20 Pics Of Britney Spears That Were Way Too Hot For The ‘90s

When Britney Spears burst on the scene as the pop princess of the ‘90s, she was the “it girl” that everyone just simply couldn’t get enough of. Her perky persona and catchy top 10 tunes made her a hit across America and throughout the world.

Let’s not forget, she was still pretty young when she rose to fame. That said, some of her looks were not for the faint of heart. She was baring lots of skin and wearing skimpy outfits, giving fans a look at her figure from the very start. Plenty of people thought this was A-OK, but for the more buttoned-up types, these hot pics were cause for concern.

Here are 20 pics of Britney that had folks staring. For the ‘90s, these images were outrageous. Perhaps if she were a bit older at the time, no one would give them a second thought, but by today’s standards, they’re not even that big of a deal.

20 Belly-Baring Brit

Via: pinterest.com

Britney loves showing off her toned tummy. She’s looking cute in her tied-up bubble gum pink top and low-slung silver satin pants. This look was super popular in the ‘90s, and Britney is giving it her best shot.

By the look on her face, she seems satisfied with her fashion statement.

19 Loads Of Leather

Via: bustle.com

Leather, lace, and a lot of drama make this outfit stand out from the pack. Britney isn’t shy about showing some skin, and this ensemble allows her to do just that.

From head to toe, this woman means business. Don’t mess with Miss Spears when she’s in this kind of mood.

18 A Pop Of Pink

Via: crfashionbook.com

The pretty pop star sure loves the color pink. She’s on stage doing her thing and her little tube top looks terrific. Britney was embracing the ‘90s style with confidence, and this semi-casual look seems comfy as well as cute.

She may be lip-synching but at least she’s stylish while doing so.

17 On Stage Seduction

Via: bustle.com

Britney is showing off her moves and magic on stage in her glittery red number. She’s performing at her peak, showing the audience that she’s deserving of her pop princess title.

This look isn’t for the every day, but when Britney’s in front of the crowd, she famously flaunts her figure.

16 Summer Smile

Via: pinterest.com

That sweet smile is pure Britney, but her short shorts and bare middle show that she’s got a sassy side too. When Britney has a chance to show off her midriff, she takes the opportunity and goes for it.

Why leave your shirt hanging loose when you can tie it up and test the limits?

15 Red Hot

Via: bustle.com

Britney looks ravishing in red, giving us a long look at her hourglass figure. Those curls are cute and her expression is priceless. It seems like the pop star is loving this look, perhaps since it’s more upscale than her usual belly-baring crop tops.

We all know that after the show she slipped into something more comfortable.

14 Bikini Top Babe

Via: rebloggy.com

Britney is all about the bikini top, and this outfit puts hers on full display. When it comes to mixing casual with eye-catching, Britney does it best.

While some people might think this look is rather revealing, Britney appears to have no issue flaunting her abs. She’s tanned, toned, and all tummy.

13 Skin And Slither

Via: crfashionbook.com

Who could forget this iconic moment when Britney stepped on stage with a gigantic snake? She didn’t seem scared, but the rest of us were at the edge of our seats.

Aside from the lengthy lizard, Britney’s look had quite the “wow” factor. She was dressed provocatively and put on a noteworthy performance.

12 Lace Look

Via: bustle.com

Navy blue lace is something special, and Britney is wearing her outfit with plenty of sass. She’s looking gorgeous with her glowing skin and shiny hair. Her eyes pop and her skin looks luminous.

Her outfit is fancy but flimsy, so when she walks through the crowd they can see every curve of her body.

11 Black Magic

Via: bustle.com

Britney is singing for the audience, putting on what looks like a passionate performance. She’s baring her middle as she loves to do, but this time her pants are slung super low.

Fans must love her look, but those who criticize would say this is too daring for the young diva.

10 Cover Girl Goddess

Via: popsugar.com

Britney is rocking the cover of Rolling Stone, and her bra and panty set are being seen by the masses. At the time, this cover was controversial, but today, no one would have batted an eye.

Sure, she’s young, but as a pop star and performer, these types of photoshoots aren’t anything out of the ordinary.

9 Lots Of Leg

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Most people would probably consider what Britney is wearing to be a shirt, but she’s got another idea up her purple sleeve. Why not call this piece of clothing a dress and do away with pants altogether?

She’s certainly got the legs for it. Let’s just hope she gets out of the car with care.

8 Cropped Clothing

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Britney is giving the thumbs up as she walks outside with her toned tummy on full display. Her cropped denim vest and even shorter shirt allow the pop singer to show off her sleek stomach.

She is even sporting a belly button ring to add more attention to the area.

7 Two Pop Princesses

Via: wsrkfm.com

Here we see Britney standing beside another famous face, pop singer Christina Aguilera. Both ladies were on their way up at the time, and rumors of a rivalry were the talk of the town.

But it seems like they have no beef between them, so let the golden gals have their moment.

6 Denim Diva

Via: refinery29.com

It seems like ancient history, but lots of us recall when Britney was dating Justin Timberlake. These two would probably love to forget this ridiculous denim fashion look, but the rest of us will never erase the moment from our minds.

Whoever thought up this idea must have had quite the imagination.

5 Toned In Her Tank Top

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Britney is showing off her biceps in this “I Love Punk” tank top. She looks cool with her hair tied back with a yellow bandana, and her chic sunglasses frame her face nicely.

She’s not showing too much skin in this pic, but she’s still giving off a vibe of va-va-voom.

4 Biking In Itty Bitty Shorts

Via: guyhepner.com

It must be a challenge to ride a bike in such skimpy shorts; perhaps that’s why Britney is simply standing beside hers. These “Daisy Dukes” couldn’t be any smaller, but Britney seems to want to show off as much leg (and then some) as she can.

Adding the word “Baby” to her butt only enhances the ensemble.

3 Cute And Casual

Via: pinterest.com

Britney looks super cute and ultra-comfy in her midriff-baring shirt and jeans. Her belly band enhances her tiny waist, and that shiny belly button ring adds some extra pizazz to the area.

Lots of young ladies at the time wore similar looks, but not too many pulled it off as well as their idol.

2 Tiny Tank

Via: vfiles.com

With a tank this small, it’s a miracle Britney didn’t have a “wardrobe malfunction.” Sure, she’s got the body for it, but this tank is super tiny. Some may say why even wear a shirt at all.

But Britney knows she looks hot, so she’s giving her die-hard fans something to drool over.

1 White Done Right

Via: crfashionbook.com

Britney looks like she is getting prepped to go on stage, so she’s checking the mic and getting her agenda in order.

In this white outfit, Britney looks stylish and self-assured. She’ll create a buzz when she walks on stage, showing her fans that she can pull off nearly any ensemble easily.

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