20 Photos Of WWE Divas Who Weren’t Afraid To Flaunt It

WWE has a vast arsenal of tricks up its sleeve to attract audiences to its brand. Entertaining personalities, eye-catching action, and sex appeal. That last one is best wielded by divas—the female division of wrestlers in the WWE.

The WWE has had attractive divas throughout its history, from Torrie Wilson to Stephanie McMahon to Sasha Banks. Most of them are stunning and—being that they’re fully aware of it—aren’t afraid of show off in the ring.

We’ve assembled pics of WWE divas who didn’t hesitate to shake, stick out, or show off what they got.

WWE fans also need to see things about Stephanie McMahon that Triple H doesn’t want us to know.

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20 Going Up

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Divas capture the attention and gaze of fans all over the world. While they earn admiration for the acrobats they perform in the ring, it’s their physiques that get most of the focus.

Alexa Bliss is climbing up onto the corner of a ring, perhaps in preparation of delivering twisted bliss, one of her signature moves.

19 Working One’s Buns Off

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Hailing from the land down under, Peyton Royce wrestles in both the WWE and NXT. As one-half of The Iconics, she’s both bashing and charming her way through the league.

According to Sportskeeda, she’s appeared in seven PPV matches, which provide her with a popular platform to show off her stunning figure.

18 "Ya Only Liv Once"

One Diva who manages to make this list several times is Liv Morgan. She’s had enough sizzling moments to fill up an entire article.

By the look on her face, it’s clear to see she’s posing to get fans on her side, which isn’t hard for her to do considering how magnetic she is.

17 Crazy Chick

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There comes along every now and then a Diva with mass appeal who’s the complete package. AJ Lee had talent and beauty and knew it.

Something that always drove the fans wild was her incredibly short shorts that other wrestlers never hesitated to grab a hold of and pull while she hung onto the ropes for dear life.

16 RAW Rivalry

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Like the male wrestlers in WWE, Divas have a reputation for their rivalries. A major one from back in January 2010 was between Brie Bella and Maryse. This was part of a tag team match that involved both their husbands.

At the time of this photo, Maryse had the upper hand on Brie and didn’t hesitate to flaunt her stuff at the same time.

15 On The Ropes

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Lana may not be the most talented or intriguing Diva in WWE, but she’s definitely got looks that could kill. Here she’s striking a pose while standing on corner ring ropes playing to the crowd.

She’s giving audiences exactly what they want to see and it shows across her face.

14 Paige vs. AJ Lee

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AJ Lee and Kaitlyn may have had a more bitter rivalry, but few are quick to forget the skirmishes between AJ Lee and Paige. The fight seen here was as exciting as it was steamy, with AJ Lee skipping her way off the ring while hoisting the belt up high.

Meanwhile, she left Paige crying in her wake.

13 A Flair For Splits

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While having the surname Flair certainly helps, Charlotte has found a way to make a name for herself in the WWE. Not only does she have wrestling genes, but the figure to pull it off.

She often climbs into the ring while performing the splits in one seamless motion.

12 Behind The Curves

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This shot of Peyton Royce from behind is enough to make WWE fans lose their minds. According to the WWE’s official site, she was a dancer before entering the ring, and got her big break in WWE alongside Billie Kay.

Together, they formed The IIconics and had success at WrestleMania 35 by winning a tag team title.

11 Survivor Series

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Paige knew she had the crowd’s attention during this Survivor Series. With a debilitated AJ Lee sprawled out before her, Paige took the former’s nickname and played the role of a black widow spider.

While the fans gawked at her seductive crawl—including Jerry Lawler sitting ringside—it was all just a setup to delivering a vicious headbutt.

10 Diva Smackdown

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The WWE is full of personal betrayals, cheap shots, and sucker punches. It may not always make for PG viewing on TV, but it’s what sells. The Divas are guilty of doing all these things and possess sex appeal on top of it.

It’s largely what makes the women’s division such a popular and burgeoning part of the WWE today.

9 On The Hunt

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Sarah Logan has both the beauty and the backbone to make it in the WWE. Her style is more rugged and much of her clothing looks like something a hunter would wear—although it’s much more revealing.

With a noteworthy WrestleMania 35 performance she has yet to capitalize on, as Daily DDT reports, fans can only hope to see more of her before the year is out.

8 Beat The Clock

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This matchup between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan took place in March 2019 as part of a Beat the Clock challenge. Divas such as Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey watched on in the sidelines as Lynch came out victorious, even managing to beat Rousey's time.

Even though Morgan didn’t come out on top, she didn’t miss an opportunity to flaunt it before picking up the L.

7 Black Widow

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AJ Lee was as beguiling as she was dominant over the course of her WWE career from 2007 to 2015. Pro wrestlers tend to put on a serious face as they prep for a fight, but not AJ Lee.

She’s calm and relaxed with her arms hanging on the rope while flashing her signature smile.

6 “Livin Large”

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Ever playful, Liv Morgan never hesitated to show off her figure—and it was never kid friendly (as many argue the league has become today). Plus, she never took things too seriously, as she’s seen here sticking her tongue out.

Every Diva has her own unique fashion sense, and Morgan tended towards crop tops and tight gym leggings.

5 The Staten Island Princess

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Watch out, Charlotte Flair—there’s another Diva who can do the splits and make fans’ jaws drop. Carmen went all out in a skimpy leotard to make sure she gave the fans something they wouldn’t forget.

She’s definitely got it and isn’t afraid to show it as one of the hottest Divas around.

4 Going Down

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The cameraman didn’t hesitate to get up close and personal with Rhea Ripley despite her difficulty in the ring. A recent milestone in her career was in the 2019 Royal Rumble where she managed to stand out from the competition.

When she’s not on major PPVs, she’s wrestling her way through the NXT UK Women’s division (WWE.com).

3 Becky Balboa

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There’s a saying in boxing that you can’t hide in the ring. The same idea applies to WWE, where fans see everything. Becky Lynch’s revealing outfit is on full display here as she lifts her title triumphantly for the crowd to see.

She’s not exactly a fan-favorite as of late, but it’s hard to deny she’s got the goods.

2 Viva La Vega

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She may only be 4’11”, but Zelina Vega is a tough cookie. Also known as Divina Fly, she’s been in the limelight lately for what she calls a “brother/sister" relationship with Andrade “Cien” Almas (StillRealToUs.com).

Seen here, Vega couldn’t resist striking a confident pose while smirking at the crowd before getting inside the ring.

1 Bottoms Up

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Fans love Divas like Mickie James for their entertaining storylines and exploits in the ring. More than just a wrestler though, she’s also a country singer on the side.

Despite Alexa Bliss telling her she was over the hill back in 2017, James proved she still got it when she said, “I broke down barriers for women in the WWE all before you were wearing a training bra” (YouTube channel WWE).

Sources: Sportskeeda, WWE.com, StillRealToUs.com, Daily DDT, YouTube

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