20 Pics Of Carrie Underwood That'll Drive Mike Fisher Crazy

Even though Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest stars in the music industry, some people may not know that she is married to Mike Fisher who is a Canadian, former professional hockey player in the National Hockey League.

Their unlikely relationship began in 2008, when Underwood’s bass player and mutual friend, offered to set her up on a blind date with Fisher. The two met up backstage at one of her concerts and got along right away. Shortly after, in December of 2009, the couple became engaged, eventually marrying in July of 2010.

And after all this time, Underwood and Fisher seem to be more in love than ever before, but we’re sure that being married to a woman who looks as gorgeous as Underwood does, it can’t be that difficult.

Here are 20 pictures of Carrie Underwood that are sure to drive Mike Fisher crazy.

20 Swinging Up A Storm


It looks like Mike Fisher isn’t the only athlete in the family! Though Fisher has nearly 20 years of experience playing in the NHL, we wouldn’t be so quick to bench Underwood. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of swinging a bat, and doesn’t look too shabby at it either!

19 Strutting Her Stuff In Silver Sparkles


Just like a hockey player feels at home on the ice in their team uniform, Underwood’s home is right at center stage in nothing but the most fabulous outfits, much like this sparkly silver number. If you ask us, we’d take the silver sequins over the sweaty skates any day.

18 Serving Her Soccer Mom Duties


Call her Hannah Montana, because Underwood leads a double life: country music star by night and soccer mom by day! We’re sure that every parent can relate to Underwood, who posted a picture of her on her social media supporting her son at his game.

17 Beaming and Gleaming in Green


We’re sure every color looks great on Underwood, but if we have to pick a favorite it would be green. She seems to frequent this color, as it perfectly complements her golden, blonde hair. An accessory to top off the look? Nothing other than her priceless, pearly white smile.

16 Shredding The Electric Guitar


Of course, we all love when Underwood strips back her performances to nothing but her voice and an acoustic guitar, but there’s nothing cooler than a woman killing the electric guitar. It just goes to show that Underwood can be both a country music darling and a rock star!

15 Cute And Cuddly With Her Son


Underwood is unarguably one of the most famous musicians in the world, but first and foremost she is a mother and a wife. Here, she is serving double duty as she cradles her son while they both support Fisher at the pre-game ceremony, honoring his 1000th NHL game.

14 Beauty In Blue


People may say that blue is the color of sadness, but there’s nothing depressing about Underwood in this dress! If anything, she looks especially breathtaking in this beautiful blue, long-sleeved, floor-length gown that fits and accentuates her physique perfectly.

13 A Cowgirl Kicking Up Dust


Underwood may be dabbling and experimenting with different genres of music these days, but she will always be a country girl at heart. Is there any better way to revisit her roots than by throwing on a pair of cowboy boots with a guitar in hand? We think not.

12 No Makeup, Natural Beauty


While men appreciate their ladies wearing makeup to highlight their natural facial features, they’ll always love them looking natural and barefaced. And it looks like Underwood swapped the makeup and wardrobe for sweats and sneakers all the while being a supportive wife wearing Nashville Predators gear.

11 Grinning and Winning


Even while wearing a sparkling, beaded mini dress, no amount of sequins or sparkles could compete with the radiance of Underwood’s grin as she accepted her 20th win at the 2019 CMT Awards. You know what they say: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

10 Pretty Pregnancy Glow


Pregnancy can be a difficult journey for a woman, but there truly is nothing like the glow it gives you. But Underwood somehow managed to rock sky-high heels and a figure-hugging black dress that perfectly flaunted her baby bump. Trust us, that is something to be proud of.

9 Spending Time In The Studio


It is commonly known that artists spend so much time in the recording studio, working on and perfecting their music. But, they also spend equally as much time visiting radio station studios, promoting their projects. The grind never stops, especially when you’re one of country music’s hottest stars.

8 Sneaking A Cheeky Selfie


Everyone loves a good selfie, and not even the most elite of celebrities can resist taking a cheeky selfie every once in a while. It appears as though Underwood succumbed to the pressure, and snapped a quick and cute picture in a stunning pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses.

7 Looking Fly And Showing a Little Thigh


Once again, we have Miss Underwood looking like a goddess in a green sequin gown. However, this one in particular features a special surprise in the form of a thigh-high split that amply showcases her long, toned, legs of which she is very known for.

6 Sweet And Smiley For A Stroll


What do you do if you’re feeling down and in a rut? The answer is simple! Take a page from Underwood’s book—sometimes, all you need is a quick stroll in the sunshine to get your mood up and your smile out.

5 Serving Sass, Dressed In Black


Underwood is known for her kind and gentle demeanor, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her sassy moments! Here we have Underwood giving some subtle side-eye in an all-black outfit that seems to totally reflect her expression: killer, and ready to stir up some trouble!

4 Long, Lean, And Leggy


It really comes at no surprise that Underwood has some of the most toned legs in the entertainment industry—she is married to a professional athlete, after all. She’s likely taken on the habit of working out, which is a key component to keep her legs looking stage-ready.

3 Serenading Mike's Supporters


If there’s any way to thank Nashville Predators fans for supporting her husband during his time on the team, it’s by serenading them with the national anthem. How many NHL teams can say they’ve had Carrie Underwood sing at their games?

2 Bright And White For The Grammy Awards


Considering the Grammys is the biggest and prestigious event, honoring the music industry’s most influential and esteemed peers, and what better time to wear something that makes people’s jaw drop? Underwood pulled out all the stops in this sequined, white, floor-length gown that surely had heads turning.

1 New and 22


Nothing is more humbling (and honestly, enjoyable) than seeing what people looked like in the past, especially when they’ve achieved massive success in life. It is no different for Underwood who was fresh faces and only 22 years old when she won America Idol in 2005.

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