18 Photos Of UFC Weigh-Ins That’ll Make Joe Rogan Lose Sleep

Over the years, UFC has done a phenomenal job in hyping the weigh-ins prior to a fight. It adds another layer of intrigue to a fight, just ask the likes of Conor McGregor who had sold out crowds just watching him step on a scale and add a little bit of trash talk after that.

Joe Rogan is almost always present for the marquee weigh-ins. Let’s just say that the veteran has seen a lot of stuff in his time. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the edgier weigh-ins, some that might’ve made it impossible for Rogan to look away from. We’ll include the likes of Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Holly Holm and so many others, including the UFC ring girls.

Enjoy the article folks!

18 VanZant & Herrig

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The staredown looked as though it featured two bikini models in truth. Even Dana White had a bit of a smile on his face – given their attires of choice, we believe White might’ve lost a bit of sleep on the night...

The women turned it up inside the octagon going the distance in their 2015 bout. At the end of it, Paige saw her hand raised the highest, victorious.

17 Weigh-In Legend

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She makes a lot of noise heading into a fight, especially during the weigh-ins. We can make the argument that Ostovich has more of a reputation for her great weigh-in outfits than the actual bouts themselves.

She doesn’t have the best record at the moment, with four wins and five defeats. But hey, at least she’s entertaining pre-fight.

16 Yoga Pants Special

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We can see the blood rushing to Dana’s head with these two beauties just staring one another down. Once again, the photo features the legend of the weigh-ins, Rachael Ostovich.

Both these women made noise for their stunning outfits of choice – never a bad idea to rock them yoga pants at a press conference.

15 Making Weight

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We feel for Paige VanZant in the photo above. She’s trying to make weight and in order to do so, she’s basically forced into completely stripping down to nothing – but hey, at least she has the curtain looking structure preventing the fans from seeing the goods.

Seriously, why wouldn’t they just do this backstage behind closed doors?

14 Nadia Kassem Got Back

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Kassem is another legend at the weigh-in. On this day, she stole all the headlines for her outfit of choice.

Now sure, the glasses might have got Rogan’s blood boiling but in truth, it was the bottoms that stole all the headlines. While in conversation with White, a photo was snapped of Nadia’s revealing bottoms that were a little revealing.

13 Rousey In Brazil

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She was in hostile territory over in Brazil but we can definitely say that she brought her A-game both at the pre-match staredown along with the actual bout itself.

Rousey would win the encounter with complete ease, despite the fact that the match was basically a road bout for the former UFC star.

12 The Karate Hottie

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Few do it better than the Karate Hottie, Michelle Waterson. She’s a legend in the sport and that starts with her epic weigh-ins prior to a fight.

She’s always having a good time on the stage in front of the fans and it’s an added bonus when you look that good in revealing clothing.

11 Rogan Looking Away

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Okay, so for this one, Joe Rogan definitely lost sleep. Rogan tries his absolute best look elsewhere while the stunning UFC legend Miesha Tate disrobes.

Credit Rogan for taking the classy route but man oh man it must’ve been quite the challenge to keep looking away.

10 Ring Girls Stealing The Show

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This happens during a lot of the UFC weigh-ins. The guys are taking to the stage trying to cut a promo and add intrigue to the fight – the only problem, four beautiful ring girls are just standing in the background.

We assume at least half of the viewers shifted their attention elsewhere at this point – likely Dana White included.

9 Bark But No Bite

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On route to her match with Ronda Rousey, Correia did all the right things. She wore a shiny ensemble at the weigh-in and she didn’t hesitate to get in Rousey’s face either.

The bout took place in her home of Brazil, though it ultimately ended in unfortunate circumstances, Rousey dropped Bethe in just 34 seconds...

8 Holm & Tate

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It was the co-main event on the night. Ultimately, the legend Miesha Tate shocked the world picking up a submission victory late in the bout during the final round.

The ladies took part in a tame press conference weigh-in. All the chatter related to how stunning they looked in their Rebook gear – these ladies are conditioned to the bone.

7 Jeans & Ripped Abs

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The legend always had everyone’s attention during her UFC days. Nobody got match ready like Rousey, she was intense yet beautiful and stunning at the same time.

This is an example as she gives the crowd a warm smile just when she’s about to weigh-in. It was the complete opposite once she entered the octagon – with her stone-cold demeanor.

6 Rogan At The Weigh-In

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We feature yet another Joe Rogan photo from the weigh-ins. This time around, he’s in discussion with one of the UFC’s ring girls.

It seems to be a playful conversation and at least this time around, he seems a lot more comfortable than the previous photo with Tate weighing in and disrobing in front of him.

5 Waterson & VanZant

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These two decided to have a little fun at the weigh-ins, pulling off some dance moves. Surely, Dana White couldn’t look away, it was a different kind of weigh-in on the lighter side.

It benefited Waterson, clearly, as the veteran took home the victory in the first round via submission.

4 Paige & Kallin

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This might’ve been the most revealing weigh-in of all-time as the two combatants looked like bikini competitors taking the stage in the skimpiest attire.

VanZant ultimately took home the victory, defeating Curran in the third-round via knockout. It earned knockout of the week – though we can argue that the knockout moment took place before the fight...

3 Rousey In Pink

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Here we have Ronda Rousey looking pretty in pink while Joe Rogan once again looks on creepily in the background.

This time around, his eyes aren’t forcefully looking elsewhere, he’s locked into Rousey and seriously we can’t even blame the guy – she’s looking pretty darn lean in the photo.

2 Model-Like

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We can argue that Rachael Ostovich looks like a model, showcasing the sleek Reebok gear. We can also make another argument that she can also pass as a UFC ring girl as well.

Despite her lackluster record, fans want to see more of the beauty in the octagon, especially pre-fight.

1 Ring Girls Elite

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For the big fights, like let’s say Diaz and McGregor, UFC brings out the best of the best when it comes to its staff and that includes the top tier ring girls.

We hope Joe Rogan didn’t have a difficult time keeping focus throughout the weigh-ins, especially with such beauties present.

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