20 Photos Of Paulina Gretzky And Dustin Johnson That'll Make Every Guy Jealous

Some guys have it all. Not only are they good looking and have money, but they also have a beautiful woman in their life.

One of those men is Dustin Johnson. It seems that being the best golfer in the world wasn't enough for Johnson; he also had to have one of the most beautiful women in the world by his side. Why not? The lucky lady in Johnson's life is Paulina Gretzky.

Not only have they been involved for years, but they also have children together and are engaged. They are not shy to show their love for each other in public, and the paparazzi haven't been shy either to capture those photos. We compiled a list of photos of Gretzky and Johnson that would make most guys jealous.

20 Sunny Days

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When you're young, rich and famous, it seems like every day is a sunny day. The sun came out, and the happy couple decided it was time to head on down to the water for some fun. Paulina took the opportunity to get into a bikini and show off her curves. When you've got it, show it off.

19 Scooter Ride

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When you're young and in love, every moment is another opportunity to have the time of your life. The happy couple decided to have some fun by going on a scooter ride. It seems that they had so much fun that Paulina couldn't resist posting the photo on her IG page to make us all jealous.

18 After The Game

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Dustin doesn't win every tournament that he plays, but he's got the satisfaction of knowing that Paulina and their kids are waiting for him when he finishes playing. It's nice to know that somebody will be there for you, regardless of how you perform. That's called true love.

17 On The Sea

via The Sun

When the sun comes out, there's only one place to be - you have to be one the water. That's exactly what Dustin and Paulina decided to do. To make the occasion more fun, the got onto a boat and cuddled up to each other. Some people just seem to have it all. It's amazing.

16 Winning

via The Sun

Considering that Dustin has been ranked previously as the number 1 golfer in the world, winning is something that he is used to. Since Paulina has supported him throughout his career, she also gets credit for the trophies. After all, a relationship is a team effort. They should both receive the reward.

15 Hold On

via The Times

They can't keep their hands off each other, and who can blame them? That's what happens when you're in love. When Paulina leaped up and pointed at something, Dustin was quick to hold her back so that she would not leave his arms. No-one will blame him for doing that.

14 Night On The Town

via Pinterest

Since Paulina is an IG model who gets a lot of attention, she loves to have a photo taken. Some of the photos are so good that she likes to share them with her followers. This picture ended up on Pinterest, not Instagram, but it's nice to see that they had fun on a night on the town.

13 Oktoberfest

via Daily Telegraph

Why not get dressed up in cute outfits and drink beer? Dustin and Paulina played their part so that they looked like they fit right into the theme of Oktoberfest. That's a big glass of beer that Dustin is holding. I guess that's all part of the theme and the fun. Both of them all smiles.

12 Happy Couple

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Isn't it nice to see when two people are in love? Well, it seems that Dustin and Paulina have hit the jackpot. They seem to be very much in love and have everything else going for them. Why wouldn't they smile? They live great lives and are still young. There's so much for them to be grateful for.

11 Chilling

After the long hours on the golf course and standing in front of the camera to get the best shot, Paulina and Dustin like to take time off to relax. On this occasion, they happened to be by the sea. When you've got a great life as they do, why not take every moment to enjoy it?

10 Support

via Detroit CBS Local

Somebody once said that behind every successful man was a successful woman. It's not a secret that most men need love and support from a woman to help them reach the top and stay there. It's nice to see that Paulina has her partner's back and that she stands by him when he's competing.

9 Formal

via ET Canada

They're not always on the golf course or at the beach. Sometimes, they have serious business to attend to. On those occasions, Paulina and Dustin ensure that they look their best. Dustin looked smart in his suit, and Paulina looked elegant in her fancy dress. Great looking couple.

8 Caddie

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It seems that Paulina is committed to standing by her man and will offer support whenever he needs it. When Dustin needed someone to carry his clubs, Paulina stepped up to do it. Isn't that so sweet of her? Not only is she carrying the heavy bag for him, but she's also got a smile on her face.

7 Expecting

via Golf

Paulina and Dustin have two children together. According to CBS Sports, Dustin said that he committed to being a family with Paulina and their two kids. When Paulina was pregnant and they had to go out, she dressed in a classy black dress that suited her figure and made her look sophisticated.

6 Family Time

via Hollywoodlife

Christmas time is the best part of the year. Not only do we get gifts, but we also get to spend it with our families. That's exactly what Paulina and Dustin did on Christmas and decided to take a photo of the happy family. They look extremely happy and have nice Christmas decorations.

5 Private Flight

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One of the nice things about being in love is that you've got somebody to mess around with. Interpret that how you will, but I meant that you can enjoy someone's company by merely talking to them and playing games. They decided to mess around during a flight. Why not?

4 Fairytale

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Every girl dreams of finding her knight in shining armor and having a magical evening. When you look at the stars and two of them in each other's arms, it seems that Paulina has found her prince charming. This is an amazing photo, but some of those stars look a bit too big.

3 Going Out

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Wherever they go, Paulina ensures that she looks her sexy self. When they stepped out, she decided to wear a dress that revealed her legs The patterns and the shiny objects on the dress make it look interesting. Dustin went for a more formal look by wearing pants and a jersey over the collared shirt.

2 High Five

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Even when Dustin doesn't win on the course, some guys think that he's a winner because he's got such a beautiful woman by his side. On or off the course, Dustin is a winner. How can he not be when he's got Paulina and two beautiful kids in his life? Good for him. He serves it.

1 Ryder Cup

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According to The Sun, European and US golfers wore yellow ribbons as a tribute to the late Spanish female golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena. At the Ryder Cup, the golfer WAGs had matching outfits. The men also looked stylish in their suits. Paulina and Dustin looked dashing like always.

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