17 Photos Of People Caught Staring At Professional Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders are amazing athletes and have been entertaining fans for generations. They are time-honored and super respected and beloved by everyone for the entertainment and break from the intense action from the sport that they provide. But, sometimes people can like looking at them a bit too much and it's not always because of their performances or abilities.

To be fair, it's hard to blame them, with how intense and physically taxing being a cheerleader can be, its no wonder that they have amazing physiques and if we are being honest, all of them are still hired because they have faces that are nice to look at.

Whatever the reason, there are a ton of photos, of people (a lot of them being celebrities) looking at these fantastic athletes for one reason or another, so let's take a look at some of the more egregious offenders who have longing eyes.

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17 The classic side-eye

Here we see the Zoro and Puss in Boots actor, Antonio Banderas, at an NBA game, seemingly ignoring the woman who he's talking to, but to be fair from the looks of it, the conversation seems to be pretty one-sided, in favor of enjoying the performance that the cheerleaders are putting on.

16 Teach em young

Now, I'm not sure where this photo is being taken, it kind of looks like this is at a College game, but who knows. but what I do know for sure is that whatever game is going on, this little lad isn't going to be paying attention at all, or at least he will be paying extra close attention to the half time show.

15 Not just for Men

Rodeo Girls are the Cheerleaders of the south, at least for the sake of this list they are and it's nice to know that it's not only men that can be caught with wandering eyes, with women, however, there might be a bit of a different context, but with what she's looking at in this photo, its not to hard to figure out.

14 Looking at the scoreboard

The Former Highschool Musical sweetheart definitely did his fair share of work on the field in those movies, both as a player on the Basketball team and, while not necessarily a cheerleader, definitely did some cheerleader-esque things. It seems that nowadays, however, he seems content with just being an observer.

13 Just looking for some conversation

International superstar Justin Bieber is a fan of the NBA, and therefore he is somewhat of a regular courtside.

I guess that his NBA fan status could be called into question a bit as he seems to be a lot more interested in the Cheerleaders next to him than the game.

12 Dinner and a show

With how long NBA games can go, its a good thing you can grab a bite at the games. While these snacks and meals are expensive, it's still a good thing to have, I mean who doesn't like a dinner and a show, but for the gentlemen in the photo, I believe that he might be a little more focused on the show.

11 Eyes on the Prize

David Beckham is known as one of the most handsome men on the soccer pitch, but a little known fact is that he is also a fan of Basketball.

Well, he might be of fan of Basketball, or, from the looks of this photo, it seems that he may be more of a fan of the ladies sitting courtside.

10 Judging Eyes

Despite the common view of them, not everyone who is caught staring at the Cheerleaders is liking what they see. Here we can see that Miss Kendall Jenner staring at a group of cheerleaders and either isn't liking what she is seeing or is somewhat jealous or maybe just judging their outfits.

9 My wife is watching

Professional funnyman and Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon is known for usually taking the role of the more awkward kind of guy, compared to his guests, but it seems that persona isn't just an on-screen thing, but he takes it into real life, but at least we know he is committed to his wife.

8 Role reversal

Like we mentioned before, men aren't the only ones who are capable of staring. women get caught staring constantly as well. Here we see a woman, who may or may not be a cheerleader, having a look of mischevious intentions in her eyes while looking at NBA superstar Steph Curry.

7 Interview interruption

You know how some people in the world are so nice looking that it's just distracting like you'll just stop everything you're doing to look a bit longer.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're in luck as I believe that this photo shows the exact phenomenon I was mentioning.

6 My wife is watching part 2

This photos great because it shows pretty much the entire spectrum of emotions that people can go through when they are being filmed while looking at people. We have Nacho Libre himself, Jack Black,  giving the lest subtle side-eye ever and Ashton Kutcher is looking at, well, anything else.

5 Role reversal part 2

The Ring Girls are the MMA and Boxing worlds equivalent to cheerleaders, but I'd argue that the UFCS ring girls get a bit more attention and fame than anyone else in their category. Clearly that doesn't make them immune from the staring virus as we can see Arianny is enjoying a nice look at Alistar Overeem.

4 Weighing-In

For our last trip with the UFC, we have famous podcaster, commentator and Elk eater, Joe Rogan doing his best not to star at female MMA pioneer Miesha Tate while shes getting ready for the weigh-ins. I would personally like to applaud Joe for his professionalism and class.

3 Eyes up

It seems that Zac Efron can't keep his eyes off of the ladies, which is probably a bit of a role reversal for him, knowing how much of a heartthrob that he is.

But seriously Zac, you're not even trying to hide it this time and there's no way I could even come up with an excuse.

2 Entranced

©2010 GAMEPIKS 310_828_3445 Actor Taylor Lautner sits courtside as he attends the Los Angeles Lakers_ San Antonio Spurs NBA game at Staples Center in Los Angeles on April 4_ 2010. The Spurs defeated the Lakers 100_81. XYZ

Taylor Lautner has fallen out of the public limelight recently, but it's nice to know that while he was at the peak of his career and a megastar that every person wanted a piece of, that he was still just as human and as susceptible to temptation as the rest of us boys.

1 Do as I say not as I do

This is a mantra that many a dad has told their kids, especially their little boys, mostly because we know some of the stuff that we do isn't exactly what we should be doing. This courtside father, while not looking at the cheerleaders, is still looking, but it's funny to see that his son caught him.

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