17 Photos Of The Mathers Family Eminem Doesn’t Want Us To See

Controversy just always seems to follow Eminem. Putting his controversial music career aside, his family life might be filled with even more controversy. Heck, this is the same guy that got sued by his own mother for $10 million!

We’ll take a look at a slew of family pictures Eminem would rather keep on the down-low. We take a look at throwback family pictures along with photos of his lesser-known daughters, brothers, and sisters. We’ll also delve into controversial photos featuring his ex-wife Kim along with steamy photos of his beautiful daughter Hailie. There’s no shortage of those pics in this article – we hope Eminem doesn’t follow her via social media!

Enjoy the article folks and be sure to share it with a friend, let’s get started.

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17 Hailie In Workout Gear

via IG

Without a doubt, Hailie has to be the second most popular right behind dad in the Mathers family. She’s amassed quite the following via social media as an influencer with more than 1.6 million supporters.

Pics like the one above are a big reason as to why she is absolutely stunning.

16 The Other Daughter - Alaina Marie Mathers

via Pinterest

Alaina is Eminem’s adopted daughter. According to E Online, Eminem and his ex adopted Alaina from Kim’s sister when she was no longer able to take care of her daughter back in the early 2000s.

Given Alaina’s past circumstances surrounded by a difficult environment, the change was a positive one for the current 26-year-old. However, she chooses to live her life on the DL and we rarely hear Eminem talk about her.

15 Kim’s Mugshot

via Pinterest

Eminem’s ex has a troubled past, to say the least. Not only did she attempt to take her own life on multiple occasions but she also had numerous troubles with the law.

She was caught in a situation of assault along with reoccurring possession charges. Kim would also violate her parole, only adding to her troubled ways.

14 Mom & Son Throwback

via Pinterest

These two have a troubled relationship, to say the least. Deborah Nelson Mathers would even sue her own son after the release of his song “My Name Is.” She would make the claim that the rap star tried to bank off their troubled relationship.

The throwback photo gives us a glimpse of when times were good between the two back in the day.

13 Eminem’s Brother

via Twitter

Here we have Nathan Kane Samara who actually recently changed his name permanently to Nathan Mathers, according to The Blast.

Now we don’t hear Eminem speak too much about the relationship with his brother – though it should be noted that these two are very close and in fact, Nathan is an aspiring rapper, looking up at his brother’s career.

12 Recent Hailie Post

via IG

She’s very active on social media and perhaps it might be a way for Eminem to keep tabs on his daughter.

Jade really isn’t short on the steamy photos – this recent one posted just days ago is yet another example and perhaps a photo her dad would rather we didn’t see.

11 Sister Sarah

via Pinterest

Surprisingly, according to Height Line, Eminem’s sister would only find out about the connection to her brother in 2005. She is Eminem’s half-sister coming from the father’s family bloodline.

She maintains a down-low presence online, unlike some of the other Mathers family members. We must admit, she does look pretty darn great, sorry Eminem!

10 Kim Throwback

via Pinterest

Despite the troubled time between the two, let’s not forget, things were more than okay at one point. The two fell in love at a younger age becoming high school sweethearts.

They would also try their very best to make things work, even retrying things out after their first separation.

9 The Wedding Photo With Mom

via Pinterest

A throwback photo from the late ‘90s. Hard to believe that these two started to date in the late ‘80s and would tie the knot a decade later.

Eminem has some questionable wedding attire in the photo above but hey, he’s allowed to do what he wants. They would remarry in 2006, though once again things just failed to click.

8 The Daughters Together

via Pinterest

Here we have Eminem’s two daughters together in a selfie photo. Without a doubt, this picture might tug on his heartstrings just a little more.

We also have Whitney in the photo, Eminem’s youngest daughter and another family member that has stayed out of the spotlight despite her father’s obvious fame and fortune.

7 IG Icon

via IG

We’re quite sure Eminem admires his daughter’s hustle via social media platforms like IG. She created a juggernaut and quite the following with millions of followers.

He likely wishes that some pictures got kept on the DL, like the smoking photo above featuring his daughter in the beautiful scenery, though her pose might be a little too much to handle.

6 Bruce With The Family

via Pinterest

A rare photo featuring Eminem’s estranged dad. Sadly, according to People, Bruce passed away just months ago suffering from a cardiac arrest in his own home. According to TMZ, he passed away at the age of 66.

The two had a troubling relationship and it is obvious Eminem had some resentment towards his father for abandoning him at a younger age.

5 Hailie & Whitney Candid

via Daily Mail

Ah yes, the candid photos. Fans love to see a real shot of the favorite celebs while high profile stars feel differently as it typically breaches their privacy.

Eminem probably feels the second sentiment as the paparazzi snap photos of his two daughters while shopping and enjoying their everyday lives.

4 Court Battles

via Pinterest

This photo depicts dark moments in Kimberly Scott’s life. She had repeated court battles at this point not only for her serious possession charges but also custody battle with Eminem on who gets the children.

Given her tough surroundings at that point, Eminem was given the rights to the children.

3 Deborah Candid

via Pinterest

A candid throwback of Eminem’s mother, the same woman that would later sue her own son for $10 million due to the slandering of her name in one of his songs, yikes! Ultimately, she received less than $2,000 for the allegations.

It is believed that the two repaired their controversial relationship behind closed doors which is a big-time plus.

2 The Good Times

via Pinterest

A rare throwback featuring a picture of Eminem and his ex-wife when times were good – it appears as though things started to go south in a hurry following their wedding and during their marriage.

Prior to that, the two had an on and off relationship. We truly believe Eminem would rather keep such pics in the past for good.

1 Throwback With Hailie

via Pinterest

We end the article off with a rare throwback featuring Eminem and his daughter Hailie. The two don’t have much of a relationship today, so much so that Hailie doesn’t even use the popular Mathers last name in any of her social media accounts.

This emotional picture reminds us and Eminem of a time when things were good between the two.

Sources – People, TMZ, Height Line, The Blast & IG

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