20 Pics Of Eminem's Daughter He Doesn't Want You To See

Eminem is arguably one of the greatest rappers of our time, but these days, it is his darling daughter who is getting all the attention. Hailie is hot, no buts about it. She is surely no longer “daddy’s little girl,” something that probably makes her pop want to puke. She is all grown up and looks the part, so her old man better get with the program. It’s not like he can turn back the clock, after all.

Sure, his rapping career is going strong, but his daughter’s fame is steadily climbing thanks to social media. Perhaps one day she’ll be as big a star as her dad, but for now, she is just living her best life and showing the world that she is one to watch.

Here are 20 pics of the stunner that her dad may not want anyone to see. He must miss the time when oversized T-shirts and baggy pants were in fashion.

20 Abs-olutely Amazing

Via: people.com

It is no easy task to achieve rock-hard abs like these, so we know that the gorgeous gal has been hitting the gym to get her gut in check.

Defined and toned abs give Hailie an athletic appearance, making the rest of us feel bad about that second fudge brownie.

19 Rock On!

Via: mirror.co.uk

It’s Hailie on the rocks! It could be the name of a brand new cocktail creation, but in reality, the concept is literal.

No matter where this woman goes, she looks great doing anything. It is hard to find a bad photo of this babe, so why even bother trying?

18 Bedroom Eyes

Via: madnessmedia.net

There is something especially alluring about Hailie’s eyes. Her sultry stare is captivating and cool, making us gaze into them as she does for the camera. She may not even realize it, but those eyes could hypnotize.

Don’t blink or else you will miss every moment. Blue eyes have never been more beautiful.

17 Daisy Dukes

Via: nollymoviesplanet.com

Who wears short shorts? Why it’s Hailie, and hers leave very little to the imagination. But with a fab figure like hers, showing off a lot of skin is in.

She’s got a body to envy, and she is certainly making us jealous. Even Daisy herself would be in awe.

16 Lots Of Legs

Via: metro.co.uk

With lean legs like these, not flaunting them would be unfair to the rest of us. Hailie works hard on her amazing physique, so she wants the world to see the end results. We surely don’t mind her high self-esteem.

In fact, we appreciate her willingness to share. Keep ‘em coming and we’ll keep looking.

15 No Looking Back

Via: rap-up.com

Turn around and see what you’ve been missing. This babe is a beautiful thing, so a little twirl is not to be taken lightly. We love how this pretty lady poses and makes every move seem effortless.

Eminem may not like all the attention his daughter gets, but she’s living life out loud.

14 Perfect Portrait

Via: paraeles.pt

This artistic photo of Eminem’s daughter showcases her timeless beauty from every angle. She is not only attractive but quite interesting to look at as well.

Whoever took this picture is certainly talented, but with a subject as special as Hailie, it’s hard to make a mistake. Black and white are subtle, yet so special.

13 Walk Of Shame

Via: celebrityinsider.org

As the gorgeous Hailie walks down the hall, we can only wonder where she is going and where she has been. It’s fun to fantasize, so let that imagination flow.

For all we know she was just out for lunch, but the guessing game makes thinking about her much more interesting.

12 Three Reasons For Dad To Worry

Via: gqindia.com

Poor pop. His little girl is all grown up, and she certainly blossomed into a breathtaking beauty. These three “va-va-voom” versions of the young woman are each excellent in their own right, making it hard to pick favorites.

Thankfully, we can adore all three equally. Three times the charm, as they say.

11 Glowing And Gorgeous

Via: reddit.com

Hailie is hot. Point blank. And this stunning image of the Instagram favorite is proof that Hailie is happening. Her model looks are modern, her glowing skin is luminous, and her features are fantastic.

These are the reasons Eminem doesn’t want her to leave the house. Perhaps if she threw on a cardigan...

10 Relaxed And Ravishing

Via: extra.ie

Beauties need a break just like the rest of us, so Hailie is taking a load off and unwinding. Perhaps she had a busy day and needs a little R&R.

After all, they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing. Once she is all refreshed, she can get back to business.

9 Fit And Fabulous

Via: YouTube.com

For those who want to skip another workout, take one look at this wonderful woman and you may just reconsider your lazy ways.

Staying fit is super important to Hailie, so she commits to caring for her body to keep it at its best. No pain, no gain. Lookin’ good girl!

8 Wonderful Wardrobe

Via: newsneednews.com

No matter what this gal puts on her body, it looks like a million bucks. Her shape was made for form-fitting clothes, hugging every curve, and keeping us endlessly interested in what she’ll put on next.

Whether she keeps it casual or gets all dolled up, Hailie dresses for success.

7 Sweet Tooth

Via: kidages.com

Even a fit woman like Hailie has to indulge every once in a while. A delicious slice of well-frosted birthday cake is sure to satisfy her sweet tooth, and this one looks especially luscious.

Once she blows out the candles, she can take pleasure in the tasty treat. Don’t forget to share!

6 Mirrors And Midriff

Via: express.co.uk

It’s all about the perfect selfie, so looking in the mirror to find just the right angle is a must.

Not that Hailie has a bad side, but if she can improve upon perfection, by all means, do it! She’s got a great body, so showing off that midriff is top of mind.

5 Foot Fetish

Via: wolipop.detik.com

These bold red stilettos are super stylish, giving Hailie a few extra inches of height when she struts her stuff. Even when the rest of her look is rather tame, these shoes take things up a notch.

It takes confidence to hit the streets in a pair of stilettos, something we know this gal’s got plenty of.

4 Hit A Brick Wall

Via: rock-cafe.info

Leaning against a brick wall seems bland, but not when it’s this stunner who is front and center. Hailie could pose with a paper towel and look terrific. A garbage bag would be gorgeous.

She’s so pretty that no matter the backdrop, the photo is always going to be a winner.

3 Good Jeans

Via: gramha.net

A comfy pair of jeans always makes a gal feel great, and this pair looks like just the right fit for Hailie.

She doesn’t have to wear a mini dress to look delightful; she can go in a more casual direction and still catch our attention. Is it her good genes or good jeans?

2 Sporty Spice

Via: rap-up.com

This sporty look seems fun, and when Hailie flaunts her figure, she knocks it out of the park. We love her smile and flair for fun, and this cute photo captures Hailie’s overall charm.

Tanned and toned, she could be an athlete herself. Take us out to the ballgame! Especially when Hailie is on our team.

1 Have A Seat

Via: news.google.com

Who would not want to take a seat right beside this beautiful young woman? There is plenty of room to relax, so imagine sharing the space with this special someone.

Of course, that’s never going to happen, but just thinking about it is a good way to pass the time.

Sources - Daily Mail, IG & Express

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