20 Photos Of Reporters You Want To DM...As Soon As Possible

It's interesting to think that there was a time when reporters were all men and it was a rarity or even an impossibility that a woman would even garner the same sort of standing as a male reporter. Yet, things have definitely changed over the years and female reporters have made it everywhere from broadcast news to sports reporting. Nowadays, some of the most successful reporters are women and they're also some of the most recognizable.

While there have definitely been some male reporters that have garnered quite a fanbase over the years, it's the female reporters that really seem to raise eyebrows and bring on the fans. While they are known for their professionalism and knowledge base, there are some that are also known for their incredible beauty. Let's take a look at 20 reporters that are definitely worth taking an extra look at, or even sending a DM on occasion.

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20 Pamela Silva Conde

via IG

Pamela Silva Conde is an award-winning journalist that has made a huge impact through her appearances on Univision. The weekday news magazine, "Primer Impacto" is one of the best known and her co-anchor status has really made her flourish.

She has won a staggering six Emmy Awards for her journalism work.

19 Erin Andrews

via wikiFeet

While Erin Andrews has worked with a number of outlets, including FOX NFL and ESPN, she's also made a name for herself as a television personality.

People love watching her as she hosts Dancing with the Stars but they also love when she is featured as a contributor for Good Morning America.

18 Megyn Kelly

via dailystormer.name

While there are some reporters that maintain a bit of a low profile, there are others that seem to be constantly thrust into the limelight. That is definitely the case with Megyn Kelly.

While she's known for being a news anchor for Fox News and NBC News, she's also known for some clashes with some high-profile figures.

17 Sara Carbonero

via thesun.co.uk

Sara Carbonero is a television reporter that is known for her work with Telecinco but she's also made a name for herself for being the girlfriend of the Spanish goalkeeper, Iker Casillas.

She's made a life for herself as a sports reporter but it's not hard to see that she's also a stunningly beautiful woman.

16 Abby Huntsman

via 247 Sports

Abby Huntsman actually started to get a following because of her father, Jon Huntsman, back during his run in 2012. When she embarked on a life in journalism, many people loved seeing her on MSNBC's The Cycle program.

Yet, it's the Fox News appearances that really seemed to make people sit up and take notice.

15 Taryn Hatcher

via Instagram

In 2018, Taryn Hatcher made headlines for being hired as the newest member of the NBC Sports team. NBC Sports Philadelphia chose Hatcher to be the new host and reporter to cover all of their four major sports teams.

She was welcomed with open arms and just from looking at her, there are more than a few reasons that would first come to mind.

14 Lara Spencer

via IG

Lara Spencer is a journalist and television personality that has worn a number of different hats throughout her time in the field.

Although she is probably best known for her work as a co-anchor on Good Morning America, she has also been on the forefront of hard-hitting news for ABC News and Nightline.

13 Josina Anderson

via pdaspeakers.com

As one of the most prominent reporters on ESPN, Josina Anderson is definitely a woman that knows her sports. She is great at giving analysis but that doesn't mean that she doesn't know her way around an enticing look.

This trendy look is definitely something that grabbed the attention of viewers.

12 Niki Noto Palmer

via The Brofessional

According to The Brofessional, "Married to NFL tight end, Michael Palmer, Niki has worked with a number of sports media outlets in the southern U.S., as well as stints with Disney.com, PGA.com, and NCAA.com."

While she's known for being a great reporter, she's also known for being quite the looker.

11 Courtney Friel

via Youth Developers

There are some reporters that are just seen as incredibly beautiful but there are others that actually started out as models. Prior to getting a job as a news anchor, Courtney Friel had actually posed for some prominent modeling magazines.

Her spreads for FHM and Maxim were seen as huge hits and many people can't help but still think of her in that light.

10 Tamron Hall

via Lipstick Alley

There are some journalists that seem to have a slow rise once they embark on their journey but that wasn't the case for Tamron Hall. She started working as a news anchor and never looked back, with a number of high-profile positions.

The most noteworthy was hosting NewsNation with Tamron Hall.

9 Amara Walker

via CNN

Amara Walker first started out as a news anchor in California and then moved to Florida as an anchor and general assignment reporter.

While she's flipped around a few different times with different networks, many people know her best for her CNN Today position with her co-anchor, Michael Holmes, which showed off her winning personality and stellar look.

8 Kimberly Guilfoyle

via Phil’s Stock World

Kimberly Guilfoyle is an incredibly talented journalist that has made appearances on a number of different media outlets.

While some people know her for her regular appearances on Hannity, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren and The O'Reilly Factor, she's also made a huge mark on audiences with her appearances as an analyst for Fox News.

7 Robin Meade

via CelebMafia

There have been a number of former beauty pageant contestants that have gone on to become journalists but it seems like Robin Meade is one of the most noteworthy of them all.

She was once Miss Ohio and has even had a stint as a country music artist but is now mostly known for her role on HLN, hosting the Morning Express.

6 Veronica Cintron

via Tampa Bay Times

Despite the quirky snaps and posts, Veronica Cintron has posted online, she's actually quite accomplished as an award-winning news anchor.

She actually won an Emmy Award for the Sun Coast's Best Anchor and that's not the only accolade she's received since embarking on a life in the world of broadcast journalism.

5 Brooke Baldwin

via Instagram

Brooke Baldwin is known for being the anchor for CNN Newsroom during the weekdays and is often seen as an intelligent woman that isn't afraid to let her own thoughts be heard on her show.

Despite being incredibly accomplished in her field, many people can't help but comment on her amazing beauty as well.

4 Erin Burnett

via Vanity Fair

While Erin Burnett has quite a long list of accolades and positions in the world of broadcast journalism, not many people still remember her for her days on CNBC as a co-anchor.

Instead, it seems like she's made a home for herself on CNN on the hit show, Erin Burnett OutFront.

3 Kelly Crull

via IG

Kelly Crull is a television personality and a sports news reporter that has worked with a number of media outlets and major league teams.

While some people know her for her work with NBC Sports Chicago and Fox Sports, it's her work with the Chicago Cubs that really seem to be on the forefront of people's minds nowadays.

2 Pamela Brown

via CNN

While there have been a number of former beauty pageant contestants that have spoken out about wanting a life as a hard-hitting news reporter, they don't all get to make it in front of the cameras.

Pamela Brown is one that gives all the others hope since she was a former Miss America and now can be seen regularly as a CNN news anchor.

1 Jenna Lee

via al.com

Unlike other reporters that seem to flip from one news outlet to the next, Jenna Lee has been a huge favorite for Fox for many years.

She was a co-anchor on Fox Business Networks, Fox Business Morning, and appeared alongside Connell McShane. Yet, she also co-hosted the series, Happening Now with Jon Scott.

Sources: Philly Voice, The Brofessional

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