17 Stunning Photos Of The Duck Dynasty Women

One of the most popular reality TV shows that many viewers fell in love with was Duck Dynasty. The program followed the lives of the Robertson family, who became successful from operating their family business, Duck Commander. The business makes products for duck hunters. The show was so popular that it broke several records on A&E when it drew well over 11 million viewers for the fourth season.

The Robertson men are known for their long beards and eccentric dress code, but the show also featured the ladies of the Robertson family. Since the Robertson ladies are beautiful and the men of the family are protective of them, we wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to hide the pictures we found of the Duck Dynasty women.

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17 Jessica

via E News

One of the women who have a lot of beauty and class in the Robertson family is Jessica. She is married to Jep and a mom of five children.

Although she has given birth that many times, it hasn't affected her figure at all. As she shows in the above picture, she is in tip-top shape and looks elegant in the chosen dress.

16 Missy

via Instagram

Missy became Jase's wife at the age of 19, according to Missy Robertson.com, and is the proud owner of a jewelry line.

She is the mother of three children and approaching 50 years of age but hasn't forgotten to look after her appearance. Besides ensuring she stays fit, Missy is also an author.

15 Kay

via Daily Mail

Otherwise known as Miss Kay, Marsha Kay Robertson is married to Phil. She looks great for somebody who is 71 years old, but she looked even more beautiful when she was younger.

We managed to find a photo of her as a teen, and we're not surprised why Phil decided to put a ring on such a beautiful woman.

14 Jessica

via Instagram

Which man wouldn't want a beautiful woman who is friendly and sophisticated? A quality that is so appealing about Jessica is that she is a beautiful woman who knows how to display her attractiveness in an elegant way.

What makes her more appealing is that she is has a smile on her face most of the time.

13 Sadie

via TV Insider

Although she is only 22 years old, Sadie Robertson garnered quite a following since she appeared on Duck Dynasty. She is the daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson and has five siblings.

She has made a big impression on viewers with her charm, beauty, and sophistication. She truly is a Robertson gem.

12 Rebecca

via Instagram

One of the most beautiful women from the Robertson family is Rebecca. She is married to John Reed Roflin and is the daughter of Korie and Willie Robertson.

One of the features that makes Rebecca so appealing is that she dresses in a manner that is elegant yet alluring. She is a naturally beautiful woman.

11 Korie

via IMDb

This is one of my favorite photos from all the ones gathered from the Robertson ladies. I wonder if Korie first saw the wallpaper, then decided to purchase a matching dress or if she stumbled upon the wallpaper after buying that dress.

Either way, it looks great on her. The color patterns on the dress are intriguing.

10 Sadie

via Instagram

It seems that one of the traits that the Robertson women share is that they know how to look attractive while wearing sophisticated clothing. Sadie got that combination spot on when she decided to wear the above outfit.

Although it shows her legs and has a low top, it also makes her look elegant.

9 Jessica

via Instagram

Regardless of your age or gender, keeping physically fit is of utmost importance. One of the people who understand that is Jessica.

She is approaching 40 years of age but shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to keeping her figure in the best shape possible. Good on her for wanting to stay healthy and fit.

8 Rebecca

via Instagram

The Robertsons love family time, and one of the ways they do that is by going to the beach. Since Rebecca is a proud mother of a little girl, she enjoys going to the sea to spend time with her and John.

Rebecca is only thirty years old and has her whole life ahead of her with her beautiful family.

7 Korie

via Aceshowbiz

Married to Willie Robertson, Korie is a mother of six. Wow. It seems like the women that the Robertson men marry have incredible genes.

If six children haven't been able to affect Korie's physique, then nothing will. Pictured above is Korie at the Kid's Choice Awards in 2014, wearing a sophisticated matching outfit.

6 Jessica

via Listal

Most women love to show off their curves, especially if they've worked hard to attain them. Considering that Jessica is pedantic about working out and keeping her body immaculate, she enjoys showing a bit of skin every now and again.

On this occasion, she chose to go for high heels and shorts with a skimpy top.

5 Korie

via Pinterest

On this occasion, Korie decided to show a bit of skin. She chose a dress that showed off her legs while making her look classy.

Don't tell Korie that she's 45 years old because she could tell you that she has the body of a woman in her 20s. Willie is a fortunate man to have such a beautiful woman as his wife.

4 Rebecca

via Instagram

I'm still deciding about who is more beautiful - Rebecca or Sadie. That's a difficult decision to make. Since I prefer women who have a tan, I might go for Rebecca...

Not that my opinion matters since both of them are taken. Rebecca's brown hair matches her brown color and makes her look exotic.

3 Sadie

via Instagram

When you look at this photo, it's easy to understand why Sadie has more than 3 million followers on one of her social media pages. It seems that some men just can't get enough of her.

Sadie knows how to be sexy while looking sophisticated at the same time by wearing conservative bikinis that reveal enough but not too much.

2 Rebecca

via US Weekly

It seems that all the best ones are taken. Most men feel that the most beautiful and alluring women are either married or in relationships.

Maybe they're right. John was quick to act when he started dating Rebecca since he saw that she was special and wanted to ensure that she ended up with him.

1 Sadie

via Instagram

What can you say about this photo except that Sadie looks stunning in it? The only bad thing about Sadie is that she is engaged. Sorry, guys.

You can't blame her boyfriend for putting a ring on her finger to ensure that nobody else stands a chance. He only did what most other men would've done in his position.

Sources - Pinterest & YouTube

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