WWE: 17 Photos Of Stephanie McMahon Working Out Triple H Doesn’t Want Us To See

There is something about that McMahon gene. Stephanie is 43, yet she appears to be in the best shape of her life. Heck, the same goes for Vince who’s deep into his 70s, yet he’s still moving around like he’s in the prime years of his career - Vince seems to be immortal, it is kind of scary.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Stephanie’s workouts from both the past and present. We looked deep into the archives from IG posts to past photoshoots. Stephanie looks great in all these shots – which is why Triple H might be a little angry at all of us drooling over his wife.

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17 Flexibility and Strength

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For the armchair wrestling fan sitting at home – such an exercise might seem really easy – in truth, not only does it take core strength but it also takes a fine degree of flexibility and mobility.

The WWE’s brand ambassador has both and oh yea, she’s in her 40s!

16 Focused Split Squat

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She’s not doing a regular lunge or reverse lunge, Stephanie kicks things up a notch, performing an exercise Rusev would definitely approve, the Bulgarian split squat.

This exercise takes a lot more strength and also stability. Given Steph’s leg strength, she pulls it off no problem. Hunter’s buddy Kevin Nash might’ve pulled his quad just looking at the pic.

15 Flexing

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Now, who doesn’t appreciate a woman that even trains her arms at the gym? No need to get big bulky like her husband, McMahon as the cuts in all the right places and heck, she looks pretty darn good while flexing that bicep. Maybe she and Triple H should engage in a flex-off, sounds like a fun Monday night.

14 Stretching With Her Dog

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Stephanie and Hunter have the privilege of training at home. Let’s face it, training at a local gym wouldn’t be the easiest task for the couple. And on the plus side, Stephanie can train alongside both her dogs – who are always there to support her, even when it is time to stretch. Andre’s a good boy!

13 Focused & Determined

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We all have a moment in the gym when the body starts to beat out the mind. Stephanie knows that so she takes a second to reflect before the big lift.

Who took the pic? Maybe it was Hunter after all. Both Hunter and Stephanie serve as big-time motivation, especially for their lives away from WWE.

12 Circuit Training

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Stephanie isn’t easing up, as evidenced by the pic above and all her IG posts. McMahon loves training sessions that entail little breaks while featuring both weighted and bodyweight exercises. That’ll blast the fat and build the muscle in a hurry. We hope Hunter can keep up – Steph is next level!

11 Training DVD

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Stephanie McMahon along with the women of NXT performed a fat-blasting workout together – one that got turned into a DVD by WWE.

Unfortunately, it didn’t reflect as well when it came to sales. WWE should have made this free content on its YouTube channel - that would have got millions of clicks. Get with the times, Vince!

10 Pre-Ronda Rousey

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Stephanie McMahon took her training very seriously en route to her match against Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34.

It all worked out, as the four put on a match of the night. Not only that, but both Hunter and Stephanie were in tip-top shape for the encounter and dare we say – the best shape of their careers.

9 Home Workout

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A mother of three, Stephanie needs the quickest workout possible. On this day, she took part in a four-minute circuit workout, one that featured both dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

Stephanie got through it with ease – let’s just say she’s a little more accustomed to rigorous workouts alongside her trainer and husband.

8 Bands & Back

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Stephanie has quite the fine shaped back – as evidenced by this photo above.

Unlike most of her fitness pics which are candid, this photo was taken as part of a photoshoot. Given Stephanie’s definition, it really shows how hard she prepped for the shoot. Triple H must be proud – though he isn’t happy with us drooling just a tad.

7 With The Trainer

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Not only do Triple H and Stephanie have an entire gym set up in their basement, but they also have their very own trainer, Joe DeFranco who drives all the way from Jersey just to lead a workout with the couple.

DeFranco is also responsible for introducing Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan to WWE.

6 Dumbbell Press

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Move over Triple H, Stephanie can also throw in some upper body workouts. This is another one that’s a lot harder than it looks – stability and power is the name of the game for this exercise. It looks like Stephanie has both locked down. Though we're not sure about those gloves.

5 Kettlebell Time

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They basically have it all in their gym, even kettlebells that are shaped like gorillas. If that doesn’t push you to the next level, we really don’t know what will.

We’re trying to figure out what Stephanie’s up to, perhaps a row for her middle back. Either way, Hunter what rather we scroll passed this picture given her positioning...

4 Barbell Curl

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Ladies don’t be afraid to do a barbell curl – you won’t get an arm the size of Triple H’s, that’s more dependent on your diet and we doubt the entails over 300 grams of protein per day.

Stephanie knows that and she’s all about burning while keeping the intensity at a premium.

3 Putting In The Work

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She’s putting in the work, both back at home and with WWE. Although she’s not on-screen as much these days don’t be fooled, McMahon is still putting in countless hours of work at the WWE HQ, along with touring as the brand ambassador. And let’s not forget her biggest role, being a mom to three children.

2 Protected

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We can say that Stephanie is more than protected in the photo above, as both mammoth sized dogs keep an eye on their owner.

We’re not sure how the couple finds the time for everything, including midnight works and taking care of two dogs as well but yea, they make it all work somehow.

1 Hammer Time

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We assume Triple H is at least a little bit envious. Here we see his wife holding his signature hammer – not only that but she’s also rocking a revealing outfit, one that might anger The Game that much more. Sorry Hunter, but we just can’t seem to scroll away from this pic.

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