19 Pics Of Broken Xboxes We Can All Be Angry About Together

The Xbox is perhaps one of the greatest gaming systems to have made it into the world at large, and some of history's greatest video games have been made for this console. It all started with the original Xbox, released in 2001, almost 20 years ago now, made by Microsoft as their first attempt at making a gaming system.

Since the original box, there have been many improvements and new console models, after the Xbox was the Xbox 360, then the Xbox 360 S, then the Xbox One, the Xbox One S, and the Xbox One X. The most recent models provide 4K capabilities and unmatched processing power. Essentially, the Xbox is pretty cool. Which would make many cringe in pain and anger to see one smashed up. Let's take a look at some broken Xboxes we can all be angry about together.

19 Shattered And Sad

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Whatever happened to this Xbox is a serious shame, as the side is completely cracked and damaged, the casing dented and broken up. Is it salvageable? Who knows, really, the likelihood is probably not, as the damage is likely to also be internal, based on the extreme amount of damage.

18 A Shipping Catastrophe

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What a catastrophic thing to have happen to an Xbox that you just bought. The entire thing was horrendously damaged in transit, smashed to almost unrecognizable bits before the recipient even got to see it or use it. Talk about a tragedy of the greatest sort. Unfortunately, this happens far more often than it should.

17 Destroyed By Mom

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Some parents just don't understand the community and life built around gaming and the Xbox, as well as other video game systems. They were raised in a different way, we weren't. So, in their frustration, they do senseless, senseless things like destroy their children's happiness. It takes a very special parent to break their child's Xbox.

16 Half A Controller Isn't Enough

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It's hard to fathom the amount of rage that ripping a controller in half would take, but sure enough, here someone did just that, ripping an electric blue Xbox controller right in half. What a shame, really, considering there is no logical reason to waste a perfectly good controller, no matter how angry. Plus, it's a variant controller as well.

15 It Was Only Five Dollars But Still

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Someone decided to salvage an old Xbox from a flea market for a whopping five dollars, which is an extraordinary price for a gaming system. Turns out, though, that it needs a whole lot more work than just plug and play. The inside was coated with all kinds of grime, dust, and filth. No way it would work properly. At least there weren't any cockroaches.

14 Wanton Destruction

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It's a real shame when someone decides to melt an Xbox for the fun of it. Don't you think that maybe you'd have more fun over a longer period of time, you know, playing a game? Although using an aerosol can and a flame is a good (and extremely dangerous) time, that doesn't justify destroying an Xbox.

13 All Soaked In Water

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While this photo at first glance doesn't seem to have any issues with the Xbox or the games, the truth is that they are all completely waterlogged, and destroyed by moisture. That is a true tragedy, really, considering not only the system but all the games and controllers are sodden. True sorrow.

12 An Enraging Tragedy

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Why something like this would have to happen to a perfectly good Xbox 360 is anyone's guess. It's a truly enraging tragedy, to see it smashed up into pieces like this. How senseless. I'd take it instead, if it was a software thing I'd pay to get it fixed. Anything but this, please.

11 Bent Controller

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Someone was very very angry, or something very sad happened to this controller. Either way the, end result is a very tragic thing as this controller is well beyond repair, and without a controller, there might as well be no Xbox. It's enough to make anyone angry. Practice restraint and patience, people.

10 Completely Destroyed

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It looks like some kind of banshee got a hold of this Xbox or something, because it's completely ripped up and torn open to pieces. It's enough to make anyone angry, and the worst part is that the outside is in shards and the inside is torn open like a can, making it unreasonable to repair.

9 Definitely Seen Better Days

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This is what happens when an Xbox catches on fire. This is why fire is not good for an Xbox. Or any electronics, really. But in this case, we can lament the tragedy for the gaming system that has been completely destroyed. What a tragic shame. If only we could've rescued it.

8 Destroyed In Anger

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Breaking an Xbox controller because you are frustrated with a game is something that just isn't okay in really any circumstance. If a game is giving you this much anger, it's time to rethink more than just your habits. It's a sad shame to see this, though, because there's no saving it.

7 Expert Cut, But Why?

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Someone decided to cut an Xbox controller directly in half, and it breaks our heart in two, just like the controller. Why would someone do this to a perfectly functional Xbox controller? The mystery is a painful one, and we wish that we could have saved this controller before a monster got a hold of it to do experiments.

6 Just A Bit Overheated

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Why someone would light an Xbox on fire is about as good of a question as any. Seems like such a terrible waste of a console. In fact, it's such a tragic sight to behold that it lights a fire inside of us, angry and wishing that we could save this poor thing from a flaming demise.

5 Melted And Crispy

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When fans aren't cleaned properly and ventilation isn't properly considered, things like overheating occur, and with catastrophic consequences at that. In the case of this Xbox, the whole thing got melted and crispy. Goes to show that a simple thing called maintenance can really do a lot for a system.

4 Probably Won't Work Anymore

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While it's possible the shell is the only thing cracked on this system, the truth is that it probably just won't work anymore because it's too damaged. And that just makes us angry inside to think about such a waste of a good system. If it's still operable, we'll take it; we don't care how it looks.

3 Scattered Across The Cement

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Shattered and broken Xboxes shatter our spirits and break our hearts. There's just so much here that could have been, or would have been, if it weren't for this senseless act of violence against an innocent machine like this. If only things could have ended up differently for this console.

2 The Red Ring Of Death

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Sometimes a completely broken Xbox can look entirely fine on the outside, all the hardware and pieces still in tact and perfectly preserved. But the software unfortunately will become irrevocably damaged, and when this red ring of death pops up, our hearts sink with fear. It's a reminder that Microsoft wasn't always on top of things like they are now.

1 Utter Neglect

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When you can see dust and dirt piling up in all the edges and connectors of this first generation Xbox, you know that it's faced years and years of utter neglect. Will it be restorable? Will it ever work or run again? These are questions that are worth asking, though the answer seems like a pretty resolute no.

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