20 Stunning Photos Of WWE Divas That'll Get Vince McMahon Excited

As the Chairman of WWE and an outright billionaire, it would be fair to say that Vince McMahon has managed to completely dominate the western culture's wrestling scene singlehandedly over the course of several decades. Even with emerging competition from the likes of All Elite Wrestling on TNT hovering in the background, Vince McMahon and the WWE still remains at the top of the mountain after all these years; the brand is so huge that it might just stay that way forever.

A big reason why his brand is so huge is because of the WWE divas, his wrestling show's brand of women. Divas have impressed fans for so long not only because the women proved they can be as tough (if not tougher than) the guys on the wrestling roster, but because the women are just flat out stunning, especially to the WWE Chairman of the Board who hired them all.

20 Alexa Bliss

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"Sexy Freddy Krueger" is not a costume a lot of people desperately seek out on the bargain bin for Halloween, but Alexa Bliss makes it work. This is not the first time the former Women's Champion cosplayed for WWE, as she has entered the ring in the past dressed like Harley Quinn.

19 Lana

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Lana is often trotted out as arguably the most attractive woman to currently work under the WWE roster today. The proof is in the pudding as among the thousands of videos WWE has uploaded to YouTube, Lana's video kissing Dolph Ziggler retains the 50th most-watched spot with 41 million viewers purely due to her allure and appeal.

18 Carmella

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It is not hard to figure out why Vince McMahon continues to push this former SmackDown Women's Champion and WrestleMania Battle Royal winner as one of his top stars, and trust us, it is not just because of her in-ring talent. A quick look at Vince McMahon's browser history might tell us everything we need to know about what he thinks about Carmella.

17 Mandy Rose

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Mandy Rose's character in WWE as "The Goddess" is literally that she is the most attractive human being on the WWE roster. So much so that commentary (which, by the way, Vince McMahon always tells his commentators what to say) finds it 100% necessary to mention it whenever she's in the ring whilst salivating at mentioning her.

16 Nikki Cross

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There was recently a storyline on WWE SmackDown where Mandy Rose constantly ridiculed Nikki Cross for not being as attractive as she was or being attractive period. We're certain Vince McMahon wrote that storyline, but we think if he saw some of Nikki's pre-WWE photos, he might think Nikki was attractive for once.

15 Ember Moon

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Ember Moon is one of WWE's newer recruits and already has become a former Women's Champion during her brief couple years in the company. Unfortunately, according to The Wrestling Observer over at Figure Four Weekly, Moon is currently suffering from an achilles tendon or ankle injury that will take up to a year of recovery time.

14 Sonya Deville

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While she acts tough as nails and keeps a cold demeanor whenever she "puts [her] hair up to square up," per her own catchphrase, the MMA specialist is something of a girly girl in real life. She's smiles for days whenever she is away from the cameras and has a much more chill dress attire.

13 Bianca Belair

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Bianca Belair recently made her SmackDown debut after being introduced on WWE's NXT program. She is another newer star having only started wrestling in 2016, but critics like WWE Hall of Famer Lita (in an interview with The Sun) praise Bianca as one of the most "physically gifted" wrestlers in her sport.

12 Charlotte Flair

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It may be just a little bit too late to celebrate Halloween, but it is never too late to ogle a pic of Charlotte Flair dressed up as Harley Quinn. Her boyfriend, fellow WWE wrestler Andrade, actually does not look too bad himself in his Joaquin Phoenix era Joker get-up.

11 Taynara Conti

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Another new diva on the scene, Taynara Conti signed on to the WWE to become a wrestler in 2016 right after competing in the Summer Olympics representing her home country, Brazil. The 24-year old is also a black belt in judo and she has a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

10 Dakota Kai

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Fun Fact: Dakota Kai is actually related to The Rock! Well, kind of, but not really. Like Dwayne, she is part-Samoan, but there is no familial connection whatsoever, But if you ask WWE, she'd be related to The Rock because all Samoans are related. Just ask Roman Reigns (don't believe WWE, they're not really cousins, they're just Samoan).

9 Paige

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Paige's life was the focus of the film Fighting with my Family, produced by The Rock. The film ends when she wins her first WWE Divas Championship, but so much has happened since then that it warrants a sequel. She's since retired due to injuries, got suspended and nearly blackballed by WWE, had some leaks, and now hosts WWE Backstage on Fox Sports 1.

8 Carolina

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Catalina Garcia only just signed with WWE last August and now has already debuted on Monday Night Raw as a new masked character, Carolina, appearing two weeks in a row now. We like to think Vince McMahon saw her without the mask on Instagram and thought she had the perfect pretty face for television, hence the quick push.

7 Naomi

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Naomi has come along way from being introduced to WWE television as a cheerleading Funkadactyl to being a two time WWE Women's Champion. We wonder what sort of, um, "assets" Vince McMahon was impressed by to push her to the top of the Divas division as highly as she is now.

6 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks recently returned to WWE television following an extreme bout with depression, as she thoroughly explained in her recent WWE Chronicle documentary. At the time of her hiatus, there was speculation that she'd be leaving WWE, but Vince McMahon was never going to let a pretty face like that get away so easily.

5 Killer Kelly

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Much like Sonya Deville, Killer Kelly plays a scary, tough as nails butch MMA character on WWE television for NXT UK, but out of character has a much more smiley and approachable demeanor. She even promotes Ringkampf - a clothing line started by fellow WWE stars Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel, and Walter - as a model outside of WWE.

4 Mickie James

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Hard to believe that former Women's Champion Mickie James is still not only working for WWE, but still wrestling at the age of 40. But even Vince McMahon can see that she ages like fine wine. Hence, the likely reason why he has kept her around for so long as an active competitor.

3 The IIconics

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Comprised of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, The IIconics pay homage to another villain who Vince McMahon pushed to the top back in the day, Shawn Michaels for the sake of a tribute photoshoot. No wonder Vince took a liking to them and crowned them his second-ever WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

2 Natalya

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We know it is too late to celebrate Halloween ourselves, but as with the previously seen pic of Charlotte Flair, we cannot help but ogle Natalya's picks from an old Halloween photoshoot. We would not be surprised if most of the photos clicks came from Vince McMahon, as a matter of fact.

1 Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch has prided herself in being called The Man and since defeating Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, the Baddest Woman on the Planet. A photoshoot like this highlighting Becky Lynch as a tough as nails bare-knuckle fighter seems perfectly apropos, all things considering. And given this was shot long before she called herself The Man, it's ironic.

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