16 Photos Of MJ’s Kids The Jackson Family Doesn’t Want Us To See

Back in his day, Michael Jackson put a strong emphasis on keeping the identity of his children hidden. He didn’t want us to see their faces and the reason for it was so they could live normal lives, not getting snapped everywhere they go like he was throughout his career.

That has changed today with both Prince and Paris becoming big activists on social media platforms like IG. However, Blanket, the 17-year-old continues to live life on the DL. When candid pics make the rounds, they always catch everyone’s attention especially given how close he looks to his dad.

In this article, we feature candid pics along with various throwbacks of the Jackson clan. These are pics MJ’s family doesn’t want us to see of his children. Enjoy folks!

16 Graduation

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Pics of Blanket Jackson tend to be quite rare. However, he was definitely out in support of his brother on this day. Michael Joseph recently graduated from college and according to People, he earned a bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Like everyone else, Michael enjoyed the graduation, it is nice to see that he’s living a normal life these days – despite the constant media attention.

15 A Rare Candid Picture

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Unlike his late father, candid pics of Blanket Jackson really aren’t easy to find. His siblings live active lives in the community and on social media, Blanket, on the other hand, chooses to keep things on the DL.

The 17-yer-old definitely resembles Jackson, his late father the most.

14 Paris Paying Homage

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Paris Jackson might be the most popular among MJ’s children. She has a stacked following via social media with over 3 million followers. The number continues to rise.

In what some consider a controversial picture, Paris paid homage to her father with this rare pic, showing her dad in his prime. It generated lots of comments online, of course.

13 The Xmas Crew

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Like every other family, the Jackson clan gets together over the holiday season. We get a glimpse of all three siblings in a rare photo altogether. Paris, in particular, does lots of traveling.

Not only that but she’s also dating a musician which keeps her on the road for long stretches. It is still great to see them all unite over the holidays, though the Jackson family wants to keep this on the DL.

12 Spiderman Throwback

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MJ clearly didn’t want the identity of his children to be revealed. The outcome, their faces entirely covered when it was time to go outdoors. Prince discussed why his late dad did this, he explains to Fuse TV;

“He told us the reason for the masks was he wanted us to have our own life without him. I don't think I ever thought about if other kids lived like that when I was younger. But once I knew who he was, I realized it wasn’t normal.”

11 Finding Love

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Prince loves to preach positivity via his social media accounts. He also has several photos alongside his girlfriend, the two have been dating for quite some time, even taking trips to Vegas together.

He posted the pic above on the 4th of July via IG, captioning “Happy freedom day y’all hope you guys spent it with loved ones.”

10 Paris Spotted

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Enjoying the outdoors without the interest of others isn’t too easy for any of the Jackson clan, especially Paris. She gets photographed in this candid picture, one she likely could have done without.

TMZ would also run a story on Paris earlier in the year claiming she almost took her own life. Jackson fired back at the report claiming they were completely false.

9 Blanket Spotted Again

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It appears as though Blanket is a big fan of comic books. He likely won’t be too pleased with the recent Spider-Man news, however.

Since his earlier days alongside dad, Blanket never looks too thrilled when taking a candid picture and the same holds true today as he edges towards the age of 18.

8 Paris & Her Man

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Back in the summer of 2018, Paris went on a bit of a Twitter rant after the media questioned whether or not she is bisexual. Paris discussed the fact that she came out as a 14-year-old and that it wasn’t news.

As of March, she is now dating a musician, member of The Soundflowers, Gabriel Glenn.

7 MJ & Paris Throwback

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The family has several throwback photos, types of pics they might want to keep hidden from us and kept safely in a photo album. This is one of the photos featuring Paris and MJ.

MJ would be proud of Paris appearing in several music videos and even TV shows. She isn’t afraid to put herself out there despite the controversy associated to her name.

6 Throwback At The Baseball Game

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Photos of the three children aren’t very common, especially in this day and age. We do have some rare throwbacks, this one taking place at a Gary SouthShore RailCars game, a team in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball – they aren’t associated with the MLB.

The family enjoyed the game in what was a rare field trip.

5 More Identity Hiding

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Paris would also discuss the reason for hiding of their identities with the Hollywood Reporter;

“He told us when he was younger he didn’t really have a childhood,” Paris said. “He would always be stuck in the studio while other kids were playing. He wanted us to have that. “When we went out without him, we wouldn’t be recognized and we could have a normal childhood.”

4 Kitchen Throwback

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We turn back the clock to this throwback featuring the entire clan in the kitchen, likely making a big-time mess.

These personal family photos aren’t the easiest to come by; clearly, the picture is a rare gem from the family album. The Jackson family would have rather this one stayed behind the scenes.

3 Another Family Pic With Blanket

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Finally, we get a picture of Blanket smiling. It does make sense as he’s posing in front of an Avengers logo. As we stated earlier, Blanket is a huge fan of anything superhero or comic book related.

It was a great day for Blanket and he also got to enjoy the film alongside his family, a major plus.

2 Dressing Like Dad

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If they would take a similar picture today, it might create some serious fan backlash, especially with the damaging MJ news to come out in recent years.

Despite all the controversy, Paris and Prince keeping moving forward, Prince, in particular, continues to give back working alongside various charitable causes.

1 Daggling

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MJ daggling his kid over the balcony will forever be regarded as one of his most forgettable moments ever. In terms of family photos, this is the pic the family wishes they can bury for good but clearly, that just can’t happen.

The moment in Berlin took place when Blanket was just over nine months.

Sources – Fuse TV, Hollywood Reporter & IG

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