19 Photos These Celebs Didn’t Want Taken On Commercial Flights

When your bank balance rivals that of Kanye West's, it's fair to say that you can afford to splurge on a privately chartered flight to the Bahamas (or wherever) every once in a while. Or, alternatively, as a purely worst-case scenario, book a flight in first-class or business class - at least that way you're separated from the masses via a curtain.

For whatever reason, be it to get up close and personal with the fans, because they were saving their pennies for a shiny new car, or because the private jet was already booked, these celebrities made the conscious decision to fly like normies.

Evidently, the famous faces weren't too happy when curious passersby snapped pics while they slept or asked for an awkward selfie.


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There's no need to tell you exactly what Ron Jeremy does, but let's just say that he's a very well-respected man in his particular industry. While he's usually pretty active, if you know what we mean, here he is taking a much-needed take while flying in economy class with the rest of us. We're not sure we'd like to be sitting next to him, to be honest.


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No matter how discreet you're trying to be, when you stand at an overarching height of 7 feet, one inch, then it's near impossible to fly under the radar - especially when you're crammed into a basic airline seat. Even though she's relatively known herself, Bollywood star Sunny Leone just couldn't resist grabbing this awkward pic.

17 Kanye West

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No matter if it's Mr. Average Joe flying from New York to Los Angeles, or the world's biggest A-lister jetting from Dubai to Monaco, everyone needs a nap once in a while. Well, apparently that was exactly the case for none other than Kanye West, who likely would have preferred to be able to sleep in peace.

16 Jeremy Clarkson

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Pictured above we've got the one and only, Mr. Top Gear himself, Jeremy Clarkson. What's not pictured, however, is what's written on the piece of paper to the left of the image. Without being too vulgar, let's just say it rhymed with 'spay blunt'. Any guesses? Keep it to yourself.

15 Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage might have wowed audiences over the years on the big screen with his long list of blockbuster films (let's give a special shoutout to National Treasure), however, he's looking far from his best in this particular impromptu mid-air selfie. Perhaps he popped a couple sleeping pills a little too early.

14 Paris Hilton

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It might a little hard to tell at first glance, but yes, that is the infamous hotel heiress herself. It might come across as somewhat a shock to see the often-dubbed 'spoiled brat' flying in commercial, however, she's actually stated that she “doesn’t mind flying commercial” (according to Mirror).”


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When you've been chokeslamin' puny wresters for close to 40 years and measure up to a totally non-discreet 6 ft 10 in, it should come as no surprise that you'll be spotted (and photographed) when out and about. Here, our dear Undertaker was caught joining the locals back in 2017 on a flight to New York City.


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Dealing with kids on a flight is never easy - we've all been there when screaming babies go wild mid-air and felt sorry for the parents. Will Smith, on the other hand, seems to have come up with a pretty effective solution. Even though Will looks like he could use a nap, little Willow comes first.

11 Hulk Hogan

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Considering that Hulk Hogan is one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, you'd assume that he'd be happy to fork out a few extra bucks to fly private. Apparently not, though. Here he is, the face behind millions of Hulkamaniacs, seated in a cramped window seat next to someone that's probably eating smelly tuna and disturbing the rest of the flight.


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As unquestionably adorable as this sleepy family snap is, there's still no way Chris wanted to be photographed while counting sheep with his little ones. The thunder from down under might show off an almighty persona in the Marvel films, but here, he's nothing more than a big, cuddly teddy bear.

9 Nick Offerman

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What Nick Offerman is mostly known for is his comedic role as Ron Swanson in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. What's he's clearly not known for, however, is his ability to crack a smile when 37,000 feet in the air. Evidently, Nick wasn't too happy about this photo being snapped while he's wearing his grumpy pants.


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More often than not, our man Alec Baldwin is not the fondest of being photographed in public, and when he's in a rush to catch a plane, that just makes it more uncomfortable. Apparently, the famous actor was accused of being rude to crew members, causing him to be removed from a flight.


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Just because you were an NBA star, playing for the once-dominant Golden State Warriors, it doesn't mean that you're immune to being photographed while sleeping. While sitting alongside his Golden State Warrior teammate, Klay Thompson, Andre fell victim to the classic you snooze, you lose prank.


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Can you imagine the amount of money that YouTube sensation Casey Neistat and former WWE Champion Triple H would combine for? It's absurd! Therefore, it makes plenty of sense that they're jetting around the world in first class. It seems like Casey is the only one who's actually enjoying it though.

5 Richard Marx

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Say hello to our next awkward airborne celeb, Grammy-winner Richard Marx. Back in December of 2016, while onboard a Korean flight, Marx was forced to help restrain a passenger who had gone just a tad loco. Despite generally keeping his private life, well, private, he had no choice here.


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As the famous daughter of Ric Flair and a notable wrestling personality in her own right, Charlotte Flair is no stranger to the spotlight. While we'd all like to be able to sleep in peace, especially on a long flight, AJ Styles - the dude who snapped the photo -  didn't seem to get the memo.


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Engaged in an ongoing banterous social media battle with Charlotte Flair, former 2-time WWE Champion AJ Styles received a bit of karma as Flair captured this sneaky selfie of him sleeping on the plane over the US skies. It's all in good fun though - the pair are actually very close friends in real life.


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Since tying the knot back in 2012, our beloved funnyman Ryan Reynolds and his leading lady Blake Lively have been one of the Hollywood 'it' couples. They often work together, they live together, and you can be darn sure that they travel together. Unfortunately, along with celeb status comes paparazzi, and Ryan, in particular, doesn't seem too impressed.


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Ty Dolla Sign might be an impressive R&B artist, however, when it comes to flying, his resume isn't quite as positive. Back in 2018, Ty apparently demanded that a blind person's seeing-eye dog was removed from the plane he was on. Why? Because the musician was allergic to the pooch.

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