20 Chilling Pics Of Celebrities Who Used The Face App

What if we had the ability to peak into the future to see what our lives would be like? Thanks to FaceApp, a popular mobile application launched two years ago, we kind of can now. The app takes a photo and transforms the face into really anything the user wants.

Want to look younger? Easy. Want to put makeup on? They have it covered. Not smiling big enough? They can fix it. Want to change genders? Okay. Want to see what the future might look like? That’s where the real fun comes in.

The FaceApp’s ability to age a person is totally creepy and completely awesome at the same time. This filter on the app is about as realistic as it comes right now for time machines. Several popular celebrities have taken a stab at finding the old person within, and we have all those great photos right here.

20 Drake Found His Inner Old Man


Drake’s FaceApp pic is great. If there’s any truth behind this, he has a good looking future ahead of him. He’s defined in that hot old man way.

We can only hope that he isn’t still asking Kiki if she loves him when he starts getting those gray’s in his beard.

19 The Jonas Brothers Went To The Year 3000


Fans really had a fun time when The Jonas Brothers posted their aged picture. Obviously, they had to caption it after one of their first hit songs, Year 3000. “When you take a trip to the Year 3000,” they posted.

Many of the comments played off their caption with several questions like, “If not much had changed?” and “Did we live underwater?”

18 Miley Cyrus Is Still Fire


Miley Cyrus’ granny picture looks seriously similar to her momma, Tish Cyrus. Her eyes pierce deep into our souls and it looks like this old woman has seen the world a time or two.

We can only assume old Miley will still be just as wild as the current Miley. After all, she can’t stop, she won’t stop.

17 Noah Centineo Still A Heart Throb In His Old Age


Noah Centineo is arguably one of the best looking young heartthrobs in teen Hollywood today. Sure, he looks like a goofy old man with his tongue sticking out, but he’s still got game.

He captioned the photo, “If I don’t look like this in 50 years I’m gonna be so pressed.” Same, Noah, same.

16 Hilary Duff Goes From ‘Younger Now’ To This


Hilary Duff has been in the acting game for the majority of her life. How ironic is it that she is currently starring in a television series called, Younger Now, and we here we are, admiring her “Older Now” pic.

“Ol Grammy in her cap 2052 baby,” Hilary captioned her FaceApp photo.

15 Gordon Ramsay Still Raises The Heat In The Kitchen


“Me doing a demo on #MasterChef Season 50..” This photo of Gordon Ramsay is one that gives us chills all up and down our spine.

The purpose of the FaceApp aging filter is to make a person look old. When the person is already old … well, things get a little more wrinkly.

14 Lebron James Thinks He’ll Still Be An Allstar


We’d imagine nothing less than this of the older version of Lebron James. He’d probably be the coach of the number one NBA team and still slamming the basketball game.

He believes he’s still gonna be the star player. His caption read, “Man I don’t care what y’all say I’m taking a “Load Management” game off tonight! I’ve earned it, and my bones have too!”

13 Snooki and JWoww The Clubbin’ Grannies


The old version of JWoww and Snooki looks like a seriously good time. Obviously, as we watch the two Jersey Shore stars grow older and mature as mothers, we know that they are, in a way, settling down.

But it’s still hilarious to imagine granny JWoww and Snooki getting down at the club.

12 Kevin Hart The Strong Old Man


Kevin Hart is looking like that grumpy old man who yells at kids to get off of his porch. He’s tired and not taking anyone’s antics.

On his post, Kevin wrote, “Strong *** old man face and upper body.” He’s definitely still got his muscular figure in this FaceApp photo.

11 Old Man Nick Jonas Shows His Old Soul


Nick Jonas is the cutest old man! His little smile and sweet, knitted sweater is perfect for the FaceApp filter. “Old man Jonas,” captioned Nick on the post.

Now, Nick’s features match that old soul everyone is always saying he has. He’s wise beyond his years, and not he looks it.

10 Aged Cardi B Looks Almost Wax-like


Cardi B posted her aged FaceApp picture to social media, but took it off shortly after, according to People. She captioned the photo, “Me throwing up, when I am 80.”

Clearly, she wasn’t that impressed with what the app believes she’ll look like in her older years of life. We can’t deny that she definitely still has that glam to her.

9 Drake Bell Has That Classy Grandpa Feel


Former Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell is everyone’s favorite grandpa in this picture. He looks totally classy.

A lot of his fans commented on his post saying he resembles the late Stan Lee, creator of Marvel. He definitely has some of Stan Lee’s same features, specifically the slicked-back hair and mustache.

8 Mindy Kaling Will Be A Glamorous Grandma


Seeing yourself as an elder is as creepy as it comes, and Mindy Kaling knows that feeling all too well with her FaceApp photo.

She captioned the picture, “Equal parts hilarious and terrifying.” We love everything about granny Mindy, though. She is totally a well put together and beautiful old lady.

7 Courteney Cox Admits She Won’t Wear Her Hair Like This In The Future


Courteney Cox is probably one of the creepiest of all the celeb FaceApp pictures. She is that old woman desperately trying to remain hip and cool. On her post, she wrote, “I probably won’t wear my hair like this....” We can only hope.

We’re seeing visions of Friends, the retirement home version.

6 Jared Leto And Mini Jared Still Look Great


Jared Leto is the king of changing his appearance for acting roles, so his FaceApp aged photo shouldn’t feel any different.

The hilarious thing about this picture is that the app filtered not just Jared’s own head, but also his severed head that he was holding during the 2019 Met Gala.

5 Terry Crews Is Not An Old Man To Mess With


Terry Crews is an animal of an old man. “Old Terry can still kick some ***,” he wrote on his post.

We’re not totally sure if old man Terry will still have those spectacular pecs when he’s hitting up the old folks home, but it’s fun to imagine him still rocking that bod.

4 Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Make The Sweetest Old Couple


Carrie Underwood posted this sweet FaceApp photo of her and husband, Mike Fisher. It is serious couple goals and everyone’s dream of the future.

We all want to have someone we can grow old with, and Carrie now has an idea of what her future with Mike will look like.

3 Kane Brown Is The Happiest Old Man


“This is so scary; me when I’m 87 lmao.” Kane Brown is that overjoyed grandpa. This FaceApp photo of the country singer is so fun!

His sweet voice has wooed hearts all over, and we can guarantee that he’d still be making waves with Heaven long into his older days.

2 James Marsden Ages Like A Fine Wine


James Marsden is frazzled, hairy, and a mess in this FaceApp photo, but he’s still a mighty fine glass of wine. When he posted this photo to social media, he joked with “Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted.”

The future James looks like he will still be making moves with his acting career.

1 Cole Sprouse Doesn’t Look Thrilled As An Elder


Cole Sprouse’s FaceApp pic was posted by his girlfriend Lili Reinhart and his face says it all. He’s old, he’s tired and he’s had enough of all this funny business.

It’d be great to see if Cole’s twin brother, Dylan’s FaceApp photo will look just like this. Twin Sprouse grandpas is the future.

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