20 Photos Of WWE Stars On The Road That Are Very Unbecoming

Being a WWE wrestler is all about maintaining a badass image and a perfectly toned body. Cameras are rolling, and paparazzi and fans alike are constantly on the hunt for candid photos of these WWE stars. Well, we found some…but these photos are definitely not as glamorous as the lives these people lead! In all fairness, it really isn’t easy getting in and out of any vehicle, let alone the sports cars and supercars these WWE stars are trying to wiggle out of.

They also have some non-conventional outfits on most of the time, so it’s easy to understand the challenges that are posed. We still can’t get enough of these awkward moments though – they’re easy to love!

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20 Keep It Classy!

Via GaluxSee

Try keeping it classy, Nikki! The Bella sisters are known for their fabulous outfits and gorgeous cars, but this is really a bad pairing of the two. There’s a classier way to get out of this sweet ride, but Nikki seems to be struggling to figure out how it’s done.

19 Guilty-Looking

Via Pinterest

This is definitely not the most flattering image that Paige has taken, that’s for sure. Not only is she looking a bit heavier than usual, but she also appears to be hiding something. She looks really suspicious and we’d love to know what she’s up to.

18 Ha...ha....MOVE!

Via HawtCelebs

Ronda Rousey is not exactly the most predictable with her moods, so we hope the photographer walked away very, very slowly after taking this photo. She looks like she’s about to snap, tell someone off, and make some comment about being left alone on what appears to be her day off.

17 Ronda's Rage

Via CorvetteForums

That’s a fabulous C7 Corvette. Kudos to Ronda for having a slick ride. Not so much credit can be given to her for this particular photo though. Whatever it is she’s leaping towards, we hope it has sharp teeth and can fight back, because she is on a real mission with that rage!

16 Taking Cover

Via TheMirror

Here’s another angle of the hit and run mystery! This one shows a brawl about to happen, but it does look like a certain tough-guy is not so tough. Why is he hiding behind the door of the SUV? This is a classic case of a very big pose without the intention to back it up with any sort of action.

15 Paige's Assets

Via JustJared

Oh Paige! You can run, but you can’t hide! We still see you – and we see a clear picture of you, thanks to your skin-tight wardrobe! This is not a photo she posed for, nor is it one we’d think she’d be proud of. She had to know this was going to be caught on camera though. Everything she does in public is bound to be photographed!

14 All In Good Fun

Via YouTube

The Breezango ride-along vide was hilarious. Breezango was on the highway to Providence, Rhode Island and was clearly having a good time! Fully committed to his own fashion-faux-pas, we love the way he was able to continue with this video and not take himself too seriously.

13 Funny-Makers

Via Pinterest

It looks as though we caught Charlotte Flair and Xavier Woods in the middle of a “moment”. The angle of the photo was bad for them both, and the look on Charlotte’s face says it all. Even she seems confused by all of this!

12 The Arrest

Via Pinterest

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were actually arrested (maybe), as seen in this photo. Yes, it is possible that this dramatic take-down was great for their careers, but it sure didn’t look like a shining moment for them in this photo. She should have stayed in her car and not been part of this!

11 Getting Mouthy

Via CageSideSeats

We really, really hope this is a photo of Nikki Bella after a dental appointment. It’s the only explanation that would make this photograph acceptable. We’re not sure if she had dental work done, or this picture was snapped during an expressive conversation. What we do know about this photo, is that it’s not one of her best!

10 Nearly Hit

Via Sport

Do you remember that part in SmackDown when Roman Reigns was nearly hit by a car in the WWE? This photo captures the moment it happens as he struggles to get out of his car. This mid-motion shot is either about to capture him lunging at someone, or wincing in pain, but either way, it’s not something we’d stick around to see more of!

9 Weird Car Selfie

Via YouTube

Paige is seen here trying to please the fans – but she may have wanted to give it just a few more seconds. She’s neither in, nor out of her car, and it looks really weird. From that angle, the fan is likely to get an image that makes it look like she’s trapped in that car! We’re sure this could have been better orchestrated.

8 Driving The Diva

Via E!News

They don’t call them Divas for no reason! Naomi loses her cool in the car, and Jimmy Uso seems completely fed up with her tantrum. Their body language says it all! This was clearly not a calm or enjoyable interaction for either of them, and we’re sure they’re not thrilled to be trapped in the car together.

7 Surprise!


Here’s Nikki again, this time, very aware that she’s been caught in an awkward car-moment. The look on her face says it all. We’re not sure why she’s so surprised to see cameras on her though- you’d think it would be more shocking if she were getting out of the car and the press WASN’T there!

6 Frantic & Frazzled

Via CelebMaffia

As she exits her vehicle in this photo, Nikki looks to be completely disheveled and out of sorts. She’s sporting some pretty casual gear, by her standards, and she seems hastily put together. As she frantically looks through the contents of her purse and heads to Joan’s On Third in LA, it’s clear she has had better days.

5 Sly Face

Via GotCeleb

Brie looks pretty questionable in this photo, as she does an awkward little mid-step towards her SUV. She was leaving The Chew in New York, and it looks like she may have had a few drinks during her visit. She looks like she’s just been caught doing something wrong and trying to hide it by smiling it away!

4 Cena's Graceless Exit

Via AutoRevolution

John Cena is a big guy, so getting out of any car would be a complicated mess for him. This is exceptionally sloppy though. We love his stunning 2006 Ford GT, but it’s hard to focus on it as much as we want to. We’re distracted by his very awkward exit. The struggle is very, very real.

3 Feuding

Via YouTube

Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss look like they are in the middle of a dispute. They shouldn’t have exited the vehicle just yet – it appears they have some unfinished business to handle! The looks on their faces say it all, and in true WWE fashion, cameras are rolling at every angle to capture every moment.

2 Vividly Chyna

Via XGames

Whoa ! What happened to Chyna? She not only looks like she’s having a tough time getting out of the car, but it also appears she had a tough time getting ready that morning. She looks completely thrown together and caught-off guard. We’re accustomed to her usual, rehearsed poses, and this is definitely not one of them.

1 Sasha's Day-Off

Via HawtCelebs

Sasha Banks is seen here getting out of her Lincoln MKT completely unassisted. She seems to be unaffected by the cameras, yet she looks far from camera-ready. It looks like a casual day for her, and this photo doesn’t fully capture her strength or any aspects of her character.

Sources: WWE, E!News, TheDrive

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