19 Strange Photos People Took At Gas Stations

On any given day, you can expect a significant number of motorists headed to the gas station. After all, you need to fuel up if you want your car to keep on running.

It’s no wonder that there are reportedly more than 10,700 stand-alone gas stations throughout the United States, according to the website Credit Donkey. And to serve and assist customers, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says that gas stations employ as many as 949,200 people across the country.

Indeed, gas stations are big business. More importantly, it’s also the kind of operation that sees regular customer traffic. And so, it’s more than likely that any gas station would see several strange things over the course of a single day.

Not quite sure what we mean? Well, just check out these strange pictures taken at various gas stations.

19 A gas station in the middle of Nowhere

via octopup.org

Yes, we are not kidding you. There is a place called Nowhere and as you might not expect, it has its own community. That pretty much means that there is a significant population in the area and there are certain facilities and shops that support their daily life.  Also, if you must know, Nowhere can be found in the state of Oklahoma. However, we can’t confirm if this gas station is located in the said town. Nonetheless, it's more than likely.

18 Scooby and the gang make a fuel stop

via funcage.com

As you may know, the ‘Mystery Machine’ van is practically as iconic as the characters of “Scooby-Doo” themselves. Hence, when one rolled up into a gas station, you can bet that all eyes were on this colorful ride. Meanwhile, there’s no telling if Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred or Scooby-Doo himself got out of the car during the fuel stop.

17 Dumbledore gets gas

via reddit.com

We also didn’t it would happen, but apparently, it did. It appears that Dumbledore had to leave the world of wizardry for a little while because his little Ford car needed some gas. In all seriousness though, it looks like this man may have come from a gig that required him to look like a wizard. On the other hand, it’s also possible that he came from a Halloween party.

16 Plank while you refuel

via boredbug.com

Sure, refueling your car can take quite a bit of time. That’s especially true if your fuel gauge shows that you’ve only got about a quarter of fuel left. Hence, this girl decided to make the most out of her waiting time by doing some planking beside her car. According to Healthline, a planking exercise “can help improve core strength and stability.”

15 Couldn’t refuel fast enough

via worldwideinterweb.com

We are really hoping that this would never happen to you. Based on the photo, it appears that this woman is extremely desperate to fuel up her car. As you can see, her ride is still queued up, but it looks like she’s already trying to refuel it using a portable gas can. For the record, it’s a good idea to keep one in your trunk in case you get stuck in traffic and your car almost runs out of gas.

14 Escapee taking the time to refuel

via pikdo.net

For the record, we can't confirm the story behind this strange photo taken at a gas station. That means we are not sure if the person is really a prison escapee. However, we are aware that there have been a number of cases wherein a prisoner escapes from jail and goes on to steal a cop car.

13 Vandalism

via reddit.com

Admit it. This is something you must have thought of doing yourself, especially when you’re just bored. Well, we must admit that the lines written over the ad make it quite funny. However, we are, in no way, encouraging anyone to practice vandalism. Respect all public places, including all the gas stations.

12 Get fuel, order food

via 16percent.wordpress.com

According to Strategic Government Resources Ron Holifield on the blog 16 Percent, he first spotted this Sonic meal ordering station when went to get gas in 2013. He then remarked, “At first, it felt very strange and out of place. I had never seen these two different services aligned, and it felt funny. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed logical and even brilliant.”

11 Sheep at a gas station

via i.huffpost.com

Several years ago, as many as 25 sheep statues took over a gas station on New York City’s westside. This is supposed to be part of the public art program Getty Station. As explained on the Getty Station website, “Set in a surrealist landscape amidst the existing industrial gas station architecture, the sheep symbolize Lalanne’s mission to demystify art and capture its joie de vivre.”

10 Horse needs fuel with Techron

via interest.pics

No one seems to know why this horse is parked right by a pump station for Chevron fuel with Techron. Moreover, we’re pretty sure that the horse doesn’t have a clue either. Nonetheless, this strange gas station photo has inspired a number of memes. One of which says, “Better make sure my horse doesn’t run out of gas.” Another one simply says, “I have no idea.”

9 Horses make a pit stop

via graytvinc.com

According to a report from CBS affiliate WVLT 8, this photo was taken by Jarrett Peters’ wife when two men on horseback decided to stop by the Fastop right off exit 8 of the I-81 highway. Furthermore, Peters remarked, “I have no idea what was happening. Tia and I were getting gas. Two cowboys came riding up, hopped off, tied them down, and went inside.”

8 The Tesla may need diesel

via reddit.com

Well, we’re not really sure why this Tesla appears to be parked at a gas station. Perhaps, the Tesla owner is inspired to make some sort of payback after some pickup drivers were found blocking Tesla chargers from electric car owners in recent times. If that’s the case, let’s hope trouble doesn’t really ensue. After all, a fight at a gas station can be quite dangerous.

7 Fuel types explained

via 3.bp.blogspot.com

As you may know, there are several types of fuel that you can always find at the gas station. After all, different types of cars prefer different octane ratings for their fuel. However, we’re pretty sure that this is not the way that you explain the types of fuel available at a gas station.

6 Refueling a sleigh ride

via reddit.com

Well, we're really not sure what this particular type of sleigh is doing at a gas station. After all, it's got all those dogs ready to pull and run until it reaches its final destination. Our best guess is that the sleigh driver needed to take a little bathroom break. Either that or the dogs wanted something from the convenience store. A nicely flavored beef jerky, perhaps?

5 Gas station nap

via reddit.com

As we have mentioned earlier, fueling up your ride can take quite some time. And so, you really have to prepared to wait. Perhaps, you check your messages or email. On the other hand, you can also think about cleaning your windshield or wipers. For this guy, however, it seems he prefers to wait while taking a little nap. We just hope he wakes up on time though.

4 Jetfighter refueling

via boredbug.com

This photo was taken at the Danish Air Show back in 2014. And as you can see, a pilot poses for a photo while filling up his F-16 fighter jet. This particular jet has a maximum speed of 1,500 miles per hour and a maximum takeoff weight of 37,500 pounds, according to Global Security. Moreover, it comes in both single-seater and two-seater configurations.

3 Gas station for aliens

via archdaily.com

Well, no…not really. But wouldn’t you agree that this gas station absolutely looks like it’s out of this world? In reality, though, this gas station is only out of the United States. It’s located in Galanta, Slovakia, to be exact. According to a photo entry of this very station on Pinterest, this futuristic facility was completed way back in 2011.

2 Architectural marvel gas station

via pinterest.com

Typically, when we think of a gas station, we think of a simple architectural setup. You’ve got a flat rectangular roof. And underneath, you have the actual stations where cars can queue and get gas. Hence, the sight of this BP gas station will truly leave you in architectural awe. In case you’re wondering, this one can be found in Los Angeles.

1 Wagon of horrors

via imgur.com

A stop at a gas station is typically uneventful for everyone. But what happens if a wagon like this suddenly pulls up beside you? From the looks of it, it appears as if this car has been pursued by several bloodied people. And if you want to get your imagination all worked up, you can also argue that there were zombies from Resident Evil who were trying to attack this car and its driver.

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