20 Pics Of Alison Brie And Dave Franco That'll Make Every Guy Jealous

Alison Brie and Dave Franco are #couplesgoals. They seem to be so in love and best friends too. Not only are both super successful actors, but they are attractive and seem to be a ton of fun. Cupid did a fabulous job connecting these two lovebirds, and theirs seems like a celeb marriage that will last for the long run, unlike others that fizzle out fast.

Now that Alison is officially off the market, fans everywhere are feeling down in the dumps. They may be happy for her future with Dave, but it only means that other men don’t stand a chance. They are not surprisingly envious of Dave and for good reason...Alison’s a catch and a cute one at that.

Check out these 20 pics of the too-perfect couple and you’ll quickly understand why they are the luckiest lovers around. They make marriage look like a piece of cake.

20 Red Carpet Goals

Via: people.com

As Alison and Dave pose on the red carpet for the cameramen, they are elegant and excited to be there. Both look dapper and well-dressed, and others there surely noticed them when they arrived on the scene. It must be nice to be so good-looking and well-received. These two have it made.

19 High-Fives

Via: people.com

Alison and Dave are enthusiastic about whatever is going on, and they are reaching out to other celebs for high-fives on what seems to be a fabulous night. They are smiling and in good spirits, so it must have been an evening to remember. With so many folks around, this event was surely a success.

18 Adorable At Home

Via: jewcy.com

Sometimes celebs want to stay out of the spotlight and stay home doing things the rest of us do. Alison and Dave are dressed in their comfy clothing and are spending the evening doing everyday things. They don’t care where they are or what they do as long as they’re together.

17 Cute Couple

Via: popsugar.com

As Alison and Dave smile subtly for a snapshot, they are evidently in love and feel happy by one another’s side. These two are like peas in a pod, making one another laugh as they stay in love. Fans adore their attitude, even if some are jealous that they can’t find someone as special.

16 Stealing A Kiss

Via: okmagazine.com

Alison lovingly plants a peck on her main man’s cheek, and he is obviously happy that she is so open to showing such signs of affection. He is probably going to kiss her right back, and she will be smitten all the same. Love like this is something to cherish.

15 Between The Brothers

Via: newsweek.com

The adorable Alison is sandwiched between her hubby and his brother, and it seems like they all get along swimmingly. Sometimes wives do not bond with the in-laws, but in this case, it appears that everyone is on board with the relationship. It surely makes holiday gatherings far more fun.

14 Meow!

Via: independent.co.uk

It seems like Alison and Dave’s kitty cat has claimed her human, so Alison must share her man with their feline friend. Sometimes cats favor one person over another, so let’s hope Alison isn’t jealous of their bonding time. She could always lure the cat towards her with a treat.

13 Sweet Selfie

Via: marieclaire.com.au

Alison’s selfie is surely special, and her bright blue eyes are so spectacular. She is such an attractive woman, and men from all over think she is hot. It is no wonder that Dave is so madly in love with his wife. She is beautiful, talented, and a positive person.

12 Breaking A Sweat

Via: yahoo.com

Alison and Dave are staying in good shape by exercising together. They are riding their bikes in a class atmosphere, and the energy from having everyone around is inspirational. After they sweat it out, they can clean up and perhaps go out on a date. If they keep at it, both will have bodies to envy.

11 Elegant Evening

Via: popsugar.com

Alison and Dave are dressed for a black-tie affair, and their outfits are elegant and well-tailored. Both look great, and as they pose for a pic, they’re at ease in their environment. Celebs are often invited to special events, so these two know how the evening will go. They look the part and are ready to party.

10 Fall Fashion

Via: twitter.com

Now that fall is in full swing, Alison and Dave have ditched their summer wardrobes for fall-appropriate clothing. They look great in their warmer clothes, and they have a matching vibe that is super cute. With the brisk weather whipping through the atmosphere, covering up is essential. Before long, the snow will have everyone shivering.

9 Nice In Navy

Via: celebsfirst.com

Alison is awesome in her navy gown. The look is modern and she wears it well. This style suits her body type perfectly, and the dress fits her frame fantastically. Her hubby must have thought her look was lovely, and fans couldn’t agree more. She ought to win a fashion award for her stylish sensibilities.

8 Goofing Around At The Game

Via: si.com

Alison and her man are at the game, and Dave’s bro is there also, cheering on the home team. It must be cool to get coveted seats, and the couple seems to be having a great time. Lots of celebs are spotted at sporting events, and Alison and Dave are enjoying the perks.

7 The Perfect Pair

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The cute couple is posing for a pic, and they are casual and comfy as they cuddle up. When these two are out and about, they are always showing their affection for one another. Some people may be put off by the PDA, but these two always keep it classy.

6 Glittering Goddess

Via: pagesix.com

Alison is alluring in her golden mini dress. The glittery design is spectacular, and she seems to be pleased with her fab fashion choice. Her toned legs are on display, and those strappy shoes are super sexy. Dave must have gone wild when he saw his honey looking so hot.

5 Red Hot

Via: newslocker.com

Alison and Dave are dressed up for another star-studded event, and they look swell in their stylish outfits. Dave is dapper in his tailored tux, and Alison is red hot in her form-fitting red dress. They seem happy to be there and must have enjoyed all the wonderful things that happened that night.

4 Happily Married

Via: voanews.com

Alison and Dave are dressed for the cooler weather – Alison in a turtleneck sweater and Dave in a blazer and sweater. Now that holiday season is approaching, it’s important for folks to dress for the colder temps that are headed to many places. Summer is behind us and the winter days aren’t far off.

3 Bundled Up

Via: cosmopolitan.com

When the winter weather causes everyone to get chilly, we must put on our coats in order to brave the outdoors. Alison and Dave are dressed for such days, in warm coats and long pants. It isn’t snowing where they are, but the chill in the air can cause shivers. Dave will surely keep Alison warm if she starts to tremble.

2 Glam And Gorg

Via: theknotnews.com

Alison looks amazing in her strapless dress. Her toned arms and shoulders are able to be seen, and her overall shape is fit and fab. Her man looks pretty great too, dressed for an important evening in his suit and tie. These two always look great, and this pic is proof.

1 Forget Franco

Via: newidea.com.au

Alison is quite a stunner in this great photo. She dazzles as she stares into the camera lens with a look that causes fans to take notice. Dave must love it when he sees his wife looking so sizzling, and lots of other guys feel the exact same way. Who could blame them?

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