16 Photos Travis Browne Doesn’t Want Us To See Of Ronda Rousey

Travis and Ronda started to date on some tough circumstances. It is believed that Browne was still with his wife when these two started to date – though that remains unconfirmed. As of 2015, the two started a relationship and in April of 2017, they were already engaged over in New Zealand. Just months later, they would tie the knot in Hawaii.

Given Ronda’s obvious fame, there’s a lot of things Browne needs to turn a blind eye on in order to keep his sanity. In this article, we’ll go through some of the photos he likely doesn’t want us to see. Pics include steamy UFC weigh-in photos, stunning photoshoot pictures and some of Ronda’s most forgettable moments in and out of the octagon.

Enjoy folks!

16 Beach Day With The Girls

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A candid shot of Rousey and her girls out in Rio. The paparazzi love this type of picture, whether it be a celeb or athlete, they always seem to be lurking when someone with a decent amount of popularity rocks a bathing suit.

Ronda’s enjoying her time with the gals, we all know her bond is just as close to her Four Horsewomen today.

15 Travis The Destroyer

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“Watch as I sit on and break Ronda’s ring and make her cry just before her UFC Hall of Fame induction.”

Ah yes, the classic breaking your wife’s ring just before her Hall Of Fame induction. We feel bad for Rousey but in truth, we feel just as bad for Browne – we can only imagine how bad the dude felt once this incident took place.

14 Sizzling Photoshoot

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Browne might not want us to see such pictures. With Rousey’s UFC fame came opportunities in different avenues.

Not only did she take part in several films and TV shows but she also got to work alongside so many great photographers throughout the years. This shoot definitely classifies among the steamiest.

13 LA Malfunction

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The weather is beautiful out in California – that’s Ronda’s current hometown. Conforming with the weather, Rousey wears a nice looking short flower dress.

It might’ve been too short for Travis’ liking, with a bit of wind, up went the dress causing a minor malfunction, showing us Rousey’s undergarments.

12 More Candid Wind Blowing

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The same type of situation, though this pic comes from Rio, Brazil. Again the wind blew Rousey’s ensemble, exposing her backside but hey, she had her bikini on anyways.

It was a time to celebrate for the UFC star she handily won her match on foreign soil in mere seconds against the hometown hero.

11 Posing For Buffalo

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Perhaps one of her steamiest shoots, Rousey worked a partnership alongside the clothing brand Buffalo.

Now surely, her steamiest shoot of all was alongside SI, rocking the body paint beachwear, it truly doesn’t get better than that from a revealing standpoint. Though she took some smoking product shots with Buffalo as well, like the picture above.

10 Stunning Dress

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When it comes to red carpet events, Rousey is always among the most beautiful women at the event. Time and time again, she’s turning heads.

The WrestleMania 35 press conference was a recent example, though her beauty was also on full display at this red carpet event, promoting for the film The Expendables 3.

9 Post Gym Candid

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She’s the hardest worker in the room – that’s what separates Rousey from the rest of the field. When word spread that she entered the pro wrestling world, lots of fans scoffed at the idea.

Again, staying true to her identity, Rousey worked her rear off getting ready for the debut, in the gym every single day. Her WrestleMania debut turned out to be one of the best debut matches in WWE history – if not, the best.

8 Dazzling At The Weigh-In

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When it comes time for a weigh-in, the women of UFC reveal their stunning conditioning for the fight.

That’s fine, but what might not be too fine for Browne is all the people watching at home drooling over his partner – which was likely the case in the photo above.

7 With The Ex

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Schaub didn’t shy away from the details following his breakup to Ronda Rousey. He had some harsh things to say about their time together, surely, both Rousey and Browne want this time period to be forgotten about.

At the very least, Browne got some revenge in the octagon easily defeating Brendan in the first round of their UFC fight via TKO.

6 The First Defeat

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Browne had to deal with the aftermath of Rousey’s toughest UFC defeat. She entered the match confidentially, as she normally does.

Holm would shock the world early on in the match and it would lead to perhaps the biggest upset in UFC history. A devastated Rousey went MIA for several months following the loss.

5 WrestleMania Injury

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After just a year with WWE, Rousey got the chance to main event WrestleMania – a first for the event as the women ended the show.

It was a tough ending for Rousey sustaining a hand injury, Browne attended to his girl backstage. As we saw recently, this was nothing compared to Rousey’s finger incident.

4 She’s Got Legs

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At this point, Rousey was on top of the UFC world. Not only was she the champion but she looked the part as well, rocking stunning attires at each of her UFC press conference events.

This might’ve been her best look, one that might have made Travis a little edgy. She shows off her stunning assets in the photo above.

3 Another Defeat

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This lost might’ve sent Rousey out the door. She was easily defeated by the current champion, Amanda Nunes. This loss turned out to be even more devastating given the amount of ease involved by Nunes, handily taking Rousey out.

Thankfully, Ronda had Travis in her corner post-fight to help with her emotions.

2 More Weigh-In Photos

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Without a doubt, UFC fans and fans of Rousey, in general, miss these types of photos. Although she’s a polarizing figure in the MMA world, Rousey always brought in the viewers each time she stepped foot in the octagon.

She even brought in the pre-fight viewers and it isn’t hard to understand why.

1 Airport Meltdown

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Landing back home after her first UFC loss, the paparazzi patiently waited – the last thing Ronda wanted was more cameras flashing in her face following her worst loss.

She decided to cover her face the entire time while husband Browne navigated his wife through the airport away from the mass amount of media.

Sources – MMA Fighting & Forbes

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