20 Photos Of The Cringiest Walmart Parking Fails Ever

Wal-Mart is quite infamous for the kinds of people that it attracts quite dependably into its stores across the great nation of America. There are quite a few wild and whacky characters that end up being spotted in the aisles of this superstore. There have been many videos uploaded, and forums created specifically for the people of Wal-Mart. And the later the store is open, the crazier the people get. There really isn't any way to prepare for it. Indeed, it's wise to expect the unexpected at Wal-Mart.

But it doesn't just stop with the customers of this US super-corporation, it translates quite well, strangely well, into the parking lots. Indeed, these zany characters don't just look the part, they drive the part, and there really is no telling what kind of crazy car you find in the parking lot, whether it's unbelievably old, or some kind of insane mod, or just parked in the most absurd of ways possible. It could be a massive hot pink Hummer with 32-inch spinners, or a junked out van complete with two spoilers and stance.

Wal-Mart is home to some of the most unskilled parkers of all time, and there are some seriously bad park jobs that have been documented and posted online. Whether it might be parking in the middle of the street, in the bushes, across as many lines as possible, or anything else, let's take a look at 20 photos of the worst Wal-Mart parking jobs ever.

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20 All Over The Place

via reddit.com

There are all kinds of suspect things going on with this van, apart from the fact that the van itself is quite suspect. It's kind of hard to understand just what the structure of plywood is on top of the van, or what purpose it serves.

It's also unclear as to why it is decorated with a very few sparse metal pieces, a side panel, and a broken sundial design or something other. Oh, and to top it all off it has been parked quite badly, crooked, almost over the line on the driver's side, as well as way behind the line at the back.

19 But I Was Just In A Huge Rush...

via twitter.com

There's really no excusing this kind of a park job, this is so much of a parking fail that it shouldn't really even be considered parking at all. It's nowhere near within the lines, so much so in fact that it's not even in a parking space at all, and not even close to one.

Most people would know that it is not a parking spot, but not this person, who likely believes that the entire world revolves around them. Maybe they were in a huge rush, or maybe that's just their excuse. Alas, it's no excuse at all.

18 Crooked, Just A Little

via twitter.com

When it comes to parking badly in a parking spot, it's usually off in some way. In the case of this mid-2000s Dodge Grand Caravan, it's a bit more than a little off. It is majorly so.

And that's not even taking into account that the entire car is not in fact in a parking spot at all, but rather in the access area for handicap vans, clearly off limits to parking. Yet here they are, outside the Home and Pharmacy, as if the world catered just to them.

17 Do The Lines Mean Anything At All?

via twitter.com

It's a very good question to ask, one that I'm sure everyone in the parking lot would like to ask this person, and that everyone who sees this photo wishes they could ask. Do the lines mean anything at all?

Apparently not, at least not to this person, who is parking between two handicap spaces, without a handicap license plate. Which is the least of the issues with the parking problem, as this person didn't even bother parking in a real space, handicap or not.

16 Ever Look At The Lines?

via twitter.com

We've got a set of cars parked pretty badly here. In fact, as this lineup clearly illustrates, it seems like the world's worst parkers who are currently in existence all shop at Wal-Mart.

The one on the right, who is clearly almost halfway over the line, at least isn't taking up a real space by doing so. But, apparently to the Lexus owner, they were, because wherever they see fit is a parking spot. So even the crossed out yellow lines are a place to park.

15 Failing In Pairs

via twitter.com

Two cars, two spots, and two people who don't know how to properly utilize any of them. It's pretty funny, all things considered. Perhaps it was one that led to the next, maybe the black Jeep parked bad which led the Buick to park crooked, too.

But, either way, the Buick is parked very crookedly, more than necessary, and apparently, parking fails come in pairs, at least in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Actually, now that I think about it, much more than in pairs.

14 Good Going, Malibu

via YouTube

When a blue Chevy Malibu goes to Wal-Mart, and when that blue Chevy Malibu then parks in a space, they then fail at it aggressively, which leads a silver Chevy Silverado to no choice but to try and park next to them.

And they get as close as physically possible, to make a point. Of course, this only works for the driver's side, and this is the passenger side, which really only disservices the truck. Alas, the parking lot of Wal-Mart is rife with fails.

13 He Wanted Front Row

via twitter.com

There's something about Wal-Mart customers, it seems like they have a self-centric, me-first mentality that leads them to make such absurd decisions as this Dodge Dakota provides the perfect example of.

It's a bit confusing as to why someone would be so bent on making sure they get front row at the store. It's not like an extra few yards is going to kill you. In fact, it'll do just the opposite. And if they are injured or incapable, there's an open spot mere feet away. But it's just not close enough.

12 In The Footpath Even

via twitter.com

To me, the scariest part about this photo isn't the parking job (which we'll get into), but rather the fact that this person is an Uber driver. Yes, this person drives cars professionally and takes people's lives into their hands for a living.

And this is how they park? About as far from an actual space as possible, deep in the crossed lines, and not only that but also in the footpath? Let's just say I'd never get into a car with this Uber driver.

11 Just For Small Cars Only

via wpgparkingfail.com

Seems like maybe someone doesn't want their Jeep Cherokee touched or damaged by any other cars or drivers. Which is ironic, considering it is one of the most durable off-road vehicles ever made.

But, they've gone through considerable lengths to park here. As to why is a true mystery, whether it was on purpose or just because of an honest fail, but they've backed up into two spots they're so crooked, and they parked in a "Small Cars Only" section.

10 Kidding, Right?

via twitter.com

You've got to be kidding, right? Not only did this person think that this was a parking spot, but they also are driving one of the biggest vehicles possible, a massive cargo van. Talk about a fail, talk about being oblivious.

In any case, it's just inconsiderate, considering that either of the people on the left and right of the van could need that access space to get either themselves or their passengers into the car. But, who cares about anyone else when the world revolves around yourself?

9 Like Anyone Has To Walk There...

via twitter.com

Again we've got a one two strike and fail with this park job. Wal-Mart customers just can't seem to do anything within reason. They don't care about the simple crooked park job, but instead want to park all kinds of wrong, and not even be in a parking space at all.

Like this truck, which has managed to completely block the walkway, preventing anyone from walking through it as they should, and doing so without even attempting to park in a real parking space at all.

8 Makes No Sense

via twitter.com

This Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market has another parking fail in all its glory up front and center. This involved citizen has decided that of all the legislature they've voted for, parking on sidewalks is one they think they don't need to follow.

Which, in all honesty, doesn't make any sense. This wide open sidewalk area may be a bit bigger than necessary, but that doesn't just mean anybody can go parking on it willy nilly. Hopefully, their reversing to correct their mistake, and not just because they're done shopping.

7 Not A Space, Dude

via twitter.com

Many people like to call out privilege for all the negative things that it inspires, the unintended consequences of being able to have everything that you could possibly want. But, at least, in this case, it seems like having a very expensive BMW has done just that.

Maybe they are just too preoccupied to care, busy on phone calls or what have you. Maybe they really don't want anyone dinging up their fancy Beamer. In any case, they've made one huge fail, and not even parked in a proper space.

6 Of Course That's All Bread, What Else Would It Be?

via reddit.com

While the Hyundai Tiburon in two-tone (so classy) is obstructing a clear view of the actual subject matter, the truck in the background, it's still clear that they failed at parking. Big time, as they are clearly quite crooked and over the middle line.

But what's that in the bed of the truck? you ask. Well, it is all bread, of course. What else would it be? Duh. As confusing as it seems, the rational explanation is, according to the Redditors underneath this post, that this man is using all the old stale bread as feed.

5 Piled Over The Windows

via reddit.com

While it is technically up for debate as to whether or not this person is parked poorly, the likelihood is that they are, judging by the direction that all of the other cars are facing, parked quite illegally, and even if they aren't, they can't even see out of their passenger window to know if they're within the lines or not.

Which makes this one big Wal-Mart parking lot fail, in every sense of the word. The trash is piled over the windows, used up cups and trash, garbage bags and bottles. Talk about a serious failure. How hard is it to clean your car?

4 Questionable Parking Decisions, Amongst Many Others

via pinterest.com

The way that this Mustang parked is, honestly, the least of the issues wrong here in this photo. While many look forward to seeing the kinds of zany characters that end up strolling through the hallways and aisles of Wal-Mart, apparently there's often quite the spectacle outside.

This Mustang has been decked out with a propeller of all things, along with a giant Uncle Sam statue, and a horn, and an Eagle, and a thumbs up, and a horrible paint job. That and they've parked really crooked.

3 Really Crooked, Not Really Compact

via imgur.com

Someone didn't give a lonely single hoot about, well, anything. Except for themselves, of course. The most mysterious part to me is that they aren't really all that close to the entrance, so what's the point in parking this bad?

There obviously is never an excuse. They are really, really crooked, not even close to straight. And they are not really compact, in fact, quite the opposite as a full sized SUV. The mysteries of Walmart drivers are without end.

2 So Much Space

via thechive.com

There were so many options for this Jeep Cherokee, so many options and so much space. They could have parked in so many different orientations, so many varying ways. Of all the sensible and remarkably easy ways that they could have chosen, they did this.

Why did they do this? The mystery still stands, but part of it may have to do with door dings or just a sincere amount of not caring at all. In any case, they've parked so bad it can be considered nothing but a fail.

1 Sort Of Way Off

via pinterest.com

This person looks like they were in some kind of serious rush, flying into the parking lot at a high rate of speed, and shooting into their parking spot as fast as possible. Well, it's hard to say that they are in a parking spot, because they really just aren't. At all. Not even a little bit.

Flying in from the main path, it seems like they've just pulled in and parked. It's surprising they remembered to close the door and take the key, for the rush it looks like they were in. The thing is, parking straight really doesn't take any time at all.

Sources: Reddit, Twitter & The Chive

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