20 Eerie Photos Of Secret Tunnels We Weren’t Supposed To See

Tunnels date way back before 2000 B.C. Still today, we are discovering tunnels that lay beneath the surface – unknown to most. Most recently, according to Reuters, a tunnel connecting countries went 22 storeys deep, talk about underground!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most chilling tunnels from around the world. Some were left totally abandoned while others were discovered by those who dared to take a peek. We even include some that are so impressive that they would later turn into a tourist attraction. Though clearly, most of these are far from attractions, most of us would stay far away from these tunnels.

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20 Connecting Countries

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This is definitely a tunnel we weren’t supposed to see. According to ENCA, the tunnel wasn’t quite finished yet. Of course, this tunnel broke all the rules as it attempted to connect Mexico to the United States.

It measured 122 meters long – thankfully, it was discovered prior to getting a lot lengthier.

19 Secret Yokohama Bunker

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Back in the days of WWII, Japan took precautions. One of them was building a bunker underneath the surface.

The Japan Times released photos of the bunker which looks like an eerie tunnel, one that was started way back in the 1940s. Although it provides safety, it is quite a chilling setting.

18 Tunnel Left Behind In Australia

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This tunnel was constructed way back in 1928 according to History Out There. Nowadays, access to the tunnel is prohibited and completely closed off. Like so many tunnels from the past, this one is now in a pure state of abandonment.

It looks chilling enough from the outside, though we can only imagine its condition on the inside after all these years.

17 Secret Manhattan Tunnel

via CNN

This New York tunnel caused quite the stir according to Crain’s New York. It is said that officials kept this tunnel a secret for years and were planning on a new project at the abandoned and secret tunnel location.

Who knows what will come of it, though we do know based on the photos that this is one large tunnel space.

16 Kyiv’s Underground World

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For those that love abandoned photos, Ukraine is definitely the place to be. There’s a reason photographers travel to the country, some of the visuals are so unique.

It has an abandoned tunnel that tourists and locals can actually visit and tour. The tunnel in Kyiv specifically is pretty darn huge and it resembles an entire underground world with lots of different spaces and areas.

15 Abandoned Railway Tunnel

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This eerie photo was recently uploaded to Reddit. This abandoned location can be found in the Forest Of Dean in the UK. The forgotten tunnel has been around for a while dating back 200 years.

The tunnel was a railway back in the day – today it is a location most would want to steer clear of.

14 More Connecting Tunnels

via CNN

This was another attempt at connecting the US and Mexico via an eerie looking tunnel underground. According to NBC News, those from Mexico were trying to enter the US.

Ultimately, 30 people were caught using the tunnel. It was a chilling visual, to say the least with earth and forestry all over the place. It took some serious courage to enter the tunnel in the first place.

13 Monsal Trail

via Twitter

BBC Natural History producer Paul Williams tweeted out this photo of the Monsal Trail;

“A hidden gem in the peaks - the old railway tunnel on the Monsal Trail.” This tunnel is definitely one of the better looking and well-constructed tunnels on the list. It is one most of us would even consider visiting.

12 Caversham’s Secret Tunnel

via Reddit

One explorer actually gathered the courage to enter this abandoned tunnel. According to Kiwi Adventures, the tunnel was built way back in the 1800s.

Today, it seems to be decaying pretty badly with green surrounding the walls of the tunnel. During WWII, the tunnel was converted into an air raid shelter.

11 Kandersteg Hidden Tunnel

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Although the walls seem to be decaying, the construction of this hidden tunnel itself really isn’t too bad.

Its origins remain a little bit sketchy, though according to a Flickr user, it was put to use during WWI, perhaps as a safe shelter or type of bunker. It is hidden away in Switzerland.

10 Hidden Tunnels In Valetta

via YouTube

This rare tunnel was actually open to the public in Malta. The tunnel served a big purpose back in the day.

It was used as a secret passage to buildings such as churches and prestigious palaces, according to the YouTube Channel Malta Tour Guide. The area was also used to store water.

9 Red Rocks Hidden Tunnel

via YouTube

The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a historic location in Denver, Colorado. However, what most didn’t know is that it also has a hidden backstage area that’s literally underground.

The Denver 7 got access to the area and it was filled with signatures by performers from the past - pretty darn cool if you ask us.

8 Hidden Tunnel In White Cliffs

via YouTube

This tunnel is actually quite small compared to some of the others. However, it deserves a mention for its unique shape and the fact that it is completely white.

This tunnel was discovered by a traveler in Dover, Kent, UK at the White Cliffs of Dover. Always fun to find something you were not expecting to see – like this YouTuber on the day.

7 Secret Tunnels & Rivers In Toronto

via Twitter

According to TVO, Toronto has several hidden areas underground such as rivers and creeks. Today, they are left totally abandoned and basically resemble underground tunnels. The website elaborates;

“The Greater Toronto Area has many creeks and rivers. Some, like the Credit, Humber, and Don rivers, are open-air, but others are buried or put into concrete channels, like much of Black Creek, Toronto’s smaller version of the Los Angeles River.”

6 Secret Tunnel In London

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This eerie location opened up in Euston station way back in the summer of 1837. It went through a lot of change during that time.

Ultimately, it was left behind and completely abandoned. Today, it is truly an eerie visual and one we can imagine in a horror movie type of flick.

5 Exeter’s Hidden Passage

via YouTube

It turned into a tourist attraction but according to Archaeology Travel, it was abandoned and completely forgotten about for years and years.

Its purpose was as a water supply area during medieval times. It would last a few hundred years according to the site until it was forgotten about.

4 Hill 60 Underground

via Twitter

Located in New South Wales, this underground tunnel is as eerie as they come. It is filled with dirt and rocks. The walls are completely covered in graffiti and basically molding away in decay.

This is another one of those tunnels we wouldn’t want to be caught in – not even during the day.

3 Under The Hotel

via Adelaide

This tunnel is located right underneath the Adelaide Hotel. According to TFE Hotels, it has quite the story dating back to the 1800s;

“The Treasury Tunnels, underneath the hotel, date back to 1839 and are without a doubt the city’s most inviting underground passageways. Originally built so government staff could move between key buildings around Victoria Square, the tunnels and connecting basements were also used to store everything from important state documents to printing materials during the mid-late 1800s and early 1900s.”

2 Underground In Liverpool

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This tunnel is actually huge and it is referred to as “Hidden Liverpool” by Liverpool Echo. The tunnel is so big that it even has a section with a forgotten car from the past – the area was a railways terminus tunnel back in its day.

The photos are truly surreal especially when you consider all the different areas in the tunnel.

1 Underground In Birmingham

via Pinterest

Like the tunnel in Liverpool, this underground area is so large with rooms all over the place. The eerie space is filled with twists and turns along with various pipes that fill up the underground.

Photos of the area make it look pretty darn prestigious and one of the rare tunnels we would actually visit.

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