20 Photos Of Pickups That Need To Be Put Down

Pickup trucks are one of the most quintessential American cars and have been popular with American drivers for almost a hundred years. The very first pickup was the Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body, launched by Henry Ford himself in 1925, and his company continues to lead the way when it comes to 21st century trucks too.

The Ford F-Series, which first rolled off the production line in 1948, is the best-selling pickup of all time, and the company also made pickups like the Ford Ranger – trucks which manage to be robust and stylish at the same time.

Unlike the pickup trucks pictured below, which have either undergone catastrophic makeovers, or which have been left to rust and rot away by neglectful owners…

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20 Split In Two

Via reddit.com

The chassis of pickup trucks are essentially still built in two parts – a method which can lead to older vehicles ending up bent at the middle or even splitting in two. Overload the pickup bed with too much weight, and it will be the truck chassis that pays the price in the end.

19 Bizarre Mods

Via yotatech.com

The after-market auto modification industry is worth billions worldwide, and pickup trucks are no exception to this current trend. Unfortunately, as with ordinary cars, many pickup owners have experienced a severe good taste bypass which can result in revolting and completely impractical creations like the one pictured in the image above.

18 Seen Better Days

Via gmsquarebody.com

One of the main reasons motorists buy pickup trucks in the first place is because they are rough, robust and can keep running for years. While that is true, it does mean that spendthrift motorists can keep the same truck for a long time – long after it has already started to fall apart.

17 Dented Bodywork

Via edenshalefarm.com

Of course, while pickup trucks have now become popular as an everyday vehicle, they were designed for heavy work and off-road driving. All that hard work can lead to a few more dents and bumps than your average vehicle, as evidenced by the knocked-about farm truck in the photograph above.

16 Rusty Wheels

Via trucktrend.com

Retro trucks are very popular with hip and trendy motorists – especially those which have undergone a stylish custom transformation. The rust bucket above may have some potential in the eyes of car renovators, but in its current state won’t win any beauty pageants and is more likely to end up on the scrap heap.

15 Where’s The Window?

Via 50backflips.com

The owner of this pickup has opted for the cheap fix after their side window was broken. Rather than spend a few bucks to get it fixed, they have simply used a piece of plastic – which also looks as if it has been there for a while – suggesting that the rest of the vehicle is also on its last legs too.

14 Falling Apart

Via streetsoflima.com

One motorist was so surprised to see this pickup truck still rolling that they even snapped a photo put of their windscreen. Not only has much of the bodywork almost disintegrated away because of rust, but the broken tailgate makes it nigh on impossible to use it as a pickup truck!

13 Wonky Wheels

Via rangers-forum.com

A busted tailgate is one thing, but at least that pickup could just about make it from A to B; the truck in this picture wouldn’t make it out of the drive, thanks to its damaged wheels – and by the look of that awkward angle, a broken axle too. It’s going to cost some serious money to get that truck fixed.

12 All Dents

Via instructables.com

Like the farm truck earlier, this pickup has more than its fair share of dents and scrapes. Its owner seems determined to keep the truck on the road despite the damage, some of which looks as though it might be the result of an accident! It might be time to retire this set of wheels.

11 Abandoned And Unloved

Via cartalk.com

Pickup trucks do have a tendency to rust quicker than ordinary cars – and unless the owners take the proper precautions to prevent rust from developing, the damage can become quite extensive. Leave the rust-proofing too long, and soon the truck will end up completely beyond the talents of even the best auto renovators.

10 Trash Truck

Via youtube.com

Pickup trucks may have a reputation for lasting forever, but even these reliable old warhorses will end up breaking down eventually. And what do you do with an unreliable and unwanted pickup truck? While some owners might sell their truck for parts, others think it is acceptable to just dump their vehicles in the wilderness.

9 Missing Wheels

Via hiveminer.com

Even those pickup trucks which end their days at the local junkyard are unlikely to ever see the light of day again. Broken down pickups like the one pictured above are only really useful for spare parts – and this Dodge truck has already been picked clean of its wheels and tires.

8 Rusty Chic

Via tarvastyle.com

While most people who drive vintage pickup trucks want to see them restored and looking like new, there are a few drivers who actually like to keep the rusted look – only these vehicles have been deliberately rusted to look fashionable. Not to everyone’s taste, but it is certainly an eye-catching way to modify your truck.

7 Half And Half

Via rustrepairinc.com

When it comes to pickup trucks with dodgy chassis, the worst offender was undoubtedly the Nissan Navara pickup truck. This sporty little number was actually the subject of a European recall notice as a result of so many models splitting in two when their chassis became rusted or was overloaded with too much weight.

6 Last Legs

Via starcarsagency.com.au

This well-loved pickup has obviously put in a few years of hard work on the farm, and farmers seem to be less concerned about rust prevention than regular motorists! After all, as long as the truck can still carry equipment or haul trailers around the estate, then who cares if it looks as though it is about to fall apart?

5 Retro Style?

Via hiveminer.com

Restored full-size pickups from the 50s and 60s are the latest thing in motoring chic, but the same can’t be said for this quirky little Dodge A-Series truck. This may have a little kitsch value to some drivers but is pretty useless to anyone who wants to use their truck to actually carry or tow something.

4 Chop Shop

Via youtube.com

Possibly winning the prize for the ugliest pickup truck, this automotive nightmare also looks like it has been patched together from several different vehicles. The only other option is that someone has gone to the trouble of choosing different colored body panels for the different sections of their pickup truck, despite the fact that it ruins the vehicle’s appearance.

3 Rusty and Ruined

Via nychoopties.blogspot.com

While some vintage pickups might be able to get away with rusted chic, this battered and bruised set of wheels is simply rusted – and well beyond repair at that. This truck may have seen better days, but it is obviously still a well-loved set of wheels and will be able to keep running long after that hood has simply rusted away.

2 Fender Bender

Via youtube.com

This otherwise new-looking pickup has suffered some serious damage as a result of a rather serious fender bender. Despite the significant dents, it does appear that the owner is still trying to drive around in their truck, despite the fact that this should have been written off and scrapped a long time ago.

1 Neglected Classic

Via dieselbombers.com

The fact that pickups have such a long life means that there are lots of truck owners out there who accidentally own classic vehicles – the sort that collectors would pay a lot of money to own. Not realizing the value of these classic trucks, they tend to leave them to rust and rot rather than making the most of their accidental investment.

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