16 Photos Of UFC Women That Weren’t Afraid To Flaunt It Out Of The Octagon

In the octagon, these women are all business. The last thing they’re thinking about is flaunting it... okay, that’s not entirely true. During her final stages with the UFC, Ronda Rousey typically wore her best outfits on route to a fight – though she’s a rare bread compared to most.

In this article, we’ll take a sneaky look at UFC women that aren’t afraid to flaunt it outside of the octagon. We delve into photos featuring Dana’s female fighters via steamy photoshoots, while rocking bikini gear or just those normal candid photos featuring the females in some top tier outfits as they proudly strut their stuff.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, let’s get the list started!

16 The Beautiful Michelle Waterson

She hit her prime back in 2013, ranking number one in her division. Not only is she a top tier fighter but 33-year-old is also considered the best looking UFC fighter off all-time by several fans and UFC pundits.

She definitely fits the bill, “The Karate Hottie” looks absolutely stunning in the picture above.

15 VanZant Candid

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We couldn’t make a list of UFC women that love the flaunt it without including the beautiful Paige VanZant. In fact, she makes more than a couple of appearances on this list.

Paige’s always flaunting it out of the octagon whether it be in a professional photoshoot or via her IG account which is followed by millions of fans.

14 Rousey & The Short Dress

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Rousey, like VanZant, isn’t afraid to flaunt it and she’s another UFC star we featured several times throughout this article.

Rousey is a true beauty out of the octagon, though on this day she might’ve regretted her outfit choice as she suffered from a minor malfunction out in LA when the wind blew her dress up.

13 Holm Making Them Gains

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Holm is a lot tamer in comparison to some of the others on the list – especially when it comes to going out in public.

However, when she hits the gym, Holly Holm isn’t afraid to flaunt her gains, like in the smoking photo above. She has every right to with such determination towards her conditioning.

12 All Red Randa Markos

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She doesn’t have the greatest record on this list compared to some of the other females at nine wins and seven losses. She also recently came off a tough defeat to Claudia Gadelha at UFC 239.

Nonetheless, fans are infatuated by her look and it isn’t hard to see why in the steamy photo above. Markos isn’t afraid to flaunt it whether it be with a revealing bikini top or stunning dress.

11 Joanna Jedrzejczyk In A Bikini

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A rare picture of Joanna Jedrzejczyk enjoying the outdoors. She isn’t one for fancy dresses compared some of her peers like Ronda Rousey.

However, when it is time to enjoy the outdoors, Joanna Jedrzejczyk typically flaunts her well-conditioned physique out on the beach with images similar to the one above.

10 VanZant Ab Check

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When it’s time for a fight, VanZant usually drops a significant amount of weight while looking her absolute leanest on route to a fight. We’ve seen lots of evidence, especially during her memorable weigh-in encounters.

In the photo above, VanZant isn’t shy to show off her gains – showcasing her shredded abs to all her followers.

9 Cyborg Reveals It

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Future WWE star? Who knows, with pictures like the one above, she looks suitable for WWE’s Attitude Era, flaunting her bikini body like the WWE Divas of the ‘90s.

The rare photoshoot above shows Cyborg flaunting her stuff in various bikini outfits. Definitely photos we are not accustomed to given her demeanor in and out of the octagon.

8 Rousey’s Fancy Dress

Towards the end of her UFC title run, it became rather evident that Rousey wasn’t afraid to flaunt it whether it was at UFC press conferences pre-fight or on a guest appearance via talk shows.

The same held true following her post-UFC career, Rousey cleans up more than well out of the octagon and she isn’t afraid to show us.

7 The Alpha Zingano

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Nicknamed “The Alpha,” we can all agree to this moniker given her prowess inside the octagon along with her stunning looks out of the cage.

With a record of ten and four, we still want to see more of the beauty, though unfortunately she was recently released by the UFC.

6 The Legend Gina Carano

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In all likelihood, Gina Carano was the first UFC star you crushed on. She’s a trailblazer in the sport and someone who would add to her fame with a career in the entertainment business appearing in several films as well.

Of course, she did flaunt it from time to time, the picture above is a perfect example and an outfit that has us drooling just a bit.

5 Cookie Monster Carla Esparza

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Perhaps one of the best nicknames in all of the UFC, “The Cookie Monster,” Carla Esparza doesn’t shy away from showing off her gains, especially those glute gains.

Take a quick scroll among her candid photos and it’ll become rather evident that she doesn’t mind flaunting it, similar to the pic above.

4 Miesha Tate & The Bikini

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We could’ve worked an article along on times Miesha Tate wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. Such an article would include steamy beach photos, professional photoshoots and a slew of candid pics showing Tate in stunning dresses and outfits.

The UFC legend isn’t afraid to flaunt her stuff out of the octagon.

3 Eye’s Progress Pic

Jessica Eye isn’t as revealing compared to some of the others and in fact, this is a rare picture showing Eye flaunting her physique just prior to a fight.

She also reveals more than normal on route to a fight, like at the weigh-in for example. She seems more than comfortable in the beach gear – given her hard work and conditioning, we don’t blame her.

2 Candid Rousey In WWE

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Turns out, Rousey isn’t afraid to flaunt in the wrestling ring either. During her Monday Night RAW promo appearances, Rousey dropped a lot of jaws with her attire, usually rocking a stunning pair of leggings like the pair on the photo above.

She also rocks a revealing pair of short shorts when battling in the ring.

1 VanZant And SI

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A photoshoot to remember, Paige recently worked a steamy pictorial session alongside SI. She was more than comfortable during the shoot, taking some of the more revealing photos we’ve seen from a UFC fighter.

Who knows what the future holds for Paige whether it be ongoing octagon battles or possibly a WWE career – one thing we hope for is more photoshoots like the one above.

Sources – Sherdog & IG

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