19 Pics Of Good Lookin’ Hicks And Their Trucks

Advertisements on TV and country music videos constantly emphasize the stereotypical image of a rugged man taking his beat-up old pickup truck for a bit of off-roading fun. And that's what pickups were made for; truck stuff!

But these days, following the rise of the SUV and the crossover in the automotive world, pickup trucks are no longer the strict domain of rugged guys in jeans and plaid hauling massive payloads around the middle of the country. Families in big cities are buying pickups in growing numbers, using the capable vehicles to haul the kids, the pets, and all their toys around.

But it's not just dads buying pickup trucks, either. In every region of the world, women love their pickup trucks, from the big city to tiny towns and farms, too. Keep scrolling for 19 good-lookin' hicks with their trucks.

19 Jeans Lady

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There's nothing quite as evocative as a chick in beat-up jeans driving a beat-up Ford pickup truck off-road. This image probably brings to mind country music, the stars and stripes, and good old Americana. Hilariously, though, that license plate indicates this scene may have taken place in Australia. Yep, there are hicks down under, too.

18 Definitely Not Australia

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This classy pic, on the other hand, could only happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave. That truck, with its blue flames, serious lift kit with painted components, and chromed-out Chevy front end, is a giveaway. So, too, is the platinum blonde leaning against the front fender, which surprisingly hasn't been rolled out wider.

17 Ram It

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Hicks love their pickup trucks, as has been overtly established at least a million times over in popular culture. Even though city slickers these days are buying up trucks in growing numbers, everyone connects massive Dodge Rams like this one to the countryside, where hard work and off-roading are daily occurrences. This truck is surprisingly clean, though.

16 In The Thick Of It

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This is just a classic image of off-roading gone awry. At first glance, this blonde looks knee-deep in the muck as she struggles to free her Ford Ranger from a sinkhole no one should have tried to get across. In reality, though, she's on her knees, probably trying to see just how deep in the gunk the driver's side tire has gotten.

15 Checking The Oil

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Pickup trucks have grown into gigantic, almost bloated machines over the last few decades. Case in point would be the Toyota Tundra, which now competes with full-sized offerings from the likes of Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet. But there's no chance this truck is a Tundra or a Tacoma—this country girl would only check the dipstick of an American-made truck.

14 Almost A Truck

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Are Jeep Wranglers trucks, SUVs, or—as Enzo Ferrari would have argued—sports cars? The answer probably depends on whether the top can come off, in the end, though there's no doubt that this Wrangler looks set up for some serious off-roading fun. And nothing goes better with off-roading fun that jean shorts and cowboy boots.

13 Need A Ride?

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Riding in a truck bed while someone blasts down a dirt track is one of life's greatest joys, even if it's not exactly the safest activity on the face of the planet. Riding on the hood of a lifted Ford pickup as it blasts around off-road is definitely unsafe. Climbing up onto the hood of a lifted Ford pickup with no shoes on in nature, however, is only moderately dangerous.

12 Eyes On The Prize

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What is it about classic pickup trucks, leather jackets, and sunglasses that draws the eye? Maybe the combination hearkens back to a simpler time, when men could be men and women could be women and pickup trucks had neither Bluetooth connectivity nor panoramic sunroofs. Imagine some company trying to sell a split-window today!

11 Hunting Season

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The irony of going hunting stems from the fact that it's a primal sport utilizing modern technology to do what our ancestors had to manage with only a bow and arrow or spear, without camouflage, electronic calls, or walkie-talkies. The irony of camouflage, though, is that people will wear all kinds of Mossy Oak Break-Up with a bright orange topper to keep them safe from other hunters.

10 Country Soul

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Whether country music plucks at the heartstrings or sounds more like a cat wailing over an AM radio channel, there's no denying that a major portion of the nation listens to the tunes. How many country music artists grew up driving beat-up old Chevy pickup trucks around in nature, strumming their guitars to the thrum of the crickets?

9 Exposed Undercarriage

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This pickup truck would look quite uncomfortable off-roading. Those chrome wheels, the pristine suspension revealed by an enormous lift kit, and the brand-new tires all almost suggest that this truck could have never gone off the tarmac in its life. Without the mandatory pic with a jean short and cowboy boot-wearing female, this almost looks like a city dweller.

8 Grit + Grace

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Taking pictures of black cars and trucks can be a real pain, as anyone who has tried to sell their black vehicle online surely knows. Every little flaw, every speck of dust, and the bright glare of the sky all combine to ruin every attempt at a good photo. The only real way to save the day is to get a couple of friends to pose with the truck, it seems.

7 Yeti Built

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Iowa just got a whole lot more interesting, other than being an important stop during the primary elections. Look at the truck for a second, too, it's just about perfect for a fun run up to the top of the little rise in the distance, complete with rally livery, lights up top, and a mild lift. And those knobbly tires look great, as well.

6 Wake Up With The Sun

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The best part of sleeping outdoors, be it in a tent, on a porch, or in the bed of a truck, has got to be waking up as the sun comes up. Many people even recommend waking up before the sun comes up as a way of resetting the body's circadian rhythm after a long flight and a bad case of jet lag.

5 Give It All You Got

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Truck owners who buy the Ford F-350 either want to invest in a pickup that can tow huge loads like boats and excavators, or they want to look tough because they actually aren't very rugged. The old saying about huge, lifted pickup trucks and compensating owners may or may not be true, though this jean short-wearing fan of the F-350 seems confident enough on her own.

4 I Do

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Celebrities might spend millions on their weddings, from the dress to the flowers and the venue, but for average people across the United States, it doesn't get much better than a good view of nature and some good friends to celebrate with. Bringing a pickup truck into the ceremony is probably a little more rare, though this sure is a nice one.

3 Goofy Gus

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Most people will readily admit that the quality they find most endearing in other humans is a good sense of humor. After a rough day at work, coming home to someone who always has a way of smiling and cheering the day up can be a welcome relief. Of course, anyone who feels stressed after driving home in a truck like this one needs to have their head examined.

2 Time for a Bath

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In the malls and parking lots of big cities across America, Jeep Wranglers prowl around, scaring everyone with their massive exhaust, huge lifts, beefy winches, and light bars. Some Wrangler owners even go so far as to wrap their Jeeps in designs that feature fake mud spray, to create the illusion that they go off-roading rather than mall crawling.

1 Beauty And The Diesel

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One way to tell that a pickup truck actually gets used for truck stuff—as opposed to making assumptions based on huge exhaust pipes, lift kits, and proximity to a gravel road—is to check out how worn the all-terrain tires have gotten. This truck's tread has been ground down significantly, almost to the point that they should be replaced. But it seems unlikely many people will approach this truck owner to teach her a lesson any time soon.

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