20 Pics Of Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds That'll Make Every Guy Jealous

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been described as couple goals on more than one occasion, and it's kind of difficult to disagree with that hypothesis. The two shine bright as one of the most amazing Hollywood couples out there, and we can't picture a scenario in which that'll cease being the case.

With every single guy from here to Africa wanting to date Blake Lively, we've decided to make it even worse for them by posting twenty pictures that will be making guys around the world weep.

Don't worry, fellas, we can always dream about a life with Blake - but that's about it.

20 The Family Life

Even if you aren't a fan of the idea of starting a family right now, it's hard not to look at this picture and think anything other than "wow, what a beautiful team they've created."

They just seem to work together, and even that might be an understatement. Family is everything, after all.

19 Endless Laughter

Everyone wants a girl that has a little bit about them, and Blake Lively has a lot going for her. Aside from the fact that he's a Hollywood superstar, she also seems to possess the kind of personality that can win over any man - which is clear, judging from the fact she was able to land someone as incredible as Ryan Reynolds.

18 The Distinguished Look

The phenomenal curls have left Ryan worshiping her every movement in this picture, and can you blame him? She looks utterly breathtaking, to the point where it's almost as if it's unfair to all other women across the planet.

We might be going a little bit far, but you get the drift.

17 Unspoken Connection

Sometimes two people look at each other and you can just kind of feel their connection: and this is the perfect example of that.

It's almost as if they're the only two people in the world that matter, and that's both sweet and charming in equal measure. You love to see it.

16 Dressed For All Occasions

Styling and profiling is the aim of the game in Hollywood, and the contrast between these two styles is something that we are absolutely living for right now.

The glittery basketball jersey fits, for some reason, so perfectly well with Ryan's blue suit. We can't quite put our finger on why, but we're incredibly jealous of the dynamic.

15 Double Date Goals

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen chilling out with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. This seems like such a random pairing, but at the same time, we think it works oh so perfectly.

While this may have been nothing more than a photo opportunity, we love the idea that these four hang out and take part in lots of fun couple activities with one another.

14 Classy As Always

This legitimately looks like the First Lady and the President are stepping out of the Oval Office for a bite to eat at their favorite restaurant.

Blake looks so insanely good here and the best part is that she knows it. You can just feel the chemistry falling off of these two individuals, and it's the kind of connection many of us could only ever dream of possessing.

13 Hair Up Heaven

We've seen many shots with the hair down, and now it's time to check out the hair being up.

As is the case with the majority of women, this look allows us to get a better view of Blake's stunning facial features. She just seems to shine in any and all given scenarios and not every woman is able to do that.

Reynolds knows how unbelievably lucky he is.

12 That Dress

This dress is almost certainly the best of the lot in terms of Blake's looks so far, and she's complemented perfectly by Ryan's scruffy, businessman appearance.

They look like some kind of superhero couple, as if they're about to fly in and save the planet from whatever disaster comes our way.

You know what? We'd be okay with leaving the fate of civilization in their hands.

11 Utterly Radiant

Even when she's pregnant, Blake seems to give off this tremendous aura - as you can tell by this showing at the Detective Pikachu premiere. She was there to support her man, and boy oh boy did she do so with style.

Ryan is stood there knowing that she's just one of a kind, really.

10 Get My Best Side

This picture speaks a thousand words and, really, those are the best kinds of pictures.

Catching Blake off guard with this kind of hilarious shot represents the art of what it means to be in a couple, and more specifically, what it means to be a couple. Just outstanding stuff.

9 White Party Prepared

We know that they almost certainly aren't at an actual white party, but either way, they should rock this look if they ever decide to go to one.

We'd say that this is their color but to be perfectly honest, we're convinced they could wear any singular color combination they desire and still pull it off.

8 Forever Cheeky

In addition to the two being photographed kissing here, we think this is a great shot. Sure, it seems like a bit of an invasion of privacy, but try telling us that 95% of the people reading this aren't going to be insanely jealous.

There's got to be a deeper story to this one!

7 Ultimate Power Couple

They're at the Time 100 gala. They're looking dead into the camera, looking as drop-dead gorgeous as always, and they are quite literally slaying.

How on earth is anyone supposed to compete? They take the word 'goals' to a level that we can't even begin to fathom and we all know that to be a fact.

6 Date Night

Even when they are just trying to go out and chill, they're able to come across as the best couple in the room - and in the entire United States of America.

It's clear to see that they don't need to try and put on any kind of act because this pair is as in love as it gets.

5 Classic Jokester

Making your girl laugh is something that every guy should strive to do, regardless of how long you've been in a relationship for. If you have laughter, then you've got a wonderful foundation with which to build on.

It helps if you're both very pretty humans and likely always will be.

4 Drop Dead Gorgeous

'Straight fire' is an incredibly cheesy and somewhat stereotypical phrase or thing to say, but we feel as if it's an adequate thing to come out with given the overwhelming evidence on display here.

Ryan seems to have gone for a slightly more upmarket number and then Blake just, well, outshines him.

3 Cute Dress-Up

Couples who dress up together stay together.

If you've ever wanted a girlfriend to dress up with as you go out for your Halloween shindig, look away now in order to avoid sheer jealousy seeping through your veins.

We don't like to say this all too often, but they're quite clearly meant to be.

2 The Endless Gaze

What kind of look is this? We aren't entirely sure, but we enjoy the fact that there's some guesswork involved.

Part of us wants to believe it's the undying love they possess for one another, and part of us just plain believes that they're being super cheeky, and we want to lean towards the latter explanation.

1 True Love

When you're chilling out with Mickey Mouse, there should be a pretty clear sign that this thing is going to last for a long old time.

This just encapsulates the two of them perfectly, and also why we don't believe the window for dating Blake is going to be open anytime soon. Sorry, guys and girls.

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