19 Pics Of Black Widow The Hulk Doesn't Want You To See

It was always intriguing how, of all the various female Marvel heroines, the Black Widow was the first one showcased in the MCU. The dangerous super-spy has her roots back in the 1960s and while she has been an Avenger, she’s more suited to spy stuff. Scarlett Johansson has done well in the role. She captured Nat’s pain and her romance with the Hulk was very interesting to see play out. It's likely to grow with her upcoming solo movie finally coming. 

Of course, the Widow has been a great beauty for fans to play with. Female cosplayers love to replicate hot black jumpsuit and red hair. Meanwhile, fans love to do art putting Nat with various other MCU characters and in rather revealing outfits. Some are a bit NSFW but others still stand out great. Here are 19 images of the Black Widow the Hulk may not like but fans sure will to remind everyone of how alluring this lethal beauty can be.

19 Easy Distractions


Natasha knows her beauty is a key reason folks underestimate her. She even admits her outfit can be used to throw opponents off and give her a major advantage. The fact she can be an ace fighter while looking like a supermodel is important and Natasha always insists she be taken seriously for her skills. However, Elena Samko showcases the knockout looks Natasha has that always stands out for the character. As respected as she may be for her fighting, it’s those amazing looks that truly give the Widow her wicked bite.

18 Mother Russia


Widow was created at the height of the Cold War in the 1960s. As time has gone by and the USSR collapsed, her Russian heritage has been played with a bit more. While she may have issues with the government, Nat is loyal to her nation and love to boast about how strong and tough Russians are. This image has Alexia Jean Grey paying tribute to Nat’s heritage with an image of the Kremlin behind her. It’s a reminder the Widow is from a country that knows how to handle very difficult times.

17 On the Hunt


Widow has lent herself very well to cosplay thanks to that great outfit. It has shifted a bit over the years but that tight black jumpsuit that’s capable of being unzipped at the front makes for a terrific suit for cosplayers. Here, Giorgi shows off the great top as Natasha appears to be on the hunt for some target in a warehouse. It takes a lot for a woman to look this incredibly glamorous while also very deadly, and both cosplayer and character pull it off.

16 Blunt Look


You can spend all day talking about the various “could have been castings” for the Marvel movies. One of the biggest is that Emily Blunt was offered the role of Natasha in Iron Man 2 but turned it down. Blunt has seemed to regret it a bit as she knows that it could have been a major boost to her career. This image shows how Blunt could have absolutely been perfect in the role, just as gorgeous and perhaps more believable with her accent. It’s a great “what if” turn of another actress as Nat.

15 Wonder Widow


This was part of a set that basically switched around Marvel and DC actors. In this case, Gal Gadot is cast as Natasha. It’s an interesting idea as the actress did spend two years in the Israeli military. She actually looks amazing in a slightly redesigned suit that emphasizes red more. The red hair looks great on her and she captures the dangerous aura of Widow perfectly. In another reality, Wonder Woman as Black Widow could have been a fantastic casting coup.

14 Magic Claws


A major part of Natasha is how she’s a normal human in a world of super-beings. She makes up for it with her terrific training and skills. She doesn’t need super-powers at all, but now and then fans enjoy imagining her having some. In this image, Nat has what looks like a combination of Wolverine’s claws and Ghost Rider’s flames. Combined with her ultra-hot outfit and she looks like she’s a 2000s Image comics gal yet it somehow works for her.

13 After Hours


It’s no secret Natasha has had her share of amazing companions. After all, part of her training was how to seduce guys on the job. Hawkeye, Daredevil, Winter Soldier, Hercules, and Tony Stark have all fallen for her charms. It’s easy to see why given Natasha’s gorgeous looks, her drive, and incredible athleticism. This image is terrific, displaying Natasha in a gorgeous black gown to show her great form off and why the Widow truly is deadly to some guys.

12 Awesome Agents


Nat and Maria Hill haven’t always gotten along well. Hill’s tough attitude rubbed a lot of people in SHIELD the wrong way and it wasn’t helped by her backing some harsh moves that nearly ruined the Avengers. While they respect each other as agents, the two really aren't friends. This image, however, imagines they might be more than just that. It shows them very close on the Heli-Carrier, in full uniform yet clearly ready to be more close after hours.

11 Dazzling Gal


It’s not mentioned often but Natasha is older than she looks. She was a child during World War II and came to the KGB in the ‘50s. The explanation is that she was exposed to a special serum that slowed her aging down as well as other tricks by the KGB. Thus, Natasha, like Captain America and Winter Soldier, is pushing a century in age. She sure looks good for it as this great pic showcases her curves and how the Widow never looks anything less than steamy in any decade.

10 Lethal Lady


A hot cosplay list without Lindsay Elyse just can’t be. It’s no shock the beauty has tackled Natasha as well. The background is unique as Natasha was trained by the “Red Room,” a top-secret division of the KGB. It basically warped and brainwashed her into a deadly agent. It took years for Nat to break free from it but she still worries she has some mental programming left inside her. Natasha is able to carry that legacy with her as the Red Room did help create one sexy spy.

9 Get a Leg Up


Natasha is an expert hand-to-hand fighter and able to take on a dozen guys at once. But she was trained to never rely on just getting in close. Thus, she’s also an expert sniper and can hit a target from 500 yards or more. Nicole Salera shows a great look for Natasha that exposes a lot more leg than the real Widow would on a mission. Yet it’s a very steamy look as well as serving as a reminder how the Widow can sting even over long distances.

8 Frequent Flyer


A major scene in Civil War is the Avengers going at it with each other at an airport in Germany. It’s a terrific battle as Nat faces off with long-time partner Hawkeye and the duo banter as they fight it out. Claire Ana does a spin on this as she poses as Natasha in an even hotter costume that shows her curves off nicely. Behind her is an airport in chaos with the idea Nat alone caused it. It shows it may not be the best move to fly with the Widow.

7 Foxy Indeed


Katyausa Moonfox is well known for her great cosplay of heroines. It’s thus no shock that she does a terrific job with a hot version of the Widow. She integrates a bit of her classic look with some of the newer bits like her belt but still looking very effective in the field. She’s ready to kick butt as well as any of the guys but also stand well on her own as a very capable agent who looks gorgeous in any outfit.

6 Street Spy


Natasha has been trained to be top notch in any setting. Sure, she’s spent time with the Avengers traveling into space and even other dimensions. But Nat admits she feels more at home just doing regular spy stuff. She’s even said that unlike the more visible heroes, she fits into the streets well. Of course, in this cosplay by Giorgia, Nat would turn heads easily thanks to her gorgeous looks. It sort of robs from the “street lady” persona a bit.

5 A Little Down Time


One of the odder bits of Marvel in the early 1990s was a full-scale “swimsuit issue” having the heroes in skimpy clothing. For a woman as gorgeous as the Widow, it’s no wonder artists enjoy showing her in that sort of outfit. Here, it looks like Natasha is enjoying some down time in some far-off place, the view as stunning as she is. Even the Widow can enjoy some time off and Natasha does seem to be enjoying a break.

4 Between Two Men


There’s an old line that you should “never work with your ex.” In the superhero world, that’s often unavoidable. More than once, Natasha has found herself working with Hawkeye or Daredevil, both former lovers, at once. Here, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier are on a mission with Natasha and the two men’s obvious issues with each other are clear. Natasha herself seems to be almost enjoying having two hunks ready to fight over her to remind one how many hearts she’s broken.

3 Winter Tats


During his time as a brainwashed Soviet assassin, Bucky Barnes and the Widow had a relationship. When Bucky regained his memories, the two restarted their fling and worked well together. It sadly ended as a villain caused Natasha to forget the whole relationship and it’s been rough for them since. This pic has a fun bit of Natasha adding a heart tattoo to the Winter Soldier’s arm as a reminder of their great bond.

2 Deadly Heat


Adam Hughes is hailed for his astounding artwork of female superheroes. It’s impossible to find a woman Hughes can’t somehow make look steamy as all get out. It’s no shock he can make Natasha in a swimsuit look astounding. The rock looking like a web is a genius touch as the guns in her hands show Natasha is ready to go to combat even when looking like a glamorous Bond Girl.

1 Savage Lady


Natasha is trained to fit into any surroundings she finds herself in. More than once, a bad guy has made the mistake of dropping her somewhere without her usual gadgets and thinking she’ll be finished only for Natasha to survive. This drawing from one of Marvel’s “Swimsuit Issues” showcases Natasha seemingly popping into some sort of fantasy world and easily managing to fit in. She looks hot yet also commanding and the swords show the Widow has some bite.

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