20 Pics From Miley’s Past She Wants People To Forget

Miley Cyrus has been in the spotlight ever since childhood. Not only did she play pop princess Hannah Montana on the hit Disney Channel show for years, but she has been walking the red carpets with her famous dad, country star Billy Ray Cyrus before the blonde wig ever existed.

Despite Miley growing up surrounded by all the glitz and the glam that Hollywood has to offer, she still hasn't mastered the art of staying out of a scandal just yet. 'The Party In The USA' singer has had many notorious headline moments that even she regrets.

From swinging nude on a giant wrecking ball, bringing criminals to awards shows, becoming a successful meme, tongue out 24/7 and a few makeup and costume mishaps, Miley has definitely been through it! So, without further ado, here are the 20 photos from Miley's past that she wants people to forget.

20 Crazy Eyes Meme

While posing for photos on the red carpet at the 2008 Grammy's, Miley Cyrus found herself gazing into the camera so much that you'd think she was having a vision. Although it appears Cyrus is looking deep into the future, the star failed to see that she would turn into a massive meme over a decade later. The blue eye stare has become a viral sensation, however, we aren't sure that Miley is totally on board.

19 Makeup Mishap

When you achieve international success, you no longer live a private life, which means red carpets, premieres, interviews, and paparazzi galore. With that being said, looking your best becomes a necessity, however, for Miley Cyrus this wasn't the case during one event in Los Angeles. It appears her makeup artist didn't blend her powder all that well, causing it to show with flash photography.

18 Licking Everything

Miley Cyrus is known for a lot of things such as singing, dancing, writing and using her tongue for many things. The singer is notorious for showing off her taste buds, however, it seems to occur at some pretty inappropriate or unnecessary moments that just leave us wondering; why? Despite this photo not being in "good taste," it's definitely a step up from when she slobbered all over that metal sledgehammer in her music video for "Wrecking Ball."

17 Spitting Water On Fans

Whether you go to a show to see your favorite artist, dance your life away or just have a banging time with your friends, Miley has different plans. The singer thought it'd be a good idea to spit water on her fans while performing during her North American tour last year. Many we're alright with being spit on, while others not so much.

16 And once more

If one time wasn't enough, it appears Miley Cyrus likes to go in for seconds. The singer turned her water spitting routine into a habit at her shows, becoming something fans began to look forward to seeing, however, we doubt those in the front row would agree. At least it's Fiji water, right?

15 No Eyebrows

We love a good experiment, however, even Miley went on to later agree that this was not the best idea. The star decided to say goodbye to her eyebrows for a brief moment in time, and let's just say it was an interesting choice. She posed with supermodel Miranda Kerr on Instagram where she showed off the missing brows, thankfully, Miley has grown them back!

14 Cultural Appropriation

Miley Cyrus has been called out for doing a lot of stuff that even she is not super proud of, but one image that left the internet slightly peeved was a shot of her with a forehead full of bedazzled beads. Fans and viewers claimed the star was appropriating many Asian countries who wear a bindi for cultural purposes and reasons. Not the best look for Miley!

13 Tongue Out

As discussed previously, Miley Cyrus is notorious for utilizing her tongue in many photos, many might refer to it as the "tongue phase." Despite the singer doing her thing, fans become quickly tired of the singer consistently posing with her tongue out, and Miley would agree, slightly.

12 And Again

If one photo weren't enough, we had to toss in another. In this photo, Miley Cyrus is, you guessed it, posing with her tongue out. There really is no moment captured between the years 2013 and 2018 where the singer showed off her pearly whites without her tongue hanging out. Rock out, we guess?

11 And yet again

Did you think we'd leave things off there? No way! Even on the red carpet for a charity event, Miley Cyrus is doing what she does best, posing with her tongue out! At least this time she paired it with a wink. The star was so well known for her signature pose, that she started off her Bangerz tour by coming out of a giant tongue onto the stage, talk about commitment to the brand.

10 And the photo that foreshadowed it all

This is the last one, we promise! Although Miley has only recently made the tongue out pose a trademark one for her, it appears this was all foreshadowed during the Hannah Montana years. Miley, dressed as Hannah, is seen sticking her tongue out back in the mid-2000s during a show. It's safe to say Miley has moved on from the tongue out movement, and we're all on board with it!

9 Spikey Hair

Miley Cyrus has had some pretty eclectic hairstyles in the past, but we think this one takes the cake. The spikey-do was a first for Miley, and although it was in celebration of the Met Gala in New York City, even the singer admitted to the fact that she wouldn't give the spikes another go.

8 VMA Date

Next up on the list is an incident we all want to forget, including Miley herself. At the 2014 VMA's, Miley brought a homeless date, Jesse Helt with her and even had him accept her award with a speech on youth homelessness in the U.S, although this may seem endearing, there was a catch. Turns out Jesse had a warrant out for his arrest during their time at the VMA's and even went on to sell the moon man award back in 2016.

7 Blue Gel

We love a good slicked back look, but even fans agreed that this was not one of Miley's best hairstyles. Not only is there a lot going on, from the blue color, blue glitter and brushed back style, but it appears an entire tub of gel or two was used to get the look locked and loaded.

6 Jojo Siwa Style

Miley Cyrus definitely had a phase where she was all about bows, colorful ribbons and strings, bracelets and rainbow this and that, however, it appeared to all take place on her head. Many fans and viewers thought the star was giving the Jojo Siwa "look" a go, thankfully it didn't last for too long.

5 Wrecking Ball

One of the most shocking music videos to grace the public in the last decade had Miley Cyrus licking sledgehammers and swinging from a giant wrecking ball completely nude. The "Wrecking Ball' music video was definitely one to remember, however, Miley Cyrus herself has gone on to say that she "regrets" ever having done the music video.

4 Funny Faces

Jimmy and Miley try to recreate funny faces on the spot that kid viewers sent to The Tonight Show.

We all know that when something ends up on the internet, it will last for eternity. In this case, Miley Cyrus and her numerous funny faces from the Jimmy Fallon Show will forever haunt her. The singer and talk show host had to imitate faces that kid viewers sent in, and it definitely made for a funny segment!

3 Wild Nights Out

When you think of Miley Cyrus, it is no question that she "can't be tamed", and it goes without saying that the star has had many wild nights out. This shot taken after one of those extravagant nights were photographed by the paparazzi where the star looks like she is living her best life, and of course, sticking her tongue out!

2 Bad Skin Day

Anyone who has had a pimple or two knows the feeling of wanting to hide under a rock until they disappear, well, we imagine the same goes for celebrities. Miley Cyrus is no stranger to an acne flare-up, and we can't imagine these photos circulating online are ones that she wants people to see.

1 Crazy Costumes

To end things off are none other than a few of Miley's most memorable costumes that had us all going "huh"? Despite looking like a bundle of sun, fans of Miley have gone on to question this particular look and questioned whether purple eyebrows, braided hair, stickers, and a massive sun were the best way to go.

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