kylie’s made since 2016.

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