15 Pics Of Jennifer Love Hewitt That Prove 40 Looks Good On Her

For many of us, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been in our hearts, minds and television sets ever since she first graced the NBC network as the star of Party of Five. After playing Sarah Reeves between the show's second and sixth seasons, she went on to make some memorable appearances in films like Heartbreakers, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Tuxedo; as well as other tv shows like Boy Meets World, Ghost Whisperer, and Hot in Cleveland. More recently, she has been appearing in episodes of 9-1-1.

All put together, it is astonishing to think that Jennifer Love Hewitt has sustained a strong career for over 20 years now. After turning 40-years old in February, not only is she still going strong, she looks as hot as she did when she first burst on to our television screens back in the mid-90s. And here are some pics that prove it.

15 Her New Gig

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After practically disappearing from the spotlight of major movie and television productions for some time, Jennifer Love Hewitt made a comeback to the spotlight when she joined the cast of 9-1-1 on FOX during its second season.

She is returning for its third season, which premiered this past Monday.

14 #NoFilter

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They say that the best way to see how truly beautiful a woman really is would be to see how they look in the morning before they put any makeup on.

In this day and age, it's even easier to check out their IG pictures without any makeup or filters on their face. In the latter case, Love Hewitt looks just as attractive, if not more.

13 Ruby Red

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Red us a very lucrative, multi-dimensional color in that it can exemplify so many different things, sometimes all at once. Lust. Passion. Love.

We certainly love when we see Jennifer Love Hewitt rocking a sultry ruby red dress on a red carpet with the lipstick to match on her face.

12 At the Gym with a Buddy

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Sometimes, Jennifer Love Hewitt goes to the gym by herself, but other times, she goes to the gym with her famous friends.

During this particular visit, she went with Leyon Azubuike, who is a famous celebrity trainer who helps the best celebs in Hollywood get in shape. You may have seen him work as a trainer on NBC's reality show, S.T.R.O.N.G.

11 Emoji Gal

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For anyone who thinks emojis are only for young people, Jennifer Love Hewitt would like a word or two with you.

Especially considering that she looks just as good with an emoji filter over her face as the next woman does who happens to be half her age. She makes it work.

10 Still a Cover Girl

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Even at 40-years old, Jennifer Love Hewitt still finds her way onto the cover of your favorite magazines and in this case, it was to promote turning 40.

The week of her birthday, she appeared on the cover of Working Mother Magazine for their "This is 40!" issue to talk the age transition as a wife and mother.

9 Sibling Bonding

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Very few of even her most die-hard fans know this about Jennifer, but she actually has an older brother named Daniel Todd Hewitt.

Both of their parents had divorced when Jennifer was just 6-years old so and as a result, she and her brother were raised by their single mother. The situation brought her closer to her sibling.

8 Baby Blue

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Brian Hyland may have made a timeless hit record about an "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," but if he saw Jennifer Love Hewitt in a baby blue polka dot sundress like the rest of us see her now, he would be going crazy in the sound booth about her, too.

7 Nevermind the Eye

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It really is a testament to just how attractive someone looks when even in their worst picture, they still look stunning.

If we look past the badly timed squinty left eye in this photo and focus on everything else on her, Jennifer Love Hewitt still happens to look great here.

6 Pretty in Pink

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Because who doesn't look pretty in pink? Especially when rocking what appears to be a pink ensemble suit.

On top of that, what woman does not look good in a suit? Jennifer Love Hewitt proving why someone women can look just as elegant in a suit as they do in a dress, especially when it happens to be pink.

5 Glasses

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There is something about glasses on a grown woman that makes them even more attractive than they already are. Jennifer Love Hewitt is no different. We won't lie.

Seeing Love Hewitt rock a pair of glasses is giving us serious hot teacher vibes that really help her live up to that status.

4 I Woke Up Like This (Literally)

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Jennifer Love Hewitt has embraced turning 40 better than most women do, especially those in Hollywood.

The day she turned 40, she posted a morning selfie; her first one for the new birthday year. She woke up exactly like this: still as gorgeous as she has ever been in her life.

3 More Ruby Red Lipstick

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Red might just really be Jennifer Love Hewitt's color. Just like the ripe age of 40, red still looks good on her no matter what she is wearing or where she is. \Here she is earlier this year at the 9-1-1 Press Conference in Beverly Hills that promoted the new season; it took place in August.

2 Even Bluer

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We saw Jennifer Love Hewitt rocking a baby blue dress earlier, but here she is rocking an even bluer suit ensemble.

This time, rather than a red carpet event, the occasion this time was to attend the GQ Men of the Year Award show in London, which celebrates men and women within pop culture, sports, parliament, and Hollywood who make a cultural impact.

1 #NoFilter, but #YesSweaty

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Despite being up in the age, she still goes to the gym often because a person could never be too healthy or too old to get their body in shape.

At 40 years old, she still attends and can be seen leaving the gym in Studio City in Los Angeles, California.

Sources: IG, celebmafia.com, Wikipedia

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