15 Cringe Photos These WWE Stars Don’t Want Us To See Of Their Wives & Girlfriends

Making it in the business is a lot easier with a companion by your side. It is starting to become a trend for WWE stars to date those in the same company or in the same industry. Given that time is limited at home, at the very least, WWE stars can keep a relationship strong with a partner on the road.

At the same time, it can also lead to some cringe situations. Just ask poor Rusev who had to endure a storyline featuring his wife Lana romantically involved with Dolph Ziggler. In this article, we'll take a look at such scenarios. We'll also delve into rare photos of wives and girlfriends these WWE stars would rather we didn't see.

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15 Lana & Her Ex The Old Spice Guy

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Yes, that’s right, prior to dating Rusev, Lana was with the Old Spice guy. This was revealed on Total Divas.

During Lana’s bachelorette, she would actually encounter her former partner from the past – the two even shared a warm embrace, one we believe Rusev wasn’t too happy with. He might want to keep this memory in the past.

14 Nikki Cross Pre-WWE

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One of the lesser know couples behind the scenes happens to be a pair of former NXT recruits and Sanity members, Nikki Cross and Killian Dain.

Prior to joining WWE, Cross took part in more than a couple of photoshoots, some of them, more revealing than the others. However, once she joined WWE, her gimmick was completely changed to something a lot more WWE friendly.

13 Zelina With Austin Aries

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We can only assume things ended off on a sour note between these two. Vega is in a happy place nowadays with her husband WWE star Aleister Black. Here's what Vega had to say about her prior relationship via Twitter;

"I am going to say this once: We are NOT together and have not been together for a very long time. We were certainly NEVER married or engaged. I’ve moved on a long time ago and do not wish to be associated with him."

12 Charlotte & Bram

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This one seems to be forgotten by some fans and we hope the same holds true for Charlotte's new boyfriend, Andrade. While joining NXT, Charlotte did so alongside her man at the time Bram.

The two actually got married in 2013, though the relationship would end on a sour note in 2015.

11 Reby Sky’s Modelling Days

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Prior to joining the wrestling business in 2010, Reby made several appearances in magazines and various other platforms such as the Howard Stern show (along with several other TV cameos).

Given that she is now a proud mother of two, both herself and Matt might want to keep some of these memories in the past.

10 Becky & Her Recent Boyfriend

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Some fans were a little confused when Becky and Seth went public about their relationship. Now Seth had publically broken up with an ex-girlfriend. However, most fans thought Lynch was still with her partner, comedian Jeff Dye.

The two seemed to really hit it off, Dye even made a post calling Lynch part of the family. Yea, that changed in a hurry...

9 Kurt & Stephanie Chemistry

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We'll never really know for sure, though according to the speculation online, Triple H wasn’t the biggest advocate for Stephanie and Angle vignettes.

With Stephanie's character getting a lot edgier during her run as the SmackDown GM, she took part in several skits that likely had Hunter cringing backstage. This was one of them, a heated exchange with an old flame.

8 McCool Managing Another Biker

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We don't blame some of you that forgot about this gimmick. WWE tried to push Palumbo by slapping him with a biker gimmick. In addition, Undertaker's wife Michelle McCool rode with the former WWE star and played the role of his manager briefly.

The end result wasn’t a good one as Chuck quietly left the company. McCool, on the other hand, would enjoy some serious success as a heel.

7 Maryse & Ted DiBiase Jr.

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Speaking of WWE stars that might be cringing, Miz certainly qualifies as well given his wife's managerial work alongside another former WWE star, Ted DiBiase Jr.

However, it just turned out to be another lackluster pairing and one most fans tend to forget about. Let's not forget though, Miz would even get snubbed by his future wife during a backstage vignette years ago.

6 Lana & Ziggler Storyline

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Looking back, we're not quite sure exactly what McMahon and the WWE were thinking with this storyline. Some of the pics are just so hard to look at, we can only imagine what it felt like for Rusev... probably like a kick to the stones.

WWE went all in trying to fool us, they even took darn selfies at Disney Land together. It was all for nothing when Rusev and Lana posted a real-life photo of their engagement.

5 Brie Mode Time

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Daniel Bryan isn't the biggest fan of "Brie Mode." For those that follow Total Divas, you likely know that Brie Mode means Brie kicking things up a notch when it comes to partying. We saw a snippet of that during her night out with Paige.

We even have a throwback photo above with Brie alongside her sister and lots of other WWE stars including Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio.

4 Maria & CM Punk

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Maria had more than a couple of steamy moments during her time with WWE, one also included John Cena. Out of the ring, Maria also had a relationship with CM Punk, one she claims ended on amicable terms between the two.

Clearly, she moved on since and would find love again, this time with Mike Kanellis.

3 Becky & The UFC Fighter

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Another Becky Lynch relationship, this time with an MMA fighter, Luke Sanders. The two appeared to really hit it off posting several photos together via IG.

They would quietly separate and both haven’t really said much as to why things didn’t work. Seth really isn't complaining as things worked in his favor.

2 Weird Stephanie & Vince Segments

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Especially in the late '90s and early 2000s, McMahon wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries when it came to storylines. We saw lots of uncomfortable backstage moments, several included his own daughter.

Making matters worse, McMahon would actually pitch a story that would reveal him as the father of Stephanie's child. Thankfully, she stepped in and turned this down before it became a reality.

1 Charlotte & Her Other Ex-Husband

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Charlotte might want to keep this on the down low - not only is she close to her dad in terms of title runs but the same holds true for marriage separations. At the moment, Charlotte has two failed marriages, her first coming in 2013 to Riki Johnson.

Surely, she’ll think twice before making such a commitment again in the future.

Sources – YouTube, Twitter & WWE

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