20 Stunning Photos That Prove Eugenie Bouchard Should Never Play Tennis Again

Eugenie became a breakout star in 2013. Success was supposed to follow, though injuries and inconsistencies would derail those plans. 2019 isn’t too bad for Bouchard, she would win her first title in five years. Though the struggles recently continued at the French Open when she was ousted in the round of 128.

Despite the hardships, Bouchard remains relevant because of her infectious attitude and look. In fact, she was all over the headlines most recently sitting courtside at the Raptors and Golden State NBA Finals. In this article, we’ll prove that Bouchard doesn’t need tennis, these pics demonstrate that she’s more than okay without the sport.

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20 Riding The Waves

via IG

Genie is all about that outdoor life. As evidenced by her IG account, she loves to travel the world taking on different adventures.

In this particular photo, she’s smiling after riding the waves on a beautiful day. No doubt, with a smile like that she could have thrived in the world of surfing as well, even if it meant just posing as a surfer...

19 Miami With The Legend

via IG

Here’s another reason Bouchard doesn’t need to play tennis anymore and that’s because of the entourage she is currently surrounded by.

Not only is she chilling courtside with fellow Canadian Drake but she’s also chilling in Miami with fellow Quebecois, the UFC legend Georges St-Pierre. Who needs tennis with that kind of company?

18 On A Yacht

via IG

Surely, if she wasn’t playing tennis Bouchard would have made it as a bikini model. Just take a look or a scroll at her IG account and you’ll get what we’re saying.

This is one of the many stunning Eugenie pics of the tennis star by the water on a luxury yacht, of course.

17 G-Wagon Upgrades

via IG

When you already have a G-Wagon as your daily rider, is tennis still a necessity? Depends on how you look at it, but in truth, Eugenie already has everything she needs and more.

This ride is a clear example of that. Genie posted the pic to her IG account claiming that she made some serious upgrades to it. How much better can it get!?

16 Fit Freak

via IG

If tennis doesn’t work out, she can literally do exactly that instead, workout. Eugenie loves to hit the gym and even more so, she looks great in all sorts of different fitness apparel.

Bouchard can easily get a deal with a clothing brand or heck, promote her healthy living lifestyle choices.

15 Rooftop Party

via IG

Bouchard coined this one as, “housewife vibes.” Without a doubt, she would also thrive in that part of life if she ever decides to leave the court for good.

In the photo above, she’s at a rooftop party over in South Beach at 1 Hotel. The Miami area is one of Genie’s favorites throughout the year. Who can blame her, Montreal isn’t all that pleasant during the winter and spring months.

14 Volleyball On The Sand

via IG

Genie loves anything beach related from the sun to the sand. In fact, most of her photos via IG take place on a beach somewhere.

In this photo, she’s playing volleyball for charity alongside other notable celebs and athletes. Given her hand-eye and athletic look, it really wouldn’t surprise us if she thrived at the sport as well.

13 Splash Mountain Selfie

via IG

As we stated earlier, Bouchard isn’t afraid to live it up outside of the court. In this photo, she’s just outside of the famous Splash Mountain at the Disney Land Kingdom.

It was quite the day for Bouchard – she had so much fun that she was reluctant to leave in another IG post, we don’t blame her.

12 Cheat Day

via IG

When you work as hard as Eugenie does both on and off the court, getting in that cheat meal is absolutely essential and deserved.

In this photo, she’s all smiles, about to eat a burger at In-N-Out. We love the fact that Genie isn’t afraid to stray from her diet when needed.

11 Classy Look

via IG

She was in New Zealand for this photo, looking classier than ever at the Ellerslie Event Center.

Bouchard herself admitted that she was feeling pretty classy on the day with her outfit, glasses and fancy Champaign drink in hand. It is definitely a look she can pull off whenever she chooses to.

10 Private Plane

via IG

Not only is she blessed to visit different countries while on tour but she also gets the luxury of doing so while flying on a private jet.

Most of the tennis players don’t get this type of treatment – though Eugenie isn’t most players that’s for darn sure. Given this VIP lifestyle, who needs a tennis court!

9 Chilling In The Bahamas

via IG

One might perceive Bouchard as an influencer or model given the photos on her IG account. She’s in so many different places always rocking a stunning new look.

In this photo, she’s once again on the move at the Albany in the Bahamas, another glorious island she can add to her repertoire.

8 Red Dress

via Pinterest

Ah yes, the photo that signifies true beauty is the candid type of photo. Bouchard passes this test with flying colors as she truly looks stunning with a red dress on while signing autographs for the fans.

You would think she was the lead actress at a movie premiere in the pic above.

7 In Back Of A Coca-Cola Truck

via IG

This is a clear sign that you’ve made it in life. Genie has her face in the back of a Coca-Cola truck. Making matters that much better, Bouchard didn’t even know about the accomplishment, it was actually a fan that had sent in the photo.

Coca-Cola is just one of her many lucrative sponsorship deals.

6 Rocking The Onesie At Tesla

via IG

As if the G-Wagon earlier in the article wasn’t impressive enough, Bouchard also joined the Tesla family. And oh, she picked up her new ride while rocking a Nike Onesie, only a select few can pull this off and Bouchard is one of those people.

She might be the only person on this planet to own the environmentally friendly Tesla and the not so environmentally friendly G-Wagon.

5 Stunning Selfie

via IG

Eugenie gets our attention with just a simple selfie. A common theme in this article and in a lot of her photos, Bouchard is loving the outdoors just finishing up after taking a swim in the water.

Bouchard knows how to live life off the court, that’s for darn sure.

4 Pilot Life

via IG

Who knows, maybe she doesn’t need tennis and can switch fields into the world of aviation? Okay, maybe not but in this photo, she’s taking a selfie while at the front of the helicopter.

The view was a beautiful one as she flew above Necker Island. Bouchard asked her followers who would fly on her plane, we assume nobody said no.

3 Paris Love

via IG

During her tennis tournaments, Bouchard likes to be a tourist off the court. That’s exactly what she’s doing in this photo recently posted to IG.

One second she’s taking a selfie with Venus Williams, the next she’s out on the streets of Paris in full tourist gear. That’s what makes Eugenie so unique.

2 One More Swimsuit

via IG

One last time, Eugenie grabs our attention with a great looking one-piece bathing suit just by the water. She’s draped in blue, perhaps paying homage to Quebec... probably not.

One thing is clear when it comes to rocking bathing suits, Bouchard definitely gets the double taps via social media platforms like IG.

1 In TO For The Finals

via IG

Some of Canada’s finest were on full display during the Raptors and Golden State finals game. Among the guests included Eugenie Bouchard who was fresh off her French Open tournament.

As per usual, she was a focal point, especially from a media perspective as the likes of New York Post and The Sun were all over photos of Drake and Eugenie together at the game.

Sources – IG & Daily Mail

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