15 Photos Of Secret Roads Nobody Noticed

Across the face of this entire planet we live on, this extraordinarily special home we call Earth, there are hundreds of thousands of roads crisscrossing it. From small dirt tracks, all the way to high speed paved mega highways, these roads are used by humans on a daily basis to take their cars from one place to the next. This has led to our changing the very landscape, as well as affecting the ecosystems and animal life that the roads disrupt, sometimes with surprisingly negative impacts.

In any case, with so many roads out there for human use only, we end up losing track of a lot of them. They fall into disuse, abandonment, or just disappear in the vast amount of them, forgotten. Let's look at 15 photos of secret roads nobody noticed.

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15 Best Driving Road In America, A Secret (HW 33, Ojai, Cali)

via biltwellinc.com

Petrol heads the world over are always in search of the best driving road, the one that combines stunning views with a perfect track. There are dozens that fit the bill, but this is the best-kept secret in America: Highway 33 just outside of Ojai, California.

A perfect driving road and no one knows about it.

14 Black Corridors of Lower Robert Street, London

via flickr.com

This secret road lies in the center of London, where there are so many little roads and paths through the city that some of them are bound to be forgotten about, or at least never used.

A favorite for taxis, this route is virtually unknown and runs underneath the city as a shortcut.

13 Bunker Roads Under Corsham, England

via urbanexplorer.co.uk

The Cold War brought about a lot of paranoia and a lot of hidden bunkers deep beneath the Earth to save the elite in case of nuclear fallout.

There's a particularly elaborate one underneath of Corsham in England, where there's even roads for driving cars down. Talk about a secret road!

12 Cut Secrets Through Cities (Lower Robert, st London)

via flickr.com

Lower Robert Street in London, England, is a little unknown shortcut that cuts through the city in an underground path that no one really knows about.

It's clearly quite a small little path, it's understandable to see how it could be missed amongst thousands of other streets and routes.

11 Hidden Birmingham Royal Mail Tunnel

via birminghammail.co.uk

According to birminghammail.co.uk, "workers back in the 1960s were busy digging holes like there was no tomorrow in order to send pedestrians underground like voles."

This has led to quite a vast underground network left forgotten, including giant roundabouts and roads, including this Royal Mail tunnel.

10 Kansas City Streetcar Tunnel (8th street tunnel)

via kcur.org

There was a time when Kansas City, Missouri was focused entirely on changing the way people got around their city, according to kcur.org, and this led to the creation of an underground streetcar network.

No one really knows about it these days, and it's closed to the public.

9 Roadways Of The Underground City

via kittylandrover.co.uk

Underneath the city of Corsham in England lies a vast network of bunkers built as a hideout for the elite leaders in case of nuclear fallout back in the day.

This particular underground warren was complete with roads to connect them all together. Pretty secretive stuff.

8 Away Somewhere, Hidden In Scotland

via twitter.com

This road winds through the beautiful, nigh otherworldly landscape of Scotland, and while the coastal route is extraordinarily popular for road trips and, in fact, is world renown for its views, this road is not part of it, and perhaps one of the best kept secrets of Scotland.

The Twitter post didn't even mention the name of the road.

7 Back Roads Of Vermont, Near Moretown

via reddit.com

This photo was taken somewhere along the extensive and not very well known backroads of Vermont. According to the Redditors commenting on this photo, it's likely a virtually unknown route in the beautiful woods surrounding Moretown.

If you can find it, the peace and views are well worth it.

6 Barred Below Find Little Compton Street

via ramblingwombat.wordpress.com

London has been a city for an extremely long time, and over the hundreds of years that it's been in existence, there have been many things covered over by endless shift and growth common to a city.

It would seem hard to believe, but under these grates lies the old road known as Little Compton Street.

5 Below Lies McCormick Busway

via pinterest.com

Chicago is a big city, full of many, many people, traffic, congestion, and thousands of roads and streets and highways. Most of them are open to the public and well known and definitely well used.

The McCormick busway, though, is an unknown route underneath the other roads, mostly used for buses and officials.

4 Beneath London Lies Little Compton Street

via hidden-history.com

Little Compton Street at one point in the past was a very well used route, though now it's covered over by an office block and not really a trace of it remains, save this small relic underneath the city, where signage can be seen beneath a grate in a much larger intersection.

3 The Longest Unsigned Interstate (I 595, Maryland)

via commons.wikimedia.org

While it's clear that this road is by no means a secret route to drive, it's true designation as an interstate, as well as its name, is virtually a complete secret.

Never called it or signed as such, this is actually the I-595 in Maryland, and it's the longest unsigned interstate in America.

2 Unsigned Interstate 478

via newyork.cbslocal.com

In describing this photo, newyork.cbslocal.com says its "a flooded Brooklyn Battery park Tunnel October 30, 2012, as New Yorkers clean up the morning after Hurricane Sandy's landfall." Which, apart from the flooding, illustrates the secret of this road.

It is indeed an unsigned interstate, designated as I-478. Virtually no one knows of its true name.

1 Virtually Unknown Agnel Pass

via motorcycle-diaries.com

Agnel Pass, according to motorcycle-diaries.com, this is listed as one of Europes top ten best secret roads, and they say of the pass "the Agnel Pass spends a lot of its time covered in snow."

When it is uncovered, though, it provides a spectacular, breathtaking route as the third highest pass through the Alps.

Sources: Urban Explorer UK, Hidden History & CBS New York

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