20 Pics Of Beyonce Before She Became Famous

Pre-fame, Beyoncé had a spark inside of her that she must have known would one day ignite. She may have seemed like a typical girl to those who lived nearby, but those close to her had a hunch that one day she’d be “Queen.” Royalty was living among them.

There are plenty of little kids with big dreams and aspirations for the future, but without talent, dedication, and whole lotta luck, they would never see those moments come to life. Not Beyoncé. She was preparing all her life to be in the spotlight, and now she’s one of the most well-known celebs on the planet. Such passion sure paid off!

We see plenty of the star now, be it in magazine photos, onstage, or in music videos, but rarely do we get a glimpse of her as a girl. These 20 pics are precious, showing us the superstar before she made it big.

20 Twinning With Blue Ivy

Via: harpersbazaar.com

It’s so cute to see how much the superstar looks like her darling daughter. Lots of people think Blue Ivy looks more like her famous father, but this pic proves otherwise.

Perhaps she’s the perfect combination of the two, but we’d guess that the little girl would prefer to be compared to her beautiful mama.

19 Schoolgirl Sweetness

Via: pinterest.com

As a child, the singer was a sweet schoolgirl with no idea that one day she would be known around the world. Back then, it was all about hitting the books and being a good girl.

Play dates were fun, but these days her entertainment comes from being on stage and showing the crowds that she’s the star of the show.

18 Throwback Trio

Via: youtube.com

Three pics of the celeb are surely better than one. We can’t get enough of the superstar, so this three-fold photo is just what makes us happy. Seeing the singer in these old pics makes us wonder if she even had a clue that one day she’d be on top of the world.

Only she knows if she had an inkling, but deep inside she must have had a hint that she’d be a star.

17 Lil Beyoncé And Solange – Who Wore It Better?

Via: loanpride.com

Solange is a star in her own right. As the little sister, following in her big sister’s footsteps was par for the course. We know that Solange isn’t nearly as famous as her big sis, but she must be so proud to be part of a family with so much talent.

The Knowles family is one to applaud and admire.

16 Posing Like Her Pipsqueak

Via: pinterest.com

Bey and her “mini-me” may as well be twins. The way they pose in such a similar fashion proves that the little princess is so much like her famous mom.

Perhaps it’s genetics or she’s a little copycat, but no matter the reason, it’s super adorable.

15 Guess Who’s Beyoncé?

Via: pinterest.com

It’s quite hard to tell which one of these little girls is Bey and which is Blue. They look so much alike in these pics that it’s almost uncanny. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and the cuteness goes from generation to generation.

Take a wild guess and try to figure out which one is mom and which one is daughter?

14 Baby Bey

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

This adorable pic of Bey as a baby is one that her parents probably couldn’t get enough of. That precious face and pretty pose are as sweet as can be. She’s dressed like a little doll and seems like a happy baby.

Fast forward, and Bey had babies just as cute of her very own. Grandpa and grandma must be so proud.

13 Role Reversal

Via: gistonice.wordpress.com

Back then it was Bey posing with her mom. Now she’s the one with the daughter to stand proudly next to. Both of these pics are so special as they show how time flies as the generations go on.

Perhaps one day, we will see a photo of Blue Ivy posing with her daughter. That would be something special indeed.

12 Prepping For Popularity

Via: eonline.com

It’s getting close to fame time. As Bey was climbing closer to celeb status, it was evident that she’d take off and become a hit maker. Her parents knew she had it in her, and soon the entire world would too.

With such raw talent and looks to match, there was little doubt that a diva was in the making.

11 Make Mama Proud

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Bey’s mom has always been supportive of her daughter. With talent like hers, how could a parent not believe that she could do anything she set her mind to?

Not everyone wants their kid to dream big, but this mom was the support system that helped propel Bey into the stratosphere and become a star.

10 Dreams Do Come True

Via: standard.co.uk

Lots of children dream that one day they’ll be famous. They want to be singers or actors and be known around the globe. But for the majority of little ones, such dreams never become reality. Not for Bey.

She knew in her heart that she could do it and that she did. Now we all get to benefit from her hard work and wonderful music.

9 The Outfits Sure Got Better

Via: reddit.com

Just as these young ladies came on the scene, they were dressed to kill. But as they became more famous, their look evolved and became far more fashionable. Sure, they look cute, but as time passed, they went from OK to outstanding.

Style is important in this industry, so once they improved, things got even more exciting.

8 Almost Ready For The Spotlight

Via: pinterest.com

It takes a ton of commitment to become a star. Things rarely happen overnight, so Bey knew she’d have to put in the time to fine-tune her talent. This prep sure paid off. Without the dedication and desire to succeed, we’d never see Bey be her best.

She may have felt ready for a while, but once things were worked out, she was ready to rock the world.

7 From Prom Queen To Queen Bey

Via: culturehook.com

This lucky lad was the fella who took Bey to prom. Little did he know that one day she’d become one of the most famous women in the entire world. Too bad he didn’t stick with her from that point on. He must be kicking himself now that she’s a huge star. Then again, he must look back on those days with fond memories.

It’s a fun story to share with his grandkids one day.

6 Cute And Colorful

Via: sports.yahoo.com

Bey looks like a bright and brilliant rainbow in this throwback photo. She’s already got the fame in her game, and she’s excited for what’s to come. She may not have known she’d be a big-time entertainer, but she surely knew she loved to perform.

Some kids have it in them from the get-go. Bey is one of those special someones.

5 A Little Attitude

Via: graziadaily.co.uk

This little diva is already giving us a hint that she’s got some attitude. She needs that edge to make it in the entertainment industry, so starting early isn’t the worst thing in the world.

She’s got that look in her eye that she means business - the same one she has to this day. Bey was a diva then and will be forever.

4 Jay-Z Who?

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Back then, Bey was hanging out with another special someone. There was no “Bey and J,” so some other dude was her main man. Surely this fella blew his chance to be with Bey for life, but Bey is happy with her hubby and three adorable kids.

Wonder what this fella is doing now. Does he get free tickets to her concerts as a consolation prize?

3 A Montage Of Memories

Via: kmhouseindia.blogspot.com

So many cute pics of Bey to see, so little time. Thankfully, we can get all the Bey we need in this handy montage. One pic is cuter than the next, and each one tells a special story. It’s fun to see how Bey looked as she was growing up.

And she never even had an awkward phase! Makes sense since she is so beautiful now.

2 Hasn’t Changed A Bit

Via: closeronline.co.uk

Bey looks just as she did when she was a little girl. Of course, she has gotten older, but that same sweet expression and smile hasn’t changed a bit. Time flies faster than we can imagine, so it must feel like just yesterday that she was that small.

Now she has children to watch grow up just like she did.

1 Practice Makes Perfect

Via: eonline.com

Before becoming the mega-star she is today, Bey was all about practicing until she achieved perfection. All that work did her wonders, as she’s a superstar who keeps getting better. Hit after hit, this diva is not slowing down.

Her fans adore her and she won’t give up. Thank goodness she’s determined to maintain her diva status for the long haul.

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