20 Pics Of Cheaters Who Got What They Deserved

No one likes a cheater. In sports or games, it’s one thing, but when you bring marriages and relationships into the mix, things get much darker and serious. But there are some pretty funny outcomes once someone’s been caught and outed for being adulterous.

The people here have shown how savvy they are, mostly through social media, in getting rid of their trash. Because that’s what cheaters are: good-for-nothing rubbish. Many of the significant others here have gone to great lengths to exact their revenge and for good reason.

Next time you’re thinking of cheating, or if it even crosses your mind, take a look at this article and be reminded that it’s never worth it. If you’re not happy, just break off the relationship like an adult.

Here are 20 pictures of cheaters who were caught and punished for their sins.

20 Therapy Won’t Help This Situation

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This seems like one of those Dateline episodes, where the cheating party gets caught red-handed and thinks they’re playing it sly… until they look up and see their not-so-significant other across the bar, spying on them.

At least the guy was on a business venture with his boss and wasn’t posted up spying on his girlfriend, not that that would have made the situation any better.

19 Unfortunately She’ll Probably Never See This

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You have to hand it to this Good Samaritan who tried to make this post go viral: they did the most they could.

This husband blabbed on the train for two hours with his friends, talking about cheating on their spouses and getting away with it, and Steph here had just about enough of it before snapping a shot of the man and putting her foot down.

18 Ouch: Brutal Scavenger Hunt Edition

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What’s worse than getting called out for your cheating ways and broken up with?


Getting called out for your cheating ways and then having to relive every good thing you ever had—that you completely screwed up—with your significant other, all for a little extracurricular activity that you probably don’t even remember anyway. Good luck getting your stuff back, pal.

17 Surprisingly Chipper

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Jessica seems mighty chipper about this entire situation, probably because she knows she’s finally free of the dirtbag who was cheating on her. She found this lacy shirt in her bed, posted it on social media (as if she assumed it belonged to someone she knew, which is pretty troubling in its own right), and blasted George for everyone to see.

16 Text Doesn’t Translate Tone Well, But…

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Even though it’s hard to tell when someone’s being sarcastic via text, unless they add a bunch of emojis, this one seems pretty clear. Marshall’s girlfriend was humiliated when she found out her beau was flirting with countless women online.

So she acted cordial and sweet, even though we all know there is venom behind those words.

15 That’s Not How Cheating Works

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This ridiculous back-and-forth shows just how dumb some people can be, and it also shows the moral degradation that our society has come to. Lynette is single because everyone cheats on her, apparently, even though her “boyfriend” simply wanted to be with his WIFE, rather than her.

He dodged a bullet there, we think, and is lucky he didn’t get discovered. He’s still a scumbag though (but so is she).

14 When In Doubt, Lawyer Out

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Those four famous words, “I want a lawyer,” have been tearing apart families and FBI investigations for as long as we can remember.

The guy here knows that his wife is cheating on him because she fell for the oldest trick in the book—playing herself. And rather than get angry and go through the whole rigmarole again, he’s ready to lawyer up.

13 This Takes A Lot Of Angry Patience

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You have to hand it to some people—when they get mad, they get even… even if it takes an hour to get their revenge.

This woman has had it about up to here with her cheating boyfriend or husband, so she takes it out on his car as any wise woman would. And to answer her question, no, we doubt she was worth it.

12 Was It Worth It, Dave?

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Here’s another “hope she was worth it” situation, but this time scrawled on the back of this guy’s Excursion.

Don’t feel sorry for Dave, he’s the one who cheated in this situation, so he deserves to lose his wife and kids… but emptying his bank takes things to a level that is nearly unfathomable and completely awesome. Talk about revenge!

11 What Stupid Grins

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Both of these young people should rethink their life choices. Why are they smiling?! The guy clearly cheated on his girlfriend, and he’s holding a sign over his body as punishment.

She should have dropped him the moment she could, but instead, she must love him too much to let him go. Once a cheater, always a cheater, so she should probably cut her losses before she gets hurt again.

10 Ouch: Mark Edition

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This has to be one of the worst, stomach-sinking feelings on the planet. It’s a moment of complete elation quickly followed by crippling depression.

Mark has just found out his wife is pregnant (yay!), only to then find out a moment later through his wife’s terrible texting etiquette that the child is his brother’s kid! Ouch! There’s no way back from this one.

9 Adding Insult To Injury

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This is another forehead-slapping moment—the terrible feeling that this guy must feel when he finds out his girlfriend wants to break up with him… and then learning that she’s already living a double life and meant to send that to her side piece.

Which is worse? It’s hard to say, but they’re both not good.

8 A Lot Of Guys Would Have Said The Same Thing

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This slightly confusing text has us scratching our heads. First, we get a hot, sexy picture of a blonde girl, who’s sent the pic to her “boyfriend’s” phone, only to discover that the “boyfriend’s” actual girlfriend has his phone.

Todd screwed the pooch on this one, though many guys would have said they broke up with their girlfriend after receiving a picture like that!

7 Emily Pulling Out All The Stops

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Sometimes you have to just appreciate the hustle. Emily really didn’t like that Steven cheated on her, and seemed to be ignoring her complaints, so she went out and bought an actual billboard to embarrass him citywide.

To add insult to injury, she also paid for the billboard out of their joint account—hurting him in the process—presumably before filing for divorce and taking the rest of his money.

6 Might Want To Keep On Driving…

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This banner that is welcoming home a cheating husband or wife seems laced with dangerous innuendoes.

It looks like something a serial killer might show you before chopping your head off, especially with the red “CHEATER,” which shows the person put in extra effort to get two different colors of spray paint to pull this job off.

5 What An Absolute Savage

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Not only has this woman exposed her boyfriend as a cheater, but she’s also proven to him that she knows what she’s doing in the garage.

Besides probably cooking up poison, she can change a tire and whisk away your lugnuts, and then add a little quip about his nuts no longer being in her purse, which is just a savage, excellent touch.

4 This Is Dark

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And two women scorned? Oh boy, you’re in for it, Mark.

These two girls have found out Mark is cheating on them with one another, and they concoct a little plan to meet up and exact revenge. Who knows if Mark is even still alive, at this point…

3 The Worst Sin Of All!

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Finally, we’ll end with a joke cheating message, because no one really cares if two giant corporations lose $7.99 on a carryout deal from Phil. Sure, Dominoes might act like they’re heartbroken over the loss of their best customer, but Pizza Hut is there to encourage the cheater, while also egging on their competition.

Phillip has proven that he’s no different than the other scumbag guys out there!

2 Sleuthing For Cheaters

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It takes a special kind of investigator to look out for a stranger like this. This Good Samaritan was peeping at the woman’s texts in front of him and saw she was messaging “Nancy,” who was really a side piece.

The man handed the boyfriend in attendance this reconnaissance message and spilled the beans for him after the game, like a real hero.

1 Applebees, Really?

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It definitely sucks getting caught red-handed with your pants down, but maybe you shouldn’t be taking the girl you’re cheating with to the local family restaurant! And Applebees, really?

This guy was a lost cause, to begin with—not only did he take her to a restaurant and get caught by his girlfriend’s friend, but he took her to a place that doesn’t even have unlimited breadsticks.

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