20 Candid Pics Of Celebs Getting Pulled Over

Having the life of a celebrity sounds amazing. You get to go to A-list parties, drive fast cars, but occasionally, they come crashing back to earth. Being a celebrity means that you are almost always in the public spotlight, especially when it comes to authoritative figures such as the police.

What’s really amusing is the wide range of emotions that are present in this article. When a police officer pulls over a celebrity, they can be anything from angry to starstruck. Equally amusing is the celebrity reaction when they are forced to deal with the police. Some try to use their celebrity status while others make it known they are less than impressed.

Check out how the police and celebrities deal with one another with these candid photos.

20 Kim Kardashian

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Adding to the list of Kardashians who have been stopped by police, Kim was pulled over for having window tint that was too dark. Kim obviously values her privacy as most celebrities too, but it doesn’t cut them a free pass when it comes to the rules of the road.

19 Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber was stopped by police while driving his completely customized Batmobile. His security team, who were following behind, watched on with amusement as Bieber was questioned as to why he was driving such a ridiculous car. The Beebs was eventually let off with a warning but police clearly weren’t impressed with his attention-grabbing antics.

18 Jenson Button

via express.co.uk

Formula 1 driver Jenson Button ran afoul of the famously stern-faced police when he was in Monaco for the Grand Prix in 2016. The police of Monaco are known for their strict no-tolerance approach to modified cars during the race, and the stony-faced officer was obviously less than thrilled at Button’s antics.

17 Pete Wentz

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Pete Wentz was another victim of having window tint that’s too dark to be legal. The bassist of Fall Out Boy looks like he’s about to cry as the officer is writing him a ticket for the offense. At least the bassist and singer is in good company, with dark window tint being a common offense amongst celebrities and a nice earner for the police.

16 Nicky Hilton

via ridingirls.altervista.org

Fashion designer and sister to Paris, Nicky Hilton recently found out that the rules do indeed apply to her as she was stopped for speeding and talking on her mobile phone as she drove. She was on her way home from shopping and received an $85 ticket for the infractions.

15 Jessica Alba

via dailymail.co.uk

Jessica Alba was pulled over for being on the phone and tried the old-fashioned method of getting gout of the ticket by flashing her smile at the police officer. Turning on the charm clearly had some effect as she was written up for having a phone in her hand while driving, an offense that carries a less significant fine.

14 Ryan O'Neal

via celebritycarsblog.com

The boxer turned actor ran afoul of the law in his Porsche Panama, which is a car that makes it all too easy to drive above the speed limit. O’Neal found this out the hard way and decided to try to minimize the ticket by playing it cool with the officer.

13 Alec Baldwin

via maxim.com

Always attracting trouble wherever he goes, Alec Baldwin was stopped by police originally for riding against oncoming traffic on his bicycle. Instead of being polite and accepting the ticket, he became argumentative and refused to provide his ID, a move that never ends well. It didn’t end well for Baldwin either, the actor was handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct.

12 Molly Sims

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Pregnant Actress Molly Sims was stopped in West Hollywood for a minor traffic violation. The actress maintained a sunny disposition throughout her traffic stop, even giving the officer a hug at one point. Both the police offer and Sims were all smiles as she was let off with a warning.

11 Lady Gaga

via gagainspace.com

Lady Gaga’s poker face couldn’t save her from getting a ticket just two weeks after getting her drivers license. The 30-year-old singer was driving her new Ford Lightning pickup when a police officer noticed her vehicle didn’t have registration plates. Although she had just bought the vehicle she was cited for not displaying a temporary permit.

10 Kendrick Lamar

via tmz.com

Rapper Kenrick Lamar tried to keep a low profile when he was stopped by Beverley Hills police in his G-Wagon. The motorcycle officer noticed Lamar was rolling with no plates and stopped him to find out what was going on. Lamar was let off with a warning and the officer spoke briefly to a concerned citizen filming the incident, stating he hoped he had learned his lesson.

9 Orlando Bloom

via stormshadow.tv

Lord Of The Rings Star Orlando Bloom turned on the charm when he was stopped while driving his in LA. The officer was clearly star-struck when he pulled over the actor, letting him off with a warning and a handshake. Bloom was evidently stopped for speeding in his $115,000 BMW.

8 Julie Bowen

via rumorfix.com

The star of Modern Family, Julie Bowan was on the receiving end of an angry police officer who pulled her over for talking on her phone while driving in Studio City, California. She didn’t appear to be too upset about it, perhaps because the fine is just a paltry $92.

7 Daniele Watts

via mirror.co.uk

Daniele Watts, star of Djanjo, was pulled over and arrested while with her husband on suspicion of solicitation. Police demanded to see both their ID cards before handcuffing Watts and placing her in the back of their car. They eventually let the couple go once they established who they were.

6 Louis Tomlinson

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Even the police get starstruck sometimes and that was the case when police stopped Louis Tomlinson of One Direction fame. When the policeman realized who he had stopped, he told Tomlinson that his daughter was a huge fan of the band and asked if he would mind posing for a selfie.

5 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner has had plenty of run-ins with the long arm of the law as well. In this photo, she was stopped soon after she got her drivers license for window tint and provisional license violations. It wasn’t the first or last time she was in trouble with the law. Maybe she should have tried to smooth things over with a Pepsi?

4 Jimmy Osmond

via dailyrecord.co.uk

Former 70s pop star Jimmy Osmond had time to snap some good-humored photos when he was stopped by police for a breath test. It occurred during the busiest time of the year for police, the run-up to Xmas. Osmond passed the test with flying colors and even joked that he had made some new the officers were his new best friends.

3 Chris Rock

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It’s easy to count how many times comedian Chris Rock has been pulled over by the police because he posts a selfie to Instagram every time it happens. The reasons why he keeps getting pulled over has never been made clear but some followers suspect it’s because of how he portrays the police in his comedy routine. Maybe it's time for some new martial Chris.

2 Jeremy Clarkson

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It’s well known that the host of the Grand Tour has a lead foot and it landed him in hot water in Colorado, where he was caught for speeding. Clarkson immediately invoked the rights of his passport, explaining that the police were not allowing him to pass freely without hindrance. The police laughed it off and even agreed to appear in the filming of the show.

1 Tyga

via irishmirror.ie

The man in the tinted Mercedes is Kylie Jenner's ex, Tyga. He was not only stopped by police but also detained when they spotted him driving with no license plates on his vehicle. Tyga pled his case to watching media stating he had paper plates on his vehicle because it was new and he thought he had 30 days to affix regular plates.

Sources: TMZ, People, and Insider.

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