20 Pics Of Camila Cabello That Will Make Shawn Mendes Lose His Mind

Camila Cabello is smokin’ hot right now. Her star power continues to rise as her love life with fellow musician Shawn Mendes heats up. These two lovebirds are one of today’s coolest couples, and fans just can’t get enough of their red hot superstar romance.

Together, they are a duo that’s nothing short of dynamite. But Camila is quite the cutie all on her own, and her main man must feel all kinds of lucky. Lots of guys would love to be by her side, but Shawn’s charm and talent won her over. Could be his good looks too, but perhaps she’s more into his personality.

These fine-looking pics of Camila are sure to get Shawn all fired up. He already knows how gorgeous his gal is, but 20 images all in a row may just push him over the edge.

See why everyone is excited about Camila. This gal’s going places.

20 T-Shirt Temptation

Via: variety.com

There’s nothing basic about this white T-shirt. Camila is posing to show off her universal appeal, and her unbuttoned jeans lead to thoughts of temptation. Shawn must be in shock that he’s dating such a delectable woman. For his sake, let’s hope it lasts. If not, plenty of other guys are waiting in the wings.

19 Super On Stage

Via: perezhilton.com

Camila is singing on stage and her audience is surely in awe. She has a great talent that she’s happy to share with the crowd. Her biggest fan must be Shawn, and after every show, he’s waiting to compliment her on her performance. The front row center seat is always reserved for him.

18 Underwater Adventure

Via: etonline.com

Swimming is twice as fun when Camila takes a dip with her man. They’re cooling off on what looks to be a scorching day, and they must be getting frisky without anyone knowing what’s going on underwater. Perhaps they’re on vacation hoping not to be spotted, but the paparazzi always manages to seek out the stars.

17 Rockin’ The Red Carpet

Via: hollywoodlife.com

As she poses for her picture, Camila looks like a stunner in her all-black ensemble. Her form-fitting top and sleek pants give her an edgy look, and the modern style suits her figure perfectly. She is confident and cool, something her man must find attractive. She doesn’t need to smile much to look sensational.

16 Shimmy And Shake

Via: accessonline.com

Yellow can be a hard color to pull off, but Camila embraces the brightness and looks beyond beautiful. Her shimmies and shakes make the crowd go berserk, and the fun she’s having is evident. Shawn must be impressed by her hot moves, but he’d rather be the guy up there with her.

15 Hot Shot

Via: nowtoronto.com

Camila sure knows how to work the camera. Her pic looks perfect as she gazes into the lens with her amazing eyes. Her beauty is natural and comes from within. Her man must be in awe of her good looks and all-around loveliness. When she chose him, his heart skipped a beat.

14 Holy Hair

Via: contrareplica.mx

Camila is causing a commotion by whipping her long hair all over the place. She’s known for her amazing head of hair, and this pic proves her locks are luxurious. With a pose that turns heads and a body to die for, this pic is on fire. Shawn surely hit the jackpot.

13 Much Love For Her Man

Via: oncubanews.com

Men all over the world are privately weeping because Camila is so in love with her music-making boyfriend. She is showing him lots of affection by embracing him from behind. With all these two have in common, their connection is electrifying. She’s so happy, it hurts. He’s just as smitten.

12 Smokin’ On Stage

Via: papercitymag.com

Camila steals the show with a performance that’s energetic and earth-shattering. Her self-confidence is at its peak, and the audience is feeling her inner strength come to the surface. Her outfit is unbelievable and her presence is powerful. It’s no wonder that she’s such a hit in the music biz.

11 Powerful Performance

Via: live.wtmx.com

Blue is a beautiful color, and Camila wears it well. She’s really getting into the song and she crouches down and gets closer to the crowd. They must love it when the star sings her heart out, and when the song is over, audiences only want more. She’s willing to go the extra mile to put on a show they won’t soon forget.

10 Cute Curls

Via: misalosangeles.com

Camila has a head full of long and lovely curls, and her smile is super cute. When Shawn sees his gal looking so good, he must pinch himself to prove he’s not dreaming. She’s happy to be herself and it shows in her radiance. Shawn picked a winner with this pretty lady.

9 Peace Out

Via: globalnews.ca

Camila flashes a double peace sign to show her fans that she’s hip and happening. Her sequined dress is dazzling, and it is evident that she is excited to be wherever she is. Her adorable wink is probably aimed for her man, and he’s looking right at her with adoring eyes.

8 Diva At Dusk

Via: seventeen.com

As the sun sets in the backdrop, Camila is taking in the evening’s energy and transforming into a tempting goddess. Her look into the lens is captivating, and her aura is all sorts of romantic. Perhaps she’s on a trip with her man, and he’s the one taking the picture. It’s a good thing he’s able to concentrate, otherwise, the photo would be a big blur.

7 Hangin’ In Her Hoodie

Via: uppstudio.com

Camila forgot to put on pants, but her man doesn’t mind one bit. With only a hoodie to cover her up, Camila looks extra comfy and casual. She can’t wear stage costumes and gowns all the time, so she slips into her well-worn sweats after a big show. Looks like the singer is ready for some sleep.

6 Jean Shirt Style

Via: time.com

Camila is adorable in her jean shirt and pretty pose. She’s a beautiful woman, and pics like this bring out the best parts of her personality. Shawn knows what a wonderful woman she is, inside and out, and fans who have followed her career would surely agree. She never takes a bad shot.

5 Red Reaction

Via: popcrush.com

Camila is thrilled to be on the red carpet in a dress that matches the mood. Her energy is sky-high as she throws her arms in the air and takes in the scene. Her dress looks great on her gorgeous figure, and the fans in the background are so pleased to be in Camila’s presence.

4 The Biggest Ball Gown

Via: vogue.com

This beautiful ball gown is a work of art, and Camila must be so thankful to be able to wear it. The fine details and intricate work makes this gown one to admire, and her elegance comes through as she poses with perfection. Dresses like these don’t come cheap, but Camila deserves the finer things in life.

3 Fine Fashion

Via: popsugar.com

Pink has never been prettier as Camila stuns in this jumpsuit. The glittery shine and form-fitting shape make her body look its best, and with her hair pulled back off her face, we can see Camila’s stunning features. Shawn must have gone into shock when he saw Camila walk into the room. She’s fashionable and foxy – a winning combination.

2 Window Dressing

Via: wonderlandmagazine.com

It’s just a regular afternoon for Camila, who is taking some time to herself to hang out by an open window. When she is not on stage performing, the pop princess can pop up onto the countertop and chill. Perhaps there’s a light breeze coming through to cool her off.

1 Pop Performer

Via: live.wtmx.com

Camila is doing her thing and making the crowd clap after every note. Her talent is through the roof, and her fans come to see her perform at her peak. The outfits the singer wears on stage are always unique, and her main man must love seeing her shine as she works her magic.

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