19 Pics Of Alex Morgan Her Husband Can’t Hide From Us

Things have never looked better for Alex Morgan. After just coming off another World Cup victory—one in which she had a meme-worthy performance in the finals—her stardom is at an all-time high.

Not only is she an accomplished soccer player with the skills on the field to back it up, but she’s also one of the hottest females to ever play the game. She isn’t shy about getting in front of the camera either.

In 2014, she tied the knot with Servando Carrasco, a soccer player on the LA Galaxy. There are plenty of photos out there of Alex Morgan he’s probably not too pleased are out in the open, which we reveal below.

19 Advocate For Equal Pay

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There’s an ongoing debate over the years that involves the U.S. Women’s soccer team and equal pay. Many of the players have fought to get the same pay as the men’s team.

According to Time Magazine For Kids, Alex Morgan was the first name in a list of players who signed a lawsuit against their employers that demands what the team deems is fairer pay.

18 Partying

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Things got a little out of hand in the U.S. Women's locker room in October 2018, but no one can blame them—they had just beat Canada for the CONCACAF Championship.

TMZ reports that Morgan wasn’t just partaking in the festivities, but actually leading everyone in drinking champagne and dancing.

17 Caught On Camera

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Morgan sat down with Sports Illustrated to discuss what these photoshoots meant to her.

During the video, when asked what a particular photo meant to her, Morgan said, “This picture just shows me like how strong I am and how hard I’ve worked—not necessarily to show off my body in any way, but I work every single day to compete on the highest stage in my sport.”

16 Soccer Star

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Forget about her World Cup accomplishments—Alex Morgan was in a movie. Made by Nickelodeon, Alex & Me is about a girl who aspires to become a soccer player like Alex Morgan.

One day the poster of Morgan that’s hung up in the main character’s room comes to life and teaches her how to play (Heavy.com).

15 Leroux and Morgan

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One of Morgan’s closest friends is Sydney Leroux, a fellow U.S. Women’s soccer teammate also pictured here. A New York Times article reveals that the two play soccer together, go to Halloween parties and even jump off cliffs in Hawaii together.

The same article reports that an Instagram photo of the two in swimsuits managed to get over 15,000 likes.

14 Dressed Up

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Even though photographers spot Morgan at the beach dressed, she gets dressed up plenty of times too. In an article by The New York Times, Leroux said of both she and Morgan: “We’re not girly-girls, but we do like to get dressed up.”

With all her ESPYS appearances, Morgan seems right at home on the red carpet.

13 Control Freak

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It’s become something of a rite of passage for female athletes to pose for Sports Illustrated.

In a behind the scenes video from a shoot, Morgan said she got to pick her own swimsuits and even teammates who posed also. “Having more control makes me feel good,” said Morgan. “It makes me get across exactly what I want to” (Sports Illustrated).

12 Getting Low

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Winning the Women’s World Cup is a big deal and one that the team this year didn’t fail to celebrate. Morgan was in the middle of the party and didn’t hesitate to get low.

So low, in fact, she was booty shaking and trying not to laugh at the same time (Sports Illustrated).

11 Jaguar Spots

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There’s a reason Sports Pro Media put Morgan on their list of marketable athletes. Heavy.com reports she came 36th on the list in 2018.

The year before that, she ranked even higher at 17th. She’s got the smile, personality and talents brands would love to have marketed their products.

10 Working Out

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In her bio on the University of California Golden Bears Athletics website, Morgan shares what sports she'd play if she didn't have soccer. “A volleyball player,” she wrote. “If not that, a softball player. I’m too competitive not to play a sport!”

Her soccer career has gotten her far, including an endorsement deal with Nike and other major brands (Heavy.com).

9 At The Beach

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There are countless photos of Morgan at the beach in a bikini. She’s a California girl, so she probably feels right at home soaking up the sun at the beach.

Considering her athleticism and that she’s always played sports, her body is always in shape and ready for the cameras.

8 ESPYS Nominee

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When she attended the Women’s World Cup in 2011, Best Comic Books reports she was just 22 years old. That made her the youngest player to compete at that World Cup.

She seemed to take the pressure of her first World Cup appearance in stride, however, as she managed to score a critical goal against France, which got her a 2012 ESPYS nomination (ESPN).

7 Taking Aim At Cameras

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Photoshoots with Morgan also make use of her soccer skills. For the 2019 Sports Illustrated issue, a behind the scenes video shows her kicking the ball. “I always feel like when you aim for the camera it’s better,” she said. “Because you get the better shot.”

At one point, she kicked the ball and someone screamed in the background as it flew over the camera.

6 Halloween Costumes

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If one had to guess Morgan’s favorite holiday, Halloween seems the likely winner. She and her friend Sydney Leroux love to dress up, strike a humorous pose and take selfies for Halloween.

This time, Yahoo! Sports reports Morgan went as McKayla Maroney—her “not impressed” smirk the giveaway—while Leroux went as Gabby Douglas.

5 Beach Bum

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With both beauty and soccer skills, Morgan proves she’s the complete package. With all her photoshoots and candid snaps, she’s shown she could be a model if she wanted to.

She’s too good at soccer though to turn her back on the sport, especially when she only gets better each year.

4 Actress

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It was just last year that Nickelodeon released Alex & Me, a movie starring Morgan who teaches a young girl how to play soccer. This photo shows Morgan on the red carpet for the Kids Choice Sports Awards in July 2018.

Aside from getting kicked out of Disney World a couple of years back, Morgan has a clean-cut image that makes her an ideal role model for kids (The Guardian).

3 Tattooed

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With all her swimsuit photos, Morgan’s tattoo on her hip tends to stand out. Keen eyes will be able to spot the text, which reads “thirteen” in cursive.

The site Steal Her Style notes that it’s Morgan’s jersey number. Considering all her success, Morgan is giving unlucky number “13” a better reputation.

2 On The Red Carpet

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With all of Morgan’s success in soccer, many might suspect her of having played it all her life. However, according to Biography.com, she didn’t start playing until she was fourteen.

That’s a testament to her hard work and dedication, which is ultimately what got her to where she is today.

1 Camera-Friendly

via Sports Illustrated

These photoshoots must come naturally for Morgan, who makes posing for them look effortless. Here she’s wearing a swimsuit for one of many photoshoots she’s done with Sports Illustrated.

With her long list of accomplishments only continuing to grow, it’s likely there will be plenty more shoots in the years to come.

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