20 Pics Of Kim That Kanye Doesn't Want Anyone To See

Kanye West clearly adores his wife, but even he would not want all of her pics to be available on the internet. Some simply aren’t her best or they embarrass him in some way. With an ego like his, only “perfect” will do, even when it comes to those closest to him.

Here are 20 pics of Kim that Kanye doesn’t want anyone to see. Heck, he doesn’t even want to see them himself. Lots of people think that Kim can do no wrong, but Kanye’s standards are sky high.

Peruse these 20 pics and see if you agree with Kanye. Should he let it go, or does he have a point? Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Kanye has a bit more leverage when it comes to how his lady looks. She seems to take his advice to heart, so perhaps she’s on the same page and just as particular.

20 Hair Scare

Via: etonline.com

Kim has experimented with a variety of hairstyles over the years, but this one makes us wonder if her hairdresser was having an off day.

Of course, Kim always looks amazing, but her natural color is far more flattering. Kanye must agree. He is smitten with his wife, but this ‘do is a don’t.

19 Surprise Thighs

Via: baklol.com

Kim’s dress is hiked up just a tad too far, exposing her thighs in a way she’d probably not find to be her most flattering. Call it a “wardrobe malfunction,” but even Kim would want to control how much skin she shows.

Kanye obviously loves her body, but he doesn’t want the world to see this view.

18 Junk In The Trunk

Via: mdktimes.com

Would Kanye have an issue with Kim caressing this giant trunk? It’s not the usual pic we see of the pretty lady, and who knew she was such an animal lover?

Kanye may like elephants as much as anyone else, but a pic like this leaves too much room open for idiotic innuendos.

17 Bare Or Beyond Beautiful

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

No one is surprised that Kim wears a load of makeup, but this “before” shot really fills us in on how much it takes for her face to be “on fleek.”

Natural or not, Kim is a gorgeous gal, but her barefaced look makes us think she’s just the cute girl next door.

16 Pre-Kanye And Plainer

Via: reddit.com

Years before Kim and Kanye hooked up, Kim was not nearly as stunning or stylish as she is today. In this pic, she looks far less glam, giving us a “Plain Jane” look we’ve seen a thousand times.

Who knew that a few years later she’d be considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world? Perhaps Kanye had a hunch.

15 Why So Sad?

Via: thetalko.com

This gal is not a happy camper. She is clearly upset, and we’re not sure why she is so blue.

Kanye would not want anyone to see his woman look anything less than wonderful, so this photo must make him lose his cool. Perhaps he’s crying inside a little too.

14 Completely Different Person

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Barely recognizable, Kim doesn’t look anything close to how she appears today. It’s like she’s an entirely different person. Makes you wonder what kind of work she must have had done.

While she’s a beauty from birth, the improvements over the years are extraordinary. Kanye surely prefers her present pics over those of the past.

13 Not Smiling With Sis

Via: people.com

Here we see Kim with her older sister Kourtney, but she doesn’t exactly seem thrilled to be in the shot. Kourtney is all smiles, but Kim seems somber.

Kanye does not want the world to think his wife is a bore, but this pic makes her look like she’d rather be anywhere else.

12 Romance With Ray J

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the racy Kim and Ray J video. Perhaps you’ve seen it yourself. This X-rated “home movie” catapulted Kim into the celeb world, but Kanye must cringe at the very thought of it.

This pic is only a reminder of what (and who) Kim was doing pre-Kanye.

11 Kickin’ It With Kris

Via: allure.com

This throwback pic of Kim and her mom is a classic. They both look happy, but so much different than they do now. Their style has gotten a lot better, something Kanye must appreciate.

He may think this old pic is cute, but he’d prefer if people saw the more current pics of his wife. In fact, the same probably goes for his mother-in-law.

10 Makeup Shakeup

Via: fashionista.com

This mid-makeup look on Kim is a little weird, but we all realize it takes a good deal of work to get her look on point. Apparently, Kim doesn’t mind if we see the painstaking process, but Kanye might not want her makeup secrets revealed.

The final product is fine, but all that contouring proves her looks are all an illusion.

9 Dance Disaster

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Kim would do anything to win that trophy, but this dance move is a mishap. She looks awkward and embarrassing, something Kanye must think is a dancing disaster...or at least a disappointment. Her costume is corny and her partner is trying to pull it together.

It’s no wonder Kim always says on her TV show that she hates to dance.

8 Hair Raising

Via: radaronline.com

This super high hairdo is hard to look away from, but Kanye would only wish we would. It seems outdated and old-fashioned, making Kim look less lovely than she ought to.

The other pic is a lot better, but even that one is not her best. Seems like Kim needed a new hairstylist. It’s a good thing she got one.

7 Flirting With Fifty

Via: popsugar.com

Kim surely looks like she’s giving the rapper a flirtatious smile. Perhaps they are just friends, but Kim is giving off a completely different vibe. He’s not bothered one bit, but Kanye must be.

He must not love the idea that this pic is out there, especially since his wife is so flirty with Fifty.

6 Impressed With Her Ex

Via: worldation.com

Here we see Kim with her ex, and it looks like she was madly in love. Kanye must hate the fact that there were men who came before him, but he knew what he was getting into.

Kim’s no prude, and there were fellas who found that out far before Kanye came into the picture.

5 Behold The Backside

Via: usmagazine.com

Lots of folks are impressed with Kim’s ample assets, one of which is her hubby. He’s embracing her rear the way lots of fans would love to, but he must feel weird that this peculiar pic is plastered all over the internet.

Let’s hope she didn’t have beans for lunch for Kanye’s sake.

4 Kooky Costume

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Kim loves to fool around with fashion, but this costume is taking style to the extreme. Her body looks great, but this look is a little too much for most of us.

Kanye stood beside his wife at the time, but now that this pic is out there, he must wonder what in the world she was thinking.

3 Whittling Her Waist

Via: glamour.com

Seems like Kim doesn’t get her hourglass figure the all-natural way. She sucks in her waist with this stifling gadget, making it difficult to breathe or bend over. She’s not the only woman to wear one, but most wouldn’t post pics of themselves trying to get that impossibly tiny waist.

Kanye may not want his wife to give away the secret to her enviable shape.

2 Awkward Exercise

Via: kayaworkout.com

Kim tries to stay in shape, but the way she works out is a tad goofy. It doesn’t seem like exercise comes naturally to the star, but at least she’s giving it the old college try.

Kanye knows his woman works out, but he’d probably prefer if she didn’t share pics of her sessions with everyone. Can’t she just sweat solo like the rest of us?

1 Old Flame...A Flash In The Pan

Via: headlineleak.com

Before Kanye, Kim was married to ball player Kris Humphries. That marriage was one of the shortest in recorded history, but Kanye still must get annoyed when he sees the two of them in happier times.

If only she didn’t marry this dude, perhaps Kanye could have slipped in sooner.

Sources - Daily Mail & TMZ

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