19 Photos Of Pretty Girls Hanging Out In Junkyards

Models will do photoshoots anywhere if you pay them enough. Taking pictures in junkyards is a novelty that many people enjoy, and we enjoy looking at. Since we love cars and girls so much, it’s a union of two of our favorite things!

Most beautiful models look a bit out of place at a junkyard, because it juxtaposes their striking beauty with the dirty old cars all around them. And that’s what makes these pictures so fascinating—that contrast between beauty and ugliness.

More power to these girls for being entrepreneurial and getting right to the source of what makes a guy’s mind tick. We’re just as drawn in by the cars as we are by the girls (okay, that’s a lie).

Here are 19 hot chicks photographed in dirty junkyards.

19 Find What You’re Looking For?

via Pinterest

This girl is wearing pants that aren’t really pants, and we have to wonder if they came that way or if she just REALLY wore them out. But that’s beside the point. She’s giving a very faraway gaze off the hood of that rusty car, as if she’s looking for something very specific. We have an inkling that it has nothing to do with cars, whatever she’s searching for.

18 Touching Swords

via Truly Sarah Blog

These girls seem to also be having a great time fighting with their wrench swords. What’s wrong with a little fantasy in your junkyard photoshoot? After all, junkyard photoshoots are basically a guy’s fantasy idea come to life, because you’d never find these two hotties stepping foot in this dirty place otherwise, most likely.

17 Can She Help You With Something?

via Hiveminer

This pretty woman looks like she knows the junkyard back and forth, like the palm of her hand. She means business, and isn’t afraid to show you a thing or two. She picked a good spot to pose, in front of that stack of wrecked cars, if not a slightly sketchy one.

16 Hold On Tight

via Goodfon

This looks like a pretty uncomfortable position for this beautiful young lady to be sitting in, but we applaud her for her effort. Hopefully the rust doesn’t scrape her butt or cause her to fall over the side of this beat-up truck. Her hair looks especially glorious as it’s blowing in the wind, and the scenic countryside landscape behind her is a nice touch, too.

15 She Just Loves That Place

via Hiveminer

Have you ever seen a woman looking so in tune with herself at a junkyard? She must really like dirty old cars! For whatever reason, this mossy, overgrown spot seemed like the perfect place for her to post up to do a photo-op, and it even looks like her shorts are about to come off. What luck to anyone wandering by!

14 She’d Rather Be Anywhere Else

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On the other end of the spectrum, this dark-haired beauty doesn’t seem too pleased to be sitting on this bench. It’s as if her ride pulled up and made her get out of the car to get a car part, but then took off before she could come back. Yes, we enjoy making up complete fabrications to explain how these gorgeous girls got in these situations at dirty junkyards.

13 Fun And Games

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It’s all fun and games until that stacked beige car at the top rolls off the stack and hurts someone. This girl is quite cute with her dirty blonde hair and can-do attitude. White shirts are probably not the best to be wearing at junkyards, though, but we won’t fault her for that—she looks amazing, and we don’t want to scare her away.

12 Polka Dotted Fun Time

via Hiveminer

This girl is named Bella Quinn, and she’s clearly a model, but she also does some stripteases in random locations, such as at this junkyard. She definitely found the most rusted out, beat-up old Chevy truck that she could to stand in front of, and it actually makes for a pretty awesome picture.

11 An Old Classic

via Hiveminer

This picture was taken by Michael Ertem, and thanks to the sepia tone it looks like it was taken in the 1940s (it was actually taken in the 2010s). This beautiful blonde woman looks completely at peace sitting in the bed of this vintage truck, even if she did just come from prom.

10 Look Deep Into Her Eyes

via Hiveminer

If there were girls like this at junkyards on a regular basis, no one would ever get anything done. She definitely looks like she’s seeking attention of some kind, all bundled up and scrunched together on the hood of this old rusty car, and we desperately want to help her find whatever it is she’s looking for…

9 She Might Be Lost

via Hiveminer

This is another picture that looks amazing thanks to the sepia tone photography. It was taken by Kelly McCarthy, and stars an incredibly attractive brunette crouched between some rust buckets, dressed in a very short dress. With the dress and the heels, she might be a little out of her element at a scrapyard, but again, we aren’t complaining. Imagine walking through the yard and seeing THAT crouched between a couple cars.

8 Take A Look At Her Wares

via Pinterest

This girl actually looks like she sort of belongs there, at the junkyard. Now, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with her—she’s beautiful—but she is just dressed a little more like a scrapyard person might dress. Also the old classic rusted cars behind her look pretty sweet, so she’s got that going for her.

7 Tattoos Make Everything Better

via Listal

This lovely pinup model is covered in sleeves of tattoos, and it looks amazing. She definitely sticks out from the pack of models that tend to pose in junkyards and try their hardest to look pretty. She has an effortless beauty, and even the face tattoo adds a little extra flavor. Hopefully she doesn’t catch anything from rubbing up against that rusted old vehicle, though.

6 Just Waiting For Her Car To Get Fixed

via Jalopnik

She looks like she might be waiting for a while: either a few years for that rusted vintage car to get fixed up, or a couple hours for the sun to set. Either way, she’s made herself comfortable and isn’t going anywhere. We can back that—any girl that looks that good is allowed to lay up wherever they want, even if it’s on a dirty old Ford.

5 Good Luck Keeping That Dress White

via Ice the Cake

Maybe this woman just had a junkyard wedding (that’s actually a thing), and if she did, kudos to her on keeping her dress white. But crouching up against that dirty tire isn’t going to keep her clothes white for very long! Our suggestion is she leaves that place ASAP, but we’re conflicted: we also really want her to stay and show herself off!

4 Having A Ball

via Grassroots Motorsports

First up, we have these two lovely ladies who look like they’re having the time of their lives hanging off this rusted, destroyed car. To give them credit, at least they’re wearing apparel that is somewhat conducive to the environment they’re in, but no junkyard employee would ever have this much fun on the job, so we’re calling them visiting models.

3 Stormy Tailgating

via Pinterest

This beautiful girl looks like she’s just about to get caught in a thunderstorm (though that’s probably just the image’s filters or contrast), and she definitely won’t be well dressed for the occasion. She definitely picked a cool looking trunk bed to hang out in, however, and is striking quite a lusty pose, with her inward-facing knees and undone suspenders.

2 Step Into My Office

via Cell Code

Junkyard photoshoots are always pretty classic, because it’s a good way of combining two polar opposite lifestyles together. Case in point, we have this sexy professor looking lady leaning up against this old rusted muscle car, at the Tennessee Muscle Car junkyard. She doesn’t look like she really wants to be there—like she expects to scold some naughty students—but that’s probably the point.

1 Don’t Touch The Dress

via D2JSP

This cute blonde is standing on top of the hood of this old Beemer, and for good reason—she’s wearing a nice dress and probably doesn’t want to scruff it up! Okay, or she’s posing for a photoshoot, but we like to imagine that the ground is lava, the BMW is a lava-proof boat, and it’s the only safe spot for her to stand in the entire scrapyard.

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