19 Pics Of J-Lo That A-Rod Doesn't Want Us To See

Jennifer Lopez is one of the world’s most famous celebs. She has been around for a while, and her appeal has only gotten greater. We all know that she’s been around the block, so to speak, but now she has found her “soul mate” in A-Rod. Sure, she’s been down the aisle before, but this one seems like the real deal. “’Till death…” has potential.

Lopez is no stranger to showing off lots of skin, so she’s not worried about the pics out there. A-Rod, on the other hand, may want to keep those steamy snapshots under wraps. He’s as turned on by her body as anyone else is, but now that she’s his girl, he doesn’t want others checking her out. Too late for that, but he can hope for a miracle.

Here are some of Lopez’s hottest shots. A-Rod may not want us to see them, but he really has little say in the matter.

19 Side Appeal

Via: onecountry.com

“Sideboob” is all the rage. It is a way of showing lots of skin while keeping the front covered up.

Lopez loves this look, as it shows off her shape. With all the exercising this woman does, she deserves a dress that showcases it. Others are green with envy.

18 Bulging Biceps

Via: people.com

Lopez certainly lifts. Her biceps are bulging and her back is muscular. Not many women are able to achieve this body type, but with lots of training and considerable commitment, Lopez is able to flex like the fierce woman she is.

A-Rod better beware. This gal could do some damage.

17 Ab-solutely Rock Hard

Via: shape.com

Lopez’s abs are looking amazing thanks to plenty of crunches and sit-ups. She has a core that’s cut, something so many of us wish we could carve out.

A-Rod must enjoy seeing his lady’s mid-section, but he may not want the rest of the world to know what she’s got going on under her shirt.

16 Life’s A Party

Via: abcnews.go.com

With her hands in the air and the sun shining down, Lopez and her crew are having fun. It’s party time for these people, and Lopez knows that it’s not every day that she can let loose and let it all hang out.

Sure, her life is pretty spectacular all the time, but moments like this are even more enjoyable.

15 Old School

Via: vogue.com

This pic of Lopez was taken years ago, and she looks as great now as she did then. She’s showing off that six-pack and her sweet smile. A-Rod didn’t know her then, but now they’re like two peas in a pod.

Imagine if they met back then. Would they still be together or is it all a matter of timing?

14 Nice Awards

Via: themercurynews.com

Accepting two awards is quite the honor, but who could possibly concentrate on anything but Lopez’s body?

That dress is dazzling, but it sure leaves little to the imagination. A-Rod must think his babe is a knockout, but he may be jealous because other people can’t help but ogle her “assets.”

13 Night On The Town

Via: radaronline.com

Lopez is showing plenty of leg as she takes off for a night on the town. Perhaps she’s meeting up with her man, otherwise, she’s planning to meet some friends. Either way, this gal looks drop dead gorgeous. That black dress hugs every curve and cranny.

She’s ready to be spotted and stared at.

12 A Leg Up

Via: aol.com

Lopez looks like a vision in white with her toned thigh exposed and every inch of her figure looking flawless. A-Rod can’t wait ‘till his woman wears her next white dress…a wedding gown.

Until then, he can admire her style as she heads out for an evening of adventure. Stepping out has never been so sublime.

11 Skintight

Via: radaronline.com

Lopez isn’t shy about showing off her figure. Her curves are magical, and every part of her body is on point. Not too many women would wear such an ensemble, but Lopez embraces her shape and wants to show it off.

There’s no room for dessert…well, maybe just a bite.

10 Fringe Benefits

Via: rollingstone.com

Leave it to Lopez to find a shirt that is as special as she is. This fringed top is colorful and playful and gives us all a glimpse of Lopez’s toned tummy.

When it comes to fashion, Lopez always gets it right. She’s a risk taker, so don’t expect anything plain from the performer.

9 50 Shades Of Gray

Via: theblast.com

Lopez looks great in gray, again showing off her abs because they deserve the spotlight. We also get a look at her muscular lower back, proving that all her hard work in the gym is paying off.

There’s no room for error in an outfit like this. A gal has to be self-assured to wear such a thing. Lopez couldn’t be more confident.

8 Shakin’ It

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Lopez is famous for her big booty. It’s part of what makes her so beautiful. Some gals don’t like the look, but women like Lopez think an ample behind is a blessing. A-Rod surely loves his gal’s rear end, but does he want everyone else talking about it?

Lopez seems to have no issue with shaking what her mama gave her.

7 Panty Lines

Via: theblast.com

Most of the time we don’t want anyone to see our underwear, but Lopez is taking the look on a whole new adventure. She is deliberately showing off her cute undies, especially because they match her pants perfectly.

This is certainly a style statement, but something tells us the trend won’t catch on.

6 Hood Ornament

Via: footwearnews.com

Lopez is a vision as she sits on top of a sports car in her sunglasses. Her legs look lovely and her mini dress is fabulously fashionable. Lopez is showing women half her age that she’s still the hottest celeb around.

A-Rod appreciates his woman’s beauty, but he’d rather keep it under wraps.

5 No Pants Required

Via: cosmopolitan.com

When your boots look like jeans, it gives you the right to go without pants. Right? At least that’s what Lopez has determined. Her shirt is enough to cover her up, so she shows off some thigh.

Lopez is owning this look, so she’s sure she made the right decision. This look isn’t for everyone, but Lopez seems to love it.

4 Bronzed In Her Bikini

Via: theblast.com

Whatever beach Lopez is going to will be the one to visit. Seeing her in person in this yellow bikini would be a thrill, but this photo is enough to keep us satisfied. A-Rod knows his gal is a gem, but pics like this must put him over the edge.

He may like the idea that others admire his lady, but we’ve seen just about as much of her as he has.

3 Poolside Perfection

Via: eonline.com

Sitting in the sun and relaxing is something Lopez must enjoy. She is always working and doing her thing, so some time to unwind is worth every second.

Of course, she looks breathtaking even when she’s simply sunbathing. There’s something about this woman that makes us think she’s from another world.

2 Hoodie Hotness

Via: axs.com

Lopez looks adorable in her cute red hoodie. The red hot panties certainly help out. Her mega-watt smile makes this pic even better, and her bronzed skin always shines. A-Rod is one lucky fella to be able to call this gal his better half.

She’s a real showstopper even when she’s just lounging around.

1 Net Worth

Via: amazon.com

Wowza! This netted top leaves little to the imagination. Lopez’s shape is on full display, showing off her toned torso and then some. A-Rod is in awe of his beautiful angel, and this pic is priceless.

Would he rather have this image hiding in his bedroom or does he want the world to see just how hot his honey can be?

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