18 Photos Of Weather Girls That'll Give Every Guy A Heat Stroke

Is it hot in here, or is it just the weather girls? Either way, the sweat is sticky and the AC needs to be pumped up to full blast. If your local station isn’t hiring the types of hotties you’ll see below, perhaps you’re lucky since you can actually concentrate on the forecast. Because when the weather girls are this gorgeous, you’ll wind up soaking wet in a rainstorm without an umbrella.

All around the world, news stations seem to be hiring some of the hottest ladies on the planet to predict the weather. While looks have nothing to do with one’s abilities to warn us of high winds or remind us to slather on the sunscreen, it doesn’t hurt to look at something nice while dealing with the realities of global warming.

Here are 20 weather girls that are so attractive, it ought to be outlawed. The viewers tune in at the top of the hour, but they could care less about the highs and lows for the day.

18 Red Hot Temps

Via: youtube.com

This weather girl looks ravishing in red. Not only is she smiling like a ray of sunshine, but she seems to be the type of woman with a perky personality – perfect for letting us know what the day will bring.

She could wear something less form-fitting, but with a figure like hers, why not go for something stretchy?

17 Cloudy Skies, Bright Outfit

Via: burrardstreetjournal.com

Did the ‘80s make a comeback, or is this weather girl just giving us a taste of the bright forecast she wishes was on the board?

Looks like there are going to be a bunch of cloudy days ahead, but with the pop of color this cutie brings, we’ll feel warm and wonderful.

16 Looks Like Mini Skirt Weather

Via: pinterest.com

The temps on the map don’t look too warm, but this weather girl’s outfit would convince us otherwise. She’s sporting a super high mini dress, baring her arms, legs, and leaving little to the imagination.

We tune into the news to get the weather, but with a woman like this on the small screen, it’s hard to concentrate on the climate.

15 Who Cares About The Clouds?

Via: flipboard.com

Sure looks like a cloudy day, but when the weather girl is so special, we don’t need the sunshine to make us smile. Clouds aren’t so bad, especially when a gal like this is warning us of possible precipitation.

Yes, a brighter day would be delightful, but who’s going outside anyway while the weather channel is on?

14 The Weather Calls For Short Shorts

Via: mylatinlife.com

This weather girl didn’t get the memo that Daisy Dukes aren’t exactly workplace appropriate. Her viewers may not mind the skintight look, but her boss may want to rethink the office wardrobe policy.

Just because this woman looks great in her clothing doesn’t mean everyone else will be as lucky.

13 The Forecast Looks Fierce

Via: dailyexpress.co.uk

Animal print is a trend that seems to stand the test of time. While you may not see this style choice on your favorite station, this one seems to be fashion-forward and fierce.

This weather girl may know what she’s talking about, but the viewers can only concentrate on her cougar couture.

12 Bracing For The Storm

Via: pinterest.com

This weather girl means business. She’s planted firmly with two feet on the ground (in some stylish stilettos, no less) and she’s posing like she knows she’s getting her picture taken.

Sure, she’s ready to read us the weather report, but her fans are likely tuning in to see her toned legs.

11 A Ray Of Sunshine

Via: colorear.myhydros.org

Summer has never looked better. No, not due to the balmy 84-degree weather, but because of the babe letting us know to leave our jackets at home. This beaming blonde beauty is not only great at her job, but she looks great doing it.

Summer has never been sweeter, but we’ll stay inside ‘till her segment is over.

10 Casual Conditions

Via: awesomew.com

Perhaps this pretty lady is off to do a workout after she’s done reporting on the weather. We’ve all heard of casual Fridays, but this weather girl is taking the idea to the extreme.

She surely looks sporty, but the news anchors are likely suited up in something more conservative. She’s lucky she can wear whatever she wants while whipping through the weather report.

9 From The Studio To The Club

Via: lamuscle.com

If your plans are to go from the station to the strip club, why not wear an outfit that works for both? While most people can’t get away with wearing a mini dress this short, this weather girl has no issue with baring her legs to the tippy top.

She must bring in some decent ratings among a particular demographic.

8 A Beautiful Day Ahead

Via: ninjajournalist.com

This weather girl is smiling and it must be because she knows she’ll never get fired. With a face and figure like hers, viewers are tuning in to find out what she’ll be wearing…oh, right, and to hear what the weather will be.

She’s the station’s biggest asset, and her airtime is always A+.

7 The Outlook Looks Lovely

Via: TVguide.com

It must be a nice way to start the day if you can turn on your television set and see this stunning smile. This weather girl seems thrilled to deliver the news that the day will be mild.

She’s dressed for success and her fans must love to watch her strut across the studio floor.

6 Saturday Seems Splendid

Via: pinterest.com

There are clouds and rain in the forecast, but this weather girl is helping her viewers make the best of bad weather. They may not love a damp day, but seeing their favorite weather girl on TV makes up for puddles.

She’s giving her fans plenty of reasons to stay in and stay dry; they can just keep watching her update the weather report.

5 Rockin’ The Radar

Via: twitter.com

This weather girl knows that she’s being watched by her many viewers, so she comes to work looking fabulous. She’s showing off her svelte shape while flashing a smile to let her fans know she’s not only filled in on what’s what weather-wise, but she’s friendly too.

Makes even the worst weather days more bearable.

4 Tune In For Temps

Via: pinterest.com

There are plenty of people who are fortunate enough that they can wear whatever they want to work. This weather girl is one of those people. She’s showing off her sense of style in a short white dress with a hint of color up top.

She’s there to report on the weather, but her viewers likely tune in to see the total package.

3 Dressed For Any Degree

Via: pinterest.com

When your local weather girl is as gorgeous as this gal is, you have every right to flick on the TV just to see her smile.

Sure, knowing what the weather will be is a nice perk, but she’s the real reason to tune in and keep the TV volume on high.

2 Double Duty

Via: twitter.com

When it comes to cute weather girls, two is always better than one. These gals are getting the job done by sharing screen time and telling us what to expect from the day’s weather.

While it’s usually a one-woman job, seeing these gals pair up to perform is always a pleasure.

1 Back To The Weather

Via: heightline.com

These back-to-back brunettes are “twinning” as they prep to share the stage to report on the temps.

We would be perfectly fine hearing if there will be rain or shine from just one of the well-heeled weather girls, but if they prefer the buddy system, why should we argue with their angle?

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