18 Strange Photos People Took At Comic-Con

Comic-Con can be a wonderful experience for so many people, and those that truly get into the spirit help make the weekend even better for all in attendance. Some of the costumes that people dream up and wear are truly remarkable, taking a great deal of time and effort to make happen. Then, we have the other people that simply have no idea how truly strange they come off.

The stranger side of Comic-Con is perfect fodder for people that want to see something a little bit different while online, and it just so happens that we have 18 of the strangest pictures yet! Buckle up, because some of the pictures that are being featured on this list are going to be nothing less than jaw-dropping.

18 Things That Should Not Be

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Trying to unpack every single thing that is going on in this picture is practically impossible, but we are going to give it our best shot. The first thing to note is that Pikachu has a third arm coming out of his mouth. We almost feel bad for One Punch Man here, but something tells us that he likes it just a little bit.

17 Try Saiyan No To A Donut

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Marrying these two franchises together is about as odd as it sounds, and this fan decided to go the extra mile by combining someone that is starved for power with someone that is starved for donuts. We admire the creativity here.

16 The Most Awkward Interview Of All Time

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Media outlets love having reps head out to these conventions to interview performers and cosplayers alike, but these interviewers have to do the dirty work every now and again by interviewing less than spectacular individuals. The look on her face says a lot more than we can on this entry. We imagine that should found a new job after the weekend was over.

15 Cartoon Network's Forgotten Sisters

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The Powerpuff Girls have taken on some of the biggest and strongest foes ever dreamed of, but even they would struggle to face these three. After all, taking one look at them is more than enough to cause people with the strongest wills to retreat and think about their life choices for a while.

14 Leg-Oh, My Goodness

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Every once in a while, someone shows up to a convention looking to elicit a strong reaction from people, but they usually do this by making a costume that is a cut above the rest. Instead of going that route, this person chose to give us what some consider to be the worst Lego set ever conceived.

13 Please Stay Under The Sea

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The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake, so this little mermaid may want to swim on out somewhere else. We have to give credit where it is due, because many people wouldn't have included a dinglehopper with their costume. The rest of it, however, could head back to Atlantica and we would not mind one bit.

12 What The Cluck?

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Doing something off the beaten path is a great way for people to take notice, and these two decided to make it happen when they headed off to New York. Instead of people being impressed, they walked away a little worse for the wear, hoping to avoid these poultry pals for the rest of the weekend.

11 Things We Can't Unsee

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In the last few years, there has been an influx in realistic masks of celebrities that people have been buying, and they are known for causing quite a stir online. Instead of choosing someone that fans would want to see, this person opted for a performer whose best days are long behind him.

10 Ronald McDon't Do This

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After The Avengers came along and took over the box office, people have been conjuring up ideas for super teams that they would love to see. These teams, however, usually include figures that help save the day and not ones that do everything in their power to get people to eat more hamburgers.

9 Yabba Dabba...

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Often times, a lot of work is needed to make sure that the finer details of a costume come to life, but this guy had more than enough natural features working for him. Fred was a lot of things, but a creep was not one of them. We imagine that Wilma would have this guy sleeping outside with Dino when the lights go down in Bedrock.

8 Stan's Not Lookin' Too Pleased

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Going to certain conventions allows people the chance to meet their favorite creators, with Stan Lee having been the belle of the ball at each stop he made. He created some of the greatest characters in history, but his look here would indicate that this one may be near the bottom of the list.

7 Go Back In The Poke Ball And Stay There

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Being a franchise that has been on top for so long, this franchise has had its share of cosplayers, and most people are usually able to do a solid job of bringing these characters to life. Normally, a role reversal is fun to see, but what this couple took things to a very strange place.

6 When Did Gollum Come To Hyrule?

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Any person that has guided Link to Zelda in the past knows that Link is usually a handsome guy that is as rugged as any other person in the land. Instead of letting their natural beauty shine, this person decided to get his Middle Earth on by having Gollum take the place of Link. Even Ganondorf would be scared of this guy.

5 Wonder Wobear

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After her film came to theaters and took the world by storm, Wonder Woman is a character that has never been as popular as she is now. With this in mind, it makes sense that people would want to imagine themselves as her every now and again. T

4 The Mythical Beast

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A unicorn is a mythological creature that people have been enamored with for years now. They have a presence about them that is peaceful and calming, and many would love the chance to live in a world where they exist. This person did their best to stand out, but their mythical land is right in front of their computer at home.

3 Karen: The Call The Manager Turtle

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The Ninja Turtles know how to save the city and stay on their own vibe, and even though they all have unique personalities, they all make their contributions to the group and get things done. For Karen, she can call the manager better than any turtle out there, which will be great for getting a refund on her ghetto costume.

2 There Seems To Be A Power Outage

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Pikachu is a popular character that people love, and over the years, Pikachu has become one of the most famous characters of all time. Some people are able to make this character even more lovable with their costumes, and while the person on the left did a decent job, the person on the right conjured up something from another dimension.

1 Anakin After Padme Took The Kids

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Look, we understand that a split can be rough on both parties, but Anakin really let himself go here. Padme was an older woman with a ton of class, and Anakin risked it all to make sure she would be safe. After she took the twins, he really let himself go. Not even Darth Sidious can fix this guy.

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