20 Photos The Cast Of OITNB Doesn't Want Us To See

Orange is the New Black premiered on Netflix in 2013 and much to everyone’s surprise, a show about female inmates became an instant success for the online streaming site. To this day, OITNB remains Netflix’s most-watched original series.

Everything from the drama to the comedy, the stars of the show to the minor roles created this perfect world. Over the years, fans have fallen in love with the show’s main characters and have openly welcomed new ones with each season.

The stars of the show deserve a ton of credit. They work really hard to get into character and present a role that is totally believable. Several of the OITNB stars want to keep pictures of them out of character or looking awkwardly hidden while a new season is in the spotlight. Lucky for us, we have a ton of these pictures to look at here.

20 Taylor Schilling Living The Pampered Life


Taylor Schilling plays OITNB main character, Piper Chapman. Before prison, Piper lived a wealthy lifestyle. After years in prison, Piper is anything but pampered.

A photo of Taylor with a facemask is wrong on more than one level. It’s totally out of character and a girl with a facemask is never a pretty thing to look at.

19 Kate Mulgrew Looking Nothing Like Her OITNB Character


Galina “Red” Reznikov is one of the original characters of OITNB. She’s the red-headed, Russian inmate in charge of the prison kitchen. She’s spunky, feisty and not one to mess with.

In real life though, actress Kate Mulgrew is a sweet, blonde role model. Before playing Red, Kate played more glamorous roles and was known as a bombshell.

18 Uzo Is Anything But Crazy In This Classy Picture


Uzo Aduba is the star behind one of OITNB’s fan-favorite characters, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren. Uzo’s acting skills seriously shine when she puts on those prison clothes. Crazy Eyes is a mentally unstable inmate with a violent history.

In real life, Uzo is as classy as they come. A picture like this would take away from the work she’s put into Crazy Eyes.

17 Taryn Manning Takes Method Acting Too Far


A picture like this of Taryn Manning, in the role of Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett, is something from nightmares. Although it shows how much work, the normally gorgeous, Taryn put into her role, it’s not something you’d want people seeing all the time.

Pennsatucky is one of the more out-there characters of the show, and this picture says it all.

16 Pablo Schreiber Without His Mustache Is Shocking


Pablo Schreiber plays George "Pornstache" Mendez during the first two seasons of the show, with some guest spots in later seasons. This photo is Pablo without his signature mustache.

Pablo without his signature mustache is confusing for fans of the hit show; he looks totally different than his popular character. And everything else about this picture is a tad weird, too.

15 Natasha Lyonne’s Criminal Record Is For The World To See


Having a criminal record is not something people want to be publicized. Unfortunately, many celebrities aren’t able to keep their ugly pasts a secret.

One thing actress Natasha Lyonne has in common with her character, Nicky Nichols is an arrest history. A picture of her mugshot is something she’d probably like to have hidden forever.

14 Danielle Brooks Gives New Meaning To ‘Taystee’


Danielle Brooks’ character, Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson was always one of the greatest things about OITNB. Throughout the series, Taystee changes in many ways. She becomes more serious and self-protective.

The light in Taystee’s eyes from earlier seasons is all but gone toward the end. Danielle in her real-life is fabulous, but an image like this could take away from the hard work put into Taystee.

13 Laura Prepon Lets It All Hang Out In This Old Pic


OITNB fans know Laura Prepon as Alex Vause, main character Piper Chapman’s lover. But the rest of the world probably knows Laura as Donna Pinciotti from That ‘70s Show.

It can be assumed that Laura probably wants any images from her Donna days tucked away to not interfere with her new role’s popularity. This one, in particular, is less than flattering.

12 Samira Wiley Is All Dolled Up And Completely Out Of Character


Samira Wiley’s buzzed cut is iconic for her character, Poussey Washington. An image of Samira all glammed-up and with longer hair is out of the ordinary for not only Poussey but Samira, too.

Samira’s character quickly became a fan-favorite and served a very important purpose toward the middle of the series. While this photo is obviously very pretty, it doesn’t feel like Samira or Poussey.

11 Gloria (Selinis Leyva) Getting Close With Taystee?


A lot of OITNB characters were pinned against each other in rivalries during much of the series. Gloria Mendoza and Taystee were two characters who didn’t really interact much in the show.

A photo of stars Selenis Leyva and Danielle Brooks might throw off some viewers because it doesn’t go in line with the story they know.

10 Dascha Polanco Looks Out Of This World … Literally


Dayanara “Daya” Diaz is the sassy Puerto Rican inmate who ends up pregnant. As the series progresses, the prison system gets the best of Daya and she becomes a hardened inmate without the sense of love she once had.

There is so much wrong about this image of the actress who plays Daya, Dascha Polanco. She looks almost extraterrestrial.

9 Jackie Cruz Tragic Past Is Captured In This Photo


Jackie Cruz, who plays Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales, has dealt with darkness in her past. Though she plays the young, optimistic inmate, Jackie hasn’t always been positive.

As a teenager, Jackie hung out with a rough crowd. After a tragic car accident, she ended up with several serious injuries and in a coma. The reality of her injuries caused Jackie to become depressed, too.

8 Adrienne Moore Has Gone Wild


This photo of Adrienne Moore, who plays Cindy “Black Cindy” Hayes on OITNB, is totally wild. There is so much going on in this one photo.

From her face to the white dust flying off her whole body, it’s safe to say this is meant to be an artistic photo.

7 Lavern Cox Is Known For Her Glamour … But Not In This Pic


Laverne Cox became the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. She plays Sophia Burset, a transgender male to female inmate.

In real-life, Laverne always looks so glamorous. A photo of her without makeup and without one of her signature wigs is something that she probably doesn’t take too lightly.

6 Lea DeLaria Channels Her Feminine Side


Carrie “Big Boo” Black is one of the more sarcastic and confident inmates on OITNB. Lea DeLaria is a lot like Big Boo in this way. She’s strong and has a commanding personality.

Lea is credited as being the first openly gay comedian to appear on a late-night talk show. This photo is more feminine than the Lea we see nowadays.

5 Ruby Rose Was Once A Bubblegum Princess


Ruby Rose got her start as a model in Australia, but you might not guess that from the dark pixie cut and tattoos she has today.

This sweet image of Ruby, from her days before landing the role of Stella Carlin, is nothing like her character in OITNB. It’s hardly anything like Ruby Rose, herself, too.

4 Lori Petty Is The Embodiment of Early ‘90s


Lori Petty had one of the smaller roles on OITNB, but her character, Lolly Whitehill is definitely memorable. She’s as quirky as they come and spent a lot of her time in the psych department.

This photo of Lori is like one of those embarrassingly awkward photos from your younger years. Her dark makeup and stringy, platinum blonde extensions are probably not the best choices.

3 Kimiko Glenn May Have Gotten Dressed In The Dark


Brook Soso is a passionate and chatty inmate. She stands up for what she believes in, even if that means becoming the stinky inmate.

This photo of Brook Soso actress, Kimiko Glenn is a lot like Soso, in that she probably stood up for her right to wear this strange outfit.

2 Annie Golden Should Look In The Mirror


Annie Golden’s reoccurring role as Norma Romano, the quiet introvert. Though Norma may be characteristically quiet, she truly sings like a real-life angel.

This is a particularly embarrassing image of Annie, as Norma. She clearly has some type of feminine product, Statue of Liberty-like crown on top of her head.

1 Abigail Savage Was Once A Sweet Little Girl


No one really 100 percent likes what they looked like in their awkward childhood years. Abigail Savage, who plays Gina Murphy as a reoccurring role on OITNB, sure was one sweet looking little girl, though.

As Abigail got older, her hair became shorter, making this image something a pretty rare occasion.

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