20 Photos Of Voice Actresses Gamers Never Get To See

You might have heard their voices, and they may have provided their talent for some of your favorite video games, but did you ever think about who the actress was that was behind the voice?

Since voice acting is already considered an underappreciated profession, video game voice acting is all but given no respect even as the advances in technology continue to battle the lines between virtual and reality. Just because you do not see the person behind the voice does not mean the emotion is not there. Some people could even argue that voice acting is tougher because of the lack of visual cues and social interaction between characters.

That said, there are some very talented, and extremely hot voice actresses, out there today that we never get to truly see. Some of them might even be superstars that you never thought about working in this industry.

We went out and found some of these ladies hottest photos that you have not been able to see.

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20 Chloe Grace Moretz (Emily Kaldwin - Dishonored)

via celebmafia.com

At just 22 years old, Chloe Grace Moretz has become one of Hollywood's biggest young stars of today. After breaking out in 2010 by starring in the underrated epic comic book movie, Kick-Ass, she has taken on so many roles, we cannot name them all.

After appearing as Hit-Girl in both of the Kick-Ass games, she also took on the role of Emily Kaldwin in 2012's Dishonored.

19 Tara Strong (Multiple Games)

via wikipedia

When it comes to voice acting, Tara Strong is the Meryl Streep of the industry. There aren't many voice acting roles she has not performed in a video game.

She was Rikku (Final Fantasy), Rachel (Ninja Gaiden), Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions), X-23 (Marvel vs. Capcom), Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw), and Jessica Jones (Lego Marvel Avengers). But her iconic role will forever be as Harley Quinn in multiple DC and Batman games.

18 Lacey Chabert (Multiple Games)

via kopacharmer.com

Lacey Chabert is one of those people that you never realized was also a pretty big star in the voice acting industry because of her work on multiple video games. It all began in 2001 when she was Eliza Thornberry in a couple of games.

Since then, she took on roles in Star Wars: The Old Republic as Mako and Injustice: Gods Among Us as Zatana Zatara.

17 Alyson Stoner (Kairi - Kingdom Hearts)

via clichemag.com

The role of Kairi in Kingdom Hearts has been around since the original version of the game was released. Her value to the series is so important that three different people have voiced Kairi.

Alyson Stoner is one of the only non-celebrity actors to take on the role, competing against two other ladies, one of which, has made the list too.

16 Laura Bailey (Multiple Games)

via thesoundarchitect.com

Laura Bailey is as country as it gets in voice acting. She was born in Biloxi, Mississippi and has grown into such a star in the industry that she now lives in Los Angeles, where she can take on more roles at the same time.

But she does not just take anything, she gets starring roles like Catwoman in Batman: The Telltale Series or Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man. She has even done work as Black Widow for Marvel cartoons and video games.

15 Hayden Panettiere (Kairi - Kingdom Hearts)

via fanpop

We mentioned a few slides ago that we had multiple voice actresses who have worked on Kairi in Kingdom Hearts and Hayden Panettiere is the original actress to take on the role.

She was just 14 at the time and her only big role as a voice actress was as Dot in Disney's A Bug's Life. Her stardom did not explode until shortly after she did the work in Kingdom Hearts.

14 Candace Bailey (Fauna Juju - Tak)

via listal.com

If you want to become a female celebrity, a good place to start is to work in the gaming industry. All it takes is one role to take your career to a whole new level. Just ask our next beautiful voice actress.

Candace Bailey did a little bit of voice acting work in the Tak series before becoming the host of the hit show, Attack of the Show!

13 Kristen Bell (Lucy Stillman - Assassin's Creed)

via time magazine

There are only a few actresses in Hollywood that could do literally anything they wanted to do and still be loved. Kristen Bell is one of those because she is so likable that you cannot hate her if you tried.

That said, were you aware she also did work on the Assassin's Creed gaming series as Lucy Stillman?

12 Emma Stone (Amanda Cartwright - Sleeping Dogs)

via awardsdaily.com

Long before the Academy Awards and the superstardom, Emma Stone took on a role as Amanda Cartwright in Sleeping Dogs in 2012. Little did anyone know, she would go on to win an Oscar and be nominated for two more.

This is the only time that Emma has ever appeared in a video game and probably will be the last so enjoy it if you have not done so already.

11 Stana Katic (Talia Al Ghul - Batman: Arkham City)

via dvdbash.com

Much like Emma Stone, Stana Katic took on only one role as a voice actor when she appeared as Talia al Ghul in Batman: Arkham City in 2011.

A fun fact about Stana is that she can speak Serbo-Croation, Italian, French, Slovenian, and English. Talk about being fluent in many languages, right?

10 Camilla Luddington (Lara Croft - Tomb Raider)

via reddit.com

Since we are talking about video games, we are going to assume you have a pretty good understanding about how important Lara Croft is to the industry. She is a legend and one of the most popular female video game characters ever.

So when Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington was hired to voice Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, her popularity exploded after reaching an entirely new audience.

9 Eliza Dushku (Megan McQueen - Fight Night Champions)

via rolling stone

After becoming one of the most popular celebrities, according to fanboys, in the past 20 years, Eliza Dushku decided to use that celebrity status to get jobs in the voice acting industry, specifically in video games.

Besides her role in Fight Night Champions, she was also a part of Yakuza, Saints Row 2, and Wet.

8 Tricia Helfer (Multiple Games)

via nichemagazine.com

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath featured a character named Kilian Qatar, who was voiced by the always lovely Tricia Helfer. That role would turn into a second stream of revenue for her as she would continue to do voice acting work until about 2015.

She joined the cast of Mass Effect, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Halo 3: ODST, and StarCraft.

7 Yvonne Strahovski (Miranda Lawson - Mass Effect)

via moja holdings

Back in 2011, it was reported that Mass Effect sales had reached seven million copies. It was released in 2007. Over those four years, the fan base grew, and continued to grow every year.

So it was only natural for them to bring in someone has gorgeous as Yvonne Strahovski to take on the role of Miranda Lawson, which she continued to do for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

6 Adrienne Wilkinson (Multiple Games)

via twitter.com

Remember when Xena: Warrior Princess was the greatest show no one admitted to watching? If you do then you will remember Adrienne Wilkinson's role as Livia, Xena's daughter. Her acting career never turned her into a superstar but she did continue to get acting gigs.

Then she landed a role as a voice actresses in Kill.switch and her entire career changed overnight. She has since done multiple video games and even won a few awards in the process.

5 Marisha Ray (Multiple Games)

via pinterest.com

The list of hot voice actresses in video games that are regulars in the business is fairly short but Marisha Ray is one of them. It started with her role as Laura Arseid in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and continues today.

She most recently took on the role of Cheshire in Lego DC Super-Villains.

4 Claudia Black (Multiple Games)

via goceleb.com

One of the most popular voice actresses in the world is Claudia Black. Just ask any fanboy at the next Comic Con if they know about her if you need proof.

The Australian hottie has been doing this since 2002 and has taken on voice acting gigs in Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Gears of War, Diablo III, and Call of Duty. She was even Queen Marwen in the epic Lord of the Rings video game called Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

3 Amber Lee Connors (Multiple Games)

via wikipedia.com

If you can get work as a voice actress for anime, you can make a career out of it. Amber Lee Connors, however, got her big break in video game voice acting where she took on multiple roles in the 2010 hit Heroes of Newerth.

Because you probably never heard of that, how about Marvel Avengers Academy? She voiced Medusa.

2 Emily Rose (Elena - Uncharted)

via wallpapersdsc.com

Emily Rose is one of those actresses that everyone recognizes but only a few hardcore fans know her name. But she has been around for a long time now and was Cass on John From Cincinnati, Lena on Brothers & Sisters, and Dr. Tracy Martin on ER.

When she is not acting, she is working as Elena Fisher in the Uncharted video game series, which she has been doing since 2007 and has done five different games in that series.

1 Kimberly Irion (Bonnie MacFarlane, Red Dead Redemption)

via youtube.com

If not for Bonnie MacFarlane, John Marston would have perished after being shot by one of Bill Williamson's, his former friend, gang members.

We are, of course, talking about Red Dead Redemption, in case you have no idea what is going on. Kimberly Irion just so happens to be the woman that took on the role of the amazing Bonnie MacFarlane.

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