20 Pics Of Dragon Ball Fusions We Can’t Unsee

The Dragon Ball franchise has grown and evolved over the years, with one of the most significant changes being the ungodly level of strength that many of the series’ characters have attained. While many power-ups and transformations exist for individual characters to get stronger, Dragon Ball also introduced the advent of fusion, which allows two (and now sometimes more) characters to mash themselves into one fighter who has the combined strength and abilities of these two characters.

The actual Dragon Ball series has kept its instances of fusion few and far between, but the Dragon Ball video games have run wild with the concept, with one title even revolving entirely around the concept of bizarre fusions, Dragon Ball Fusions. Fans have become more creative through the years and so fusion possibilities have become even crazier, almost as if they try to stray outside of the norm. Accordingly, here are 20 pics of Dragon Ball fusions we can’t unsee.

20 Prillin (Piccolo And Krillin)

Dragon Ball Prillin
Via Xenoversemods.com

Prillin is actually one of the few oddities on this list that Toriyama had some kind of hand in designing. A fusion between Piccolo and Goku’s former training buddy, Krillin, may never canonically happen in the series, but a disturbing visual of the hypothetical is at least imagined by Toriyama. Prillin sure enough looks like a combination between Krillin and Piccolo, but the characters have such extreme looks, the middle ground here is particularly unusual.

19 Gorus (Goku And Beerus)

Dragon Ball Gorus
Via Twitter.com

Ever since Beerus becomes aware of Goku’s presence, there’s a bit of a loving rivalry in place between the two of them. Beerus continues to call the shots, but it looks like Goku continues to inch closer to him in power. A rematch between the Saiyan and the God of the Destruction may one day be in the cards. Some later content in Dragon Ball Fusions allows these two to combine and even though Gorus wields incredible power, he certainly looks peculiar.

18 Great Satanman (Mr. Satan and Great Saiyaman)

Dragon Ball Great Satanman
Via Twitter.com

Dragon Ball Fusions introduces so many disposable fusions that there are some that actually make sense from a strategic perspective and others that are more so meant to be a joke. Great Satanman, for instance, is very clearly a play on words and even though Hercule Satan and the Great Saiyaman do share a relationship, this isn’t exactly a fusion that anyone was clamoring for. Mr. Satan and the Great Saiyaman both boast outrageous looks and personalities, so putting them together creates an even more showboating individual.

17 Tiencha (Tien And Yamcha)

Dragon Ball Tiencha
Via Aminoapps.com

As Goku and the rest of the Saiyans achieve unbelievable power throughout Dragon Ball Z, human characters like Tien and Yamcha are slowly pushed to the sidelines. It’s perfectly understandable that they can’t compete with these other fighters, but the concept of fusion is actually a very interesting way to keep them relevant. Tien serves his purpose in Dragon Ball Super, but a fusion between Tien and Yamcha is actually a smart way to keep them relevant and still in mix. Unfortunately, the awkward fusion has just occurred in video games.

16 Chiaoman (Chiaotzu And Saibaman)

Dragon Ball Chiaoman
Via YouTube.com

Creating a powerful warrior to overcome an insurmountable foe is one good reason to resort to fusion, but a smug sense of irony is another perfectly suitable reason to turn to the tactic. One of Dragon Ball Z’s earliest and most memorable losses is when Chiaotzu self-destructs to (unsuccessfully) defeat Nappa. So why not put Nappa's Saibaman together with Chiaotzu and make a weird, tiny abomination of a fighter?

15 Janks (Jaco And Future Trunks)

Dragon Ball Janks
Via Twitter.com

Jaco is one of the more recent friendly characters to invade the Dragon Ball universe. He’s part of the Galactic Patrol team, even though he seems to be running away from conflict more than he’s saving the day. Jaco and Future Trunks don’t share much of a connection other than they both show up in Super. Jaco’s not exactly a time traveller, but he does skirt through the galaxy in a similar way to how Future Trunks moves through time. Regardless of any connection, this fusion just looks weird as Trunks’ human looks are given a very alien makeover.

14 Towale (Towa And Arale)

Dragon Ball Towale
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Dragon Ball Fusions truly goes above and beyond when it comes to its character combinations and it even throws Dr. Slump’s Arale into the mix as well. Arale does show up in some Dragon Ball episodes and a particularly absurd installment of Super, but her appearance in Fusions is a real surprise. Rather than let her fuse with Kid Goku or something that makes sense, she can come together with the time traveling Towa, mostly to get the weird pun of Towale as a name.

13 Gulce (Guldo And Jeice)

Dragon Ball Gulce
Via dragonball.fandom.com

The Ginyu Force are a truly standout team of fighters from Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza saga and the video games are always looking for excuses to bring them back. With five members on the team, there are a lot of possibilities available when it comes to fusion. Guldo is certainly the weirdest member of the group, so any fusions that involve him tend to be on the ghastly side. Guldo and Jeice is particularly unsightly due to the long hair involved.

12 Cellza (Cell And Frieza)

Dragon Ball Cellza
Via YouTube.com

Cellza is the kind of fusion that makes all too much sense in a game like Dragon Ball Fusions. As much fun as it is to put together your favorite good guys, combining the show’s ultimate villains into something even more powerful is much more appealing. Cell with all of Frieza’s skills and transformative abilities is a great idea, but Cellza looks particularly grotesque as a result. He’s a fusion that makes Imperfect Cell look appealing in comparison.

11 Janembu (Janemba And Kid Buu)

Dragon Ball Janembu
Via YouTube.com

Janembu is yet another fusion that probably wasn’t on anyone’s wish list, but the name is so silly that it’s hard to deny. On top of the fusion’s name writing itself, both Janemba and Kid Buu share the same wicked, demonic expression. In that regard, Janembu does look very aggressive, but the rest of his body is so pink and ridiculous that it kind of robs the character of his intimidation factor.

10 Yamta (Yamcha And Vegeta)

Dragon Ball Yamta
Via Xenoversemods.com

There are definitely worse ideas than a fusion between Vegeta and Yamcha and this combination is actually kind of appealing due to how much Vegeta would surely hate the idea. As much as he despises fusing with Goku, Yamcha’s perhaps the only other person that he’d resent combining with more. He at least respects Goku, whereas he feels nothing for Yamcha. Anyways, the biggest crime here is that Yamta’s hair is just awful. It’s such a gross combination of their hairstyles and for that reason alone this fusion is a disaster.

9 Demon King Daccolo (Dabura And King Piccolo)

Dragon Ball Demon King Daccolo
Via Facebook.com

Demon King Daccolo is another fusion that actually makes a lot of sense and feels like something that Dabura and King Piccolo might have naturally come to while chilling out together in the afterlife. Both of these characters are Demon Kings, so a fusion of their powers to maximize this is only natural. That being said, Dabura and King Piccolo have very different looks and the result here is a weird mutant that doesn’t look like the king of anything.

8 Natz (Nappa And Raditz)

Dragon Ball Natz
Via Xenoversemods.com

Raditz and Nappa are the first invading Saiyans to get introduced in Dragon Ball Z, and even though they get eliminated before the show gets too exciting, they still hold a special place in the show’s history. Due to how early these characters exit the picture, they hold a lot of potential in what could be. It only makes sense to fuse these two weaker Saiyans together to make a stronger fighter, however the two have completely opposite looks when it comes to their hairstyles. As a result, the compromise that’s found with Natz just looks stupid.

7 Cellin (Cell And Krillin)

Dragon Ball Cellin
Via dragonball.fandom.com

A lot of the fusions listed here are the result of the mad science nature of Dragon Ball Fusions, however, the Budokai series also gets creative and offers up some “What If?” scenarios to play through. One such scenario sees Cell accidentally absorbing Krillin and turning into Cellin as a result, who basically looks like a Cell Jr. who hasn’t ripened yet. Cell Jrs. already look silly and adding Krillin DNA into the equation doesn’t help. Yamcha and Tien square off against this character and they easily defeat the guy.

6 Whirus (Beerus And Whis)

Dragon Ball Whirus
Via Aminoapps.com

Beerus and Whis both enter Dragon Ball Super at the same time and represent the expansion of the show’s universe in a very big way. Beerus is more combative, while Whis actually trains Goku and Vegeta and has powers that go even beyond Beerus, like the ability to reverse time. A fusion between Beerus and Whis may seem unfair, but Whirus is Universe 7’s ultimate figurehead. The character may have the strength of both a God of Destruction and an Angel, but he also looks like a pastel-colored nightmare.

5 Ginyuman (Captain Ginyu And Great Saiyaman)

Dragon Ball Ginyuman
Via Twitter.com

It’s fair to say that Captain Ginyu and the Great Saiyaman are the characters with the most flair throughout the Dragon Ball universe. It’s nice to see that some fighters haven’t forgotten about pageantry and putting on a good show. It’s for this reason that Dragon Ball Fusions throws these two animated fighters together to create Ginyuman. Ginyuman is the ultimate performer, but he might want to consider putting a bag over his head for his shows.

4 Denku (Goku and Dende)

Dragon Ball Denku
Via Reddit.com

Much like Prillin that was also outlined here, Denku is actually a hypothetical fusion that Toriyama experiments with himself, albeit a design originally imagined for Goku and Piccolo. This fusion doesn’t come to pass, but in the manga Goku thinks about such a fusion when the stringent rules for the fusion dance are explained to him. There are certainly characters that look more unappealing than Denku, but there’s a reason that this technique should be performed by members of the same species. A green Goku with antennae is not an appealing image.

3 Chiaohan (Tien And Chiaotzu)

Dragon Ball Chiaohan
Via Deviantart.com

Tien and Chiaotzu may eventually get edged out of the picture, but they play very significant roles throughout the original Dragon Ball series. These two train together and are very much a team. In that regard, a fusion between Tien and Chiaotzu isn’t a bad idea and even seems like the culmination of their relationship. These two may share a special bond, but Chiaohan, their fusion, is proof that they should just fight together, but not as one. The radical looks between the both of them do not blend together well and the result is a pale, bald mess.

2 Kallohan (Piccolo And Gohan)

Dragon Ball Kallohan
Via Kanzenshuu.com

While Dragon Ball Fusions kind of messes up the translation of the name, Kallohan is a fusion between Piccolo and Gohan. This pairing makes total sense and it even feels like an extension of their mentor/student relationship. Unfortunately these two never fuse in the anime, but the video games depict a formidable fighter with moves like Hellzone Grenade and Kamehameha Beam Cannon. Unfortunately, much like Goku’s fusions with Namekians, Kallohan just looks like some rejected Superman villain.

1 Nuova Goku (Goku and Nuova Shenron)

Dragon Ball Nuova Goku
Via Aminoapps.com

Dragon Ball GT doesn’t get a lot of love in the franchise’s fandom, but its final arc brings some very creative, unique villains into the mix. Goku has to defeat seven evil versions of Shenron and they all have rather gross, horrific designs in the first place. Not many of these villains get highlighted in Dragon Ball Fusions, but Nuova Goku is a hideous fusion that speaks for all of them. It combines Goku with Nuova Shenron and the end product looks like Goku is transforming into a monstrous gargoyle. When Goku can already fly, he doesn’t also need huge, leathery wings.

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